Saturday, July 27, 2013

Where does she come from?

I am so lucky to have Izzy as my sidekick.  For the most part, she is so much fun to be around.  I love her so much.  Here are some random pictures to depict her fun, spunky, personality. 
She loves cooking with me!  She has a cute apron that she wears.  She loves to help with banana bread, bread, and any sweet (which I don't make that often). 

Love this picture.  She has her helmet, bathing suit, and boots.  She is ready to ride her horse. 

We have great neighbors and Izzy loves to play with them.  On Saturday she dressed up as a cowgirl and has her lasso (bungie cord) in hand.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rachel comes to town

My cousin, Rachel, came to visit from Arkansas with her family.  I love when she comes to visit.  W were best friends growing up so we have lots to laugh and talk about.  Her sister, Rosanne, also leaves her, so it's great to all get together. 

We took the kids to the dinosaur museum.
They had fun building a dinosaur. 

On Pioneer Day we went to Utah Lake.  The weather wasn't awesome, but it was great for tubing.  The three girls had a blast riding together.  I even did a crazy ride with Rachel and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  

The girls were dancing on the tube to Call Me Maybe.

They had a great time together on the boat. 

Couldn't miss a picture of Izzy in her bathing suit, helmet, and boots. 

We did some sparklers while it was still light outside.  Izzy was exhausted and I didn't want her up late, so that was the extent of her fireworks. 

The morning they left, Rachel did Izzy's hair and all the kids wore their shirts that Grandma bought them.  Izzy was so excited to find a purple shirt with a horse on it from Grandma. 

Cambry is all smiles in her Montana shirt. 

Izzy and Avery in their matching shirts. 

Love my cousins!

All of our kids in their matching shirts.  How do you ever get all the kids to look at the camera?  We had such a fun time while they were visiting.  Can't wait for them to come back, or maybe we need to go to Arkansas again. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

8 months

So much has happened this past month!  Probably the busiest month yet.

Cambry weighs: 18 pounds
She continues to be such a happy baby, seriously the best baby I know!

Sleep:  She is still sleeping through the night, which is awesome.  She goes to bed around 8 and gets up between 630-730, but usually she is closer to 630; I need to figure out how to change that! She takes a morning nap from 9-10, an afternoon nap from 1230-230 and occasionally a short 30 minute evening nap for 30 min. She is super easy to put to bed, just lay her in bed with her binkie and leave.  She'll fall asleep and typically without crying once.
Eating: Right before we left for Canada she wouldn't nurse, I pumped to see what the deal was and I only got one ounce.  So she started formula and for a couple weeks she nursed 2 times a day and got 2-3 bottles/day.  Now she is strictly formula.  I was actually really sad at first because I nursed Izzy til one and I assumed she would be the same way.  But now I really love the freedom; it's quite nice.  She loves baby food (apples, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, and carrots are some of her favorites).  She does not like peas.  She loves to suck on graham crackers and pretzels.  She doesn't have any teeth, yet.
Travel: We went to Canada and Texas this month. She was awesome on the plane and in both places.  She went to the carnival and lots of boating trips.
She isn't crawling yet, but she gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth.  I am sure it will happen soon.  She is such a cutie!
Love these two girls and love dressing them the same.  Thanks Mom for the adorable dresses!

Bath time!  During the past month Cambry became sturdy enough to sit in the bath and not slide down. Izzy loves having Cambry in the bath with her.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Best boating ever

Last year we tried to get Izzy to surf with Mike.  But our child who is usually so fearless refused saying she was scared.  On Friday we went to Deer Creek with a couple friends.  The water was awesome.  I was surfing and Izzy said, "I want to surf with Mommy."  I am not good enough to even attempt getting up with Izzy so I convinced her to go with Daddy. They were awesome. 

Swimming in the lake.  Love the view and the blue water. 

Getting ready to go. 

And they're up. 

Of course, Mike was able to throw the rope and surf like a pro with Izzy.  She loved every second of it. 

Riding the wake. 

And they're down. 

After she rode with Daddy, she said, "I want to go by myself."  That's the fearless girl I know.  So she rode on the board on her stomach by herself.  She is so adventurous! 

All smiles on the boat!  It was so fun to see her so happy and enjoying the trip.  It was the BEST day on the lake ever!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


We took Izzy to her first carnival on Thursday night and she had a blast.  My cousin's daughter, Alexus, stayed the night with us so Izzy had a buddy to ride all the rides with.  Carnivals remind me of my childhood because every fall and spring we had one in our town and we always went.  Such fun memories!

Ready to drive.

Roller coaster time.  She loved it!

She insisted on riding in the front.  Love my little adventurous girl!

Fun on the airplanes. 

This is my favorite ride!  I remember racing my dad and brothers down the big yellow slide so many times as a child.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ride it with Izzy.  It was her favorite too!

Before the carnival we were running some errands and Izzy wanted a smoothie.  I let her get one and she said, "Mom I can do this by myself." So independent!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Texas Trip 2013

On Tuesday we left Canada and flew to Texas.  We had a 5 layover in Detroit, but luckily we got to be in the skyroom, which made it bearable, but it was still a long layover. 

My dad's cousin, Connie, was visiting from Chicago. Cambry just hung out in her arms for hours. 

Papa with his grandkids.

On Wednesday we went to Barton Creek Springs.  The water is cold because it comes from natural springs.  But that didn't stop Izzy from going in with Papa. 

Taking a swim break.

My dad got a lab from  a friend and her name was Izzy.  So Izzy called the dog Izzy dog.  She put a rope around the dog and walked the dog around like a horse. 

Wednesday we want paddle boarding on Town Lake.  I had never been before and I really enjoyed it.  

That night we went to Maudies, best Mexican food ever.  Izzy loved the queso so much she decided to lick it like a dog, crazy girl!

Fourth of July outfits. It was such bribery to get her to wear it.  As soon as the picture was over she changed into a horse shirt, of course. 

On the 4th all of my cousins with their kids arrived in Austin.  Alexis (Darin's youngest daughter) was awesome with Cambry. 

Having fun in the water. 

Most of the gang, I think there was 45 of us.  We did karaoke on Thursday night; it was pretty entertaining. 

On Friday we went to Schlitterbahn.  I have not been there since high school, I forgot how awesome it is.  Best water park ever!  Izzy loved it.  Her favorite ride was The Falls.  You ride down in a tube and there are falls and rapids along the way.  It was awesome to see her laughing and having such a great time. 

On the drive home, Dad was tired, so Mike took over the Captain seat.

Love this pretty girl.
Love my siblings!  There is nothing better than family.  I love knowing that they are always there for me!  They're awesome!

All my cousins/siblings on my Mom's side minus my sister Celeste.
Love this picture of my family.

On Sunday we went to the UT coop.  Izzy found herself some cute boots.
Cambry in the Longhorn bin. 

Saying bye to Uncle Dennis.

Izzy loved playing with Jessica and her phone :)

Love my beautiful girl!!

These girls were such great helpers with my kids.  I didn't have to watch them the whole week, it was awesome!

Izzy saying bye to Grandma, sad day.  
We had so much fun with all of the family.  It was crazy, wild, noisy, and I loved every second of it.  I can't wait for the next Posey Family Reunion!  I have such great cousins.