Monday, October 31, 2016


Halloween is always a fun and busy day, especially with Izzy's birthday.  The girls loved dressing up and were excited to get candy. 
Brielle dressed as a cat. 
I had originally bought a fairy costume, but Cambry decided she wanted to be a flamingo.  And she was a very cute one!

Izzy wanted to be a cowgirl, of course. 
Daddy with his little girl.
The flamingo was out to get as much candy as she could at the trunk or treat.  After that, we went to a neighborhood nearby until the girls said they were tired and hungry.  It was a fun day!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Annual Photo Shoot with Skye

Every year we have our pictures taken with Skye.  She does the best work and I absolutely love the pictures!
Family Shot
Brielle (19 months) was constantly on the move, but we were able to get some cute ones.  
Beautiful Izzy (7)
Put her in some cowgirl boots and she is all smiles!
Cambry (4) loved taking pictures and changing outfits.  She could have done this all day long!
She strikes these poses on her own!

She wasn't too sure about all the headbands. 

These girls are so lucky to have each other.  Sisters are the best!!
Brielle was done with pictures. 
Cambry wanted to wear some of Skye's clothes for one more picture.  Luckily, Skye loves taking pictures so she let Cambry keep going.  I'm so glad she did; these are my favorite.  Cambry will ask, please show me the pictures of me in the fur coat. 
Love this man.  We are so blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy girls.  He is our rock.  He supports our craziness, helps me through anything and is always right by my side.  The girls are lucky to have such a supportive dad!