Thursday, December 31, 2015

Family comes to visit for Christmas

My family came out for Christmas and we had a blast!  Celeste, Brandon, Mom and Dad got here on Christmas Eve day.  Everyone else arrived on Christmas Day.
On Saturday we went to Temple Square and looked at the lights.  It was COLD; I think the high that day was 12. 
Dennis and Sara coloring pictures with the kids. 
There was lots of football watching by the guys and lots of playing with the kids.
Sunday afternoon we went sledding up AF Canyon. 
Cambry is not exactly a daredevil and one ride was enough for her.  She was not a fan.
Sunday night Darin and his family came over with Ann and Roland for dinner.  It was a great evening and we played Pie Face.  Izzy LOVED loading it with whip cream and thought it was hilarious every time someone got pie faced!  Sunday was also our 12 year anniversary!  It was spent hanging out with family, which is just fine with me.  Mike and I get away plenty on dates and trips, so it was fun to all be together as family!
Monday we went skiing at Snowbird, thanks to my Mom and Dad for watching the babies.  Izzy took an all day ski class.  I thought she might get tired, but she absolutely loved it!  When I picked her up, she asked if she could keep going, so we did a couple runs together.  She can get on and off the lift by herself and go down the green bunny hill by herself.  She is such a great skier and I love watching her learn and enjoy a sport. 
Suzette and I don't get away very often on the slopes, so it was great to spend time together. 
We all went our separate ways due to ski ability, but we all met up for lunch.  Sara is the only girl who can keep up with the boys!
Darin and his kids met us at Snowbird too!  It was a mini family reunion!
Izzy showing me her skills.
Papa did just fine taking care of the babies!  
On Tuesday some people went to the movies, the girls got pedicures, and then people started to trickle out. 
The girls were excited to take a bath together one night!
Cambry, Brielle, Izzy, and Posey
Papa with his grandkids. 
It was great to spend time with Celeste.  She is such a great sister and an example to me in pursuing your dreams. 
It's not easy to get 4 kids for a picture.  These girls love their Grandma. 
Brielle and Posey had fun getting to know each other. 
These 2 are going to be best buddies!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

This year we celebrated Christmas in Utah and my family came to visit.  Celeste, Brandon and my parents got in on the 24th.  Everyone else came on the 25th. 
Christmas Eve with our matching pajamas.   Izzy couldn't wait for the adults to put on their onesies too.  She thought it was so cute.
Celeste and I having some fun in our Santa pajamas!
Love these beautiful women!
Santa presents.  The girls were so excited to see what Santa brought.
Love, Love, Love our tree!
Let the fun begin!

Everytime Izzy opened a white box, she said, "Oh Great, another original white box surprise." It was funny.
Who doesn't want another gymnastics leotard?
This girl is obsessed with Peppa Pig and loved getting some Peppa clothes. 
Izzy and Cambry both got spoiled by Grandma and Papa by getting an American Girl Doll.
Mami and Papi got Cambry a purse.  Izzy loves doing legos so I horse set was just perfect.
Izzy isn't too sure what she thinks of the movie, Beethoven.  Pie Face was a hit.  Izzy and Cambry especially like watching people get hit in the face. 
Cambry got a cute hair dresser chair for her America Girl doll.  Izzy loved her school set, complete with a bell and timer.  She loves being the teacher. 
Daddy trying to get the horse out of the box.  They sure do put those things in well.
One of the best presents is the tablet from Grandma and Papa.  They are the perfect size for the girls and they love all the apps they have downloaded.  They have already been used quite a bit. 
Brielle loved all the boxes and paper to play with. 
Izzy got a cowgirl outfit for her American Girl Doll.
It was an amazing morning!
This little cutie makes everything more fun!
One of Izzy's gifts from Grandma and Papa was a set of horses to paint.  She got Sara to paint with her!
It was Brielle's first Christmas!  She wasn't super into opening presents, but she loved pulling at paper and playing with all the gifts!