Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mike's Bday

Today was Mike's 29th birthday.  He didn't want to make a big deal of it so seriously we didn't do much.  He came home from work around 2 and we went to the temple.  Afterwards, we went and ate at Blue Lemon.  It was decent, but nothing great.  I had planned on getting his favorite Magleby's chocolate cake, but he weighed himself this morning (we just found the scale in a box) and he said he didn't want cake!  I wanted cake, but I couldn't really buy it and eat it in front of him!  

 Daddy and Izzy at Blue Lemon
Izzy was helping Daddy move his truck in the garage.  Sorry for the squints, they are staring at the sun.  Izzy loves to play in cars, I can shut all the doors and she will crawl around in them for at least 1/2 hour with no complaints. 
Tuesday night we ate dinner outside.  Mike and I were sitting in the living room and Izzy was playing outside, or so we thought.  We looked out there and she was back at the table for more.  She loves to eat. 

I am so lucky to have Mike in my life.  He is a great husband and father.  He is such a great example to me and I love him so much!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stay at home mom

So I had been going back and forth about whether I should be a full-time stay at home mom.  We have been so lucky to have family around who have been willing to watch Izzy.  Everyone was leaving for the summer and we were moving about 30 minutes away from my job.  I really wanted to do what was right for our family and I felt it would be best to be at home with Izzy.  For many people, that might seem like an obvious decision, but I had my hesitations, but I don't feel like explaining all of that.  One thing I wondered was what will I do all the time?  So this is what my past week looked like:

Monday-Mike's brother, Matt, was in town so we met Mike at Cafe Rio for lunch (my favorite) and then went shopping (another favorite of mine).  Matt made us his special pasta dish, which was yummy.
Tuesday-went to the gym and then met up with some friends at 7 Peaks water park.  That afternoon Izzy played dress up with Daddy's cowboy hat.
 We just got back from Texas a couple of days ago so that might be where the cowboy thing came from.
 While we were in Texas she got Bevo, the Longhorn mascot.  She loves to carry it around and call it her baby (even though it is twice her size).  One night she even slept with it in her crib, it was pretty funny to look at on the baby monitor.

Wed-hung around the house in the morning waiting for the Sears maintenance people and then ran errands.  I love that Wal-mart and Costco are right across the street from each other.  I love shopping at Wal-Mart for their price matching, I save so much money.  This week I got porkchops for $3 and it should have been $13, the cashier commented on what I great deal that was.

Thursday-off to the gym again and then met Bethany and Dylan at Trafalga.  Afterwards, they came to our house for a play date!
Izzy loved the carousel.  That was really the only ride they had for kids her age. 
Bethany and Dylan
Izzy riding the "horsey."  She even made horse noises.  She loves her binkie!
All she wanted to do was ride the horsey.  She would stand at the fence and say, "horsey."

Friday-went to they gym, dropped off our bikes and trailer (they all got flat tires), got Mike's truck washed, and went to Nordstroms (never a good idea ha ha)!!  Mike came home around lunch and we went and picked out carpet for our new bedroom.  That night our friends, the Farrs, came over for dinner.  It was great to see them and play with their kids.  Izzy got her first bloody nose on the trampoline, but she survived!

Saturday-In the morning I was feeling down.  I don't know why, but I was.  So I got dressed and went to Ikea with Izzy to buy a bookshelf.  I just wanted to get out of the house for a bit.  On the way home, Mike called to say we were going boating with Landon.  I was so excited I love boating!

 Izzy and Daddy swimming in the water.  I did not get in, I am a fair weather boater.  The outside temp was great, but the water was freezing.  Izzy loved it though!
 Family Picture
 Izzy loved driving the boat.

 She loved beeping the horn the most!  Mike is showing her how to do it!

So now I know what people do as stay at home moms, or at least what I do.  I make it sound like it's all fun, but that's not true.  Izzy loves to throw herself down on the ground when she is told no and throw tantrums, which is never fun.  I miss talking to my friends at work, going to the bathroom uninterrupted, making phone calls without kids screaming in the background, eat lunch without picking food off the floor, but I know I made the right decision and I am so glad I am able to be at home with Izzy.
Before I left for Texas, I was really having a hard time because I have a lot of time during the day when I don't talk to anyone, but Izzy.  So I found myself thinking a lot about Craig's death and the whole situation.  I would dwell on certain things that just brought me down.  Going to Texas was great because I was able to feel the love and support of my family.  Since being back, I try to focus on good things and the good memories I have with Craig.  I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and the knowledge I have of eternal families.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


My mom and younger sister, Kathryn, were going to Europe for 3 weeks, which left my Dad home by himself.  So I thought it would be fun to fly in and spend some daddy daughter time with my dad.  The week before we came, I had been feeling very sad, missing my brother, so I was glad I had this trip planned.  Izzy and I flew out Thursday morning.  We had our own row, which is always nice.  My mom and Kathryn were still here on Thursday, so we hung out.  We met Suzette and Jon at WaterLoo for dinner. 
 Izzy at the airport, trying to wear my sunglasses.
 She loved playing in Dude's (the black lab) cage.
 Hanging out with grandma before she left.
 Gotta love this picture (read the onesie).
 All of us kids got my dad some golf clubs for Father's Day.
 He says he really likes them.  We will see how often he uses them!
 Izzy loved climbing up on the recliner and rocking herself!

