Monday, March 28, 2016


Easter came early this year, the last weekend in March. On Saturday morning we went to the Highland City Easter Egg Hunt.  It was a little chilly, but the sun was out and the girls had a good time. 

Izzy found her friends, Ellie and Gwen.
Frosting Easter cookies at 10am, what could be better?!
Pictures with the creepy Easter bunny is a tradition. 
That afternoon we went to the Bunkers annual Easter egg hunt and BBQ.  The girls have been going to Em's house all week to help fill eggs with candy. 
Sunday morning the girls searched for eggs the Easter Bunny hid.
Loving their basket of eggs.
Even Brielle got in on the action!
They loved their Easter baskets, which had a new bathing suit and bath robe.
Love this beautiful family of mine! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's been 5 years

To be honest, today was brutal.  I was anticipating it would be a hard day.  Five years just seems monumental.  I got up this morning and went to the gym at 6AM, I figured if I didn't have something to get me going, I might just lay in bed all morning.  Ironically, I had my check-up with my endocrinologist in the morning and then early afternoon I made a post on Facebook.  Then I started getting texts, comments, private messages of people's favorite memories of Craig.  All of this was great, but it also made me really sad.  My good friend, Claire, stopped by to see how I was doing.  I thought I would write some people's responses, for my memory.

Lindsey posted on her page: "I'm glad I didn't know, The way it all would end, The way it all would go, Our Lives, Are Better left to chance, I could have missed the pain, But I'd have had to miss, The dance." Garth Brooks -The Dance

Cory Posey posted: "I remember being in a hotel room in Wichita, KS when I got the phone call.  Even though you were younger than me, I always looked up to you and sought your approval.  Thank you for the memories. I wish there were more. RIP Craig"

Jill Schneider texted me: "Thinking of you and the family today.  Hard to imagine it's been 5 years. I know he would've been the fun uncle!  My memories are still of him and I talking about how lame and nonsocial Scott could be! He always made laugh! We miss you, Craig!"

Tricia Elliott messaged me: "My heart skipped a beat when I came across your post and picture.  Just still so hard to realize we will not see him again.  He will always be a part of some of my and my family's happiest memories.  Craig and Scott were friends and teammates in baseball, soccer, basketball, and football.  Then to think they both went to Tulane together! He will forever be a part of our family history and memory."

Coach Zierlein commented on my post: "One of my all time favorites.  I still use him as an example today when talking about having determination and overcoming obstacles.  He was a very good player and an awesome young man."

I am full of emotions.  It makes me sad when I think of all the memories that have been created that Craig wasn't a part of.  My heart still hurts so bad when I think I won't see him again in this life.  I'm not so sure the pain lessens, I just don't feel it as often.  Because when I do think about it my heart hurts.  I spent a lot of the day crying and missing Craig.  There are somedays I don't believe it's real, but as time moves on and memories are created without him, the reality sets in.  I miss you Craig and love you!
The Hawaii trip was one of the last ones we took as a family.  I will always treasure those memories.
The mud buggy was the best tour excursion!
You always made the best deep fried turkey.  I miss those!! It's not the same without you, no one even tries to make them.

Izzy will often ask me how you died.  Then she will tell me that she misses you, although I don't know if she remembers you, she hears me talk about you.  She will say, "Mom are you sad? I would be sad if my sibling died."  The answer is always the same. Yes.  I am sad.  I miss you everyday and wish I could call you one more time.  But I know I will see you again.  I love you, Craig!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Girls Weekend

Somehow we managed to find a weekend all of us ladies could sneak away from our busy lives so we took full advantage.  We left on Friday around 1 and got pedicures.  Then we did some shopping at Nordstrom Rack on our way to Salt Lake.  
We stopped at our hotel, Salt Lake Plaza, to drop off our bags and then walked over to City Center.  Claire helped me pick out a pink lipstick.  I'm stepping out of my comfort zone.  
Then we headed to dinner at Eva's.  It was delicious!  It was a small plates restaurant, so we all shared several different entrees. 
After dinner, we went to Romeo and Juliet put on my The Odyssey Dance Company.  Then of course, we had to eat dessert.  So we went to the Dodo.  We headed back to the hotel and stayed up way too late laughing and chatting.  The next morning we had breakfast at Blue Lemon and then did a little more shopping at City Creek.  Marianne, Manina, and I headed back around noon; Claire and Emily stayed for some more shopping.  I love these trips, even if they are short!  I come home feeling rejuvenated, ready to deal with life!

These ladies mean so much to me in my life.  We all moved in around the same time and have been friends for years.  I know I can count on these women for anything and everything.  They are an amazing support system for me and I don't think it's a coincidence that we all moved in within a year of each other.  They are strong, beautiful women and I love each of them!  I am blessed to be their friend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Brielle is 1!

Our baby turned 1! She has brought us so much joy and happiness.  She is such an easy going, happy baby.  Her big sisters enjoy playing with her and carrying her around. 
Love these 3!
It has been so fun to have Zeke and Leah around.
Brielle going to town opening her presents. 

Brielle's cake and smash cake.
A family photo was near impossible to get.
The birthday girl!
She's not too sure what she is supposed to do.

Grandma bought a bear that plays peek-a-boo and she thinks it is hilarious. 

Food:  She started eating lots new food.  She loves chicken, strawberries, raspberries, corn, pancakes, and cheese.  She wants nothing to do with baby food anymore.  She started drinking whole organic milk and seems to like it. 

Sleep:  She still takes 2 naps/day around 9am and 1 pm.  She sleeps at night 7:30-7.  She is super easy to put to bed.  She just lays on her tummy with her pinkie. 

Height: 31.5 inches (98%)
Weight: 22 lbs 7oz (82%)
Head Circ: 48cm (98%)

She is crawling all over the place and up the stairs.  She hasn't started walking yet.  She says Mama and Dada and loves to babble! 

We took some pictures at Camera Shy and I think they turned out really cute.  These 3 girls are just so gorgeous! 
The birthday girl!
We are so blessed to have Brielle in our lives and love her so much!!