On Friday, Mom and Kathryn took off for Europe.  Dad and I went to direct buy to look at some more furniture for the lake house (it is still lacking a big screen, which is a must have).  Then we met Suzette for lunch and went to her office.  Then Dad and I came back and went swimming in the neighbor's pool (they don't live there, but Dad claims he had permission).  Izzy loved swimming, except for when Dude (the big black lab) would come and lick her face. 

 Izzy wouldn't keep the hat on.
 But she kept on the shades.

Friday night we went to Suzette's house to see all the remodeling, which was Amazing!  Then we headed to Ruby's for some delicious BBQ!  Izzy was so cute, she grabbed a rib off of Jon's plate and started eating it right off the bone.  We tried to get a picture, but we unsuccessful of course.  We came back to the lake house and Dad and Jon watched Three Amigos and Suzette and i sat on the back porch at talked. 

Saturday, Dad and I went to the Co-op to get UT gear for the baseball game.  All I really wanted was a Longhorn to put on the back of my car, but we walked out with a UT shirt for me, UT dress for Izzy, big Bebo, and a little Longhorn, and peanut M&M's.  Yes, I might be a bit of a push over, if Izzy wants it, she gets it.....usually!  That night we headed to the super regional game between UT and Arizona State.  My friend, J Brent, from high school coaches there and he got us tickets. 

 Posing at Suzette's awesome new remodeled home.
 Izzy loving her popcorn.
 Can you tell we are sweating like crazy.  I forgot how HOT and HUMID it is!!
 Popcorn and drink....Life is good!!
 She loved the game.  I had to put the blue bow in her hair to represent some Cougar pride, plus I thought if I didn't Mike might disown us!!
 Hanging out with Dad.
 Suzette and Izzy.
 She wants to wear the hat when she doesn't need the protection from the sun.
This picture pretty much sums up the trip....Lots of relaxing.  Plus shopping, swimming, and sports!  I am so glad I made the trip and had a great time.  Izzy was awesome.  She slept the whole flight back from Austin to Salt Lake.  Plus she slept in til 930 or 10 each day, I loved it!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Move 2011

We were supposed to move on Monday Memorial Day, but Wed night we got a call from the sellers saying they were out and we could move in whenever we wanted.  So we scheduled to carpet cleaners for Thursday.  I had lots packed and was hoping to get most of it done Thursday.  Our friends, Ryan and Bethany, came over to help and we got it all packed so we moved Thursday night.
Izzy not sure where all of her stuff is in her room.
Rob came over to help load the trailer, along with Landon and Isaiah.  We are so lucky to have such great friends.
Kathryn watched the kids so we could get the work done.
The boss (that's me, ha ha) talking to the movers!

As we pulled up to our new house I got nervous.  I don't think that it had set in that I was moving away from familiarity, friends, and comfort.  I love this picture of Izzy when we pulled up to the new house.
Family picture before we started unloading.
The guys getting the tour before they started unloading.
Izzy and Dylan found their play place right away!  There is a built in play area for kids that goes under the stairs.  It has ladders to crawl up and different platforms.
Basement fireplace.  Taking a break before unloading.
More breaks, seems like we did a lot of that!
Izzy and Dylan playing in the backyard.
Carrying in the washer.  This is the covered patio with the gazebo to the right.
More play for Izzy and Dylan.
Back of the house
More unloading.  We are so grateful to our friends --Chambers, Rob, Isaiah, and Landon--for helping us move, pack, and unload.  We couldn't have done it without them.
Kitchen and Dining Room
Master Bedroom
Laundry Room
The play area I was talking about earlier.
More of the play area.
Izzy's first bath in the new house.
Getting Izzy and Dylan dressed over their baths.
For Memorial Day we had a bbq. Jen, Chris, Ryan, Bethany, and Rob came up.  Kathryn and Louise were also here.  Louise flew in to help us move, which we are so appreciative for.  Kathryn prolonged her stay in Provo for a month to watch Izzy while I worked and help us move.  She has been awesome!
Izzy playing with Bowr, Jen & Chris' new puppy.  He would bite her legs and diaper; it was funny.  And yes she is in winter coat, hat, and gloves on Memorial Day. Our high was 55 for the day, no good!
Izzy and Mami playing.
Izzy crawling down the stairs to play on her new swing set and trampoline.  She is loving life, playing outside all the time.  The kitchen/dining area overlook the backyard so she plays outside while I'm cleaning and stuff; it is awesome!!
We are so grateful for everyone who helped us!!