Saturday, June 11, 2016


We flew to Cancun on Friday. The kids were awesome on the flight and were so excited to get to the beach and see all the family!
The first night, Cambry cuddled up with Grandma and went right to sleep.
Saturday morning, Suzette and I got up and headed to the gym.  It was such a fun way to start every morning.
Izzy loved drinking smoothies on the balcony.  My parents had an awesome place for us.  We had a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite with a balcony. It was right by the beach and the pools. 
Windy afternoon!
Izzy couldn't wait to get her hair braided. 
Cambry loved getting her hair done too!
Brielle and Posey played together so well. 
On Sunday we went to church.  It was in a sketchy part of town and was surrounded by a big gate with barb wire at the top, but we really enjoyed it.  We didn't understand many words, but the spirit was there and so was the spirit.  
Afternoon at the beach. 
Fun time!
Dinner time!
Sunday night was a torrential downpour.  It was completely flooded so we all ran as quick as we could back to the hotel.
These kids had so much fun together at the pool.
Monday afternoon we joined in afternoon Bingo and Izzy won!  She was so happy.  She won a free smoothie!
Loved spending time with my gorgeous sister!
I took Dennis and Sara to the airport. I was pretty proud of myself for surviving driving in Mexico and I even put Brielle to asleep.
Fun in the sand!
There was a huge chess game and the kids loved moving the pieces. 
So much fun with my beautiful sisters.
So lucky to have the best parents ever!
Love my family so much! So glad we could spend a week together.
Posey loved downing some Dr. Pepper, just like her Daddy. 
Izzy couldn't get enough of Posey. 
We went grocery shopping together as a family.  The girls thought it was super cool to have escalators in the grocery store that even the cart could go on. 
Love my niece, Posey.
These two cute sisters had so much fun in Cancun!
This was the happiest day of Izzy's life.  She couldn't stop laughing, she was so giddy with excitement. 
She loved kissing the dolphin.
Grandma with 4 of her 5 grandkids!
Love this cute family of mine on the beach!
Izzy was Posey's favorite person.  She was always pointing toward our door and looking for Izzy.  They always wanted to be together.
Brielle loved drinking the water. 
They got these cute shirts that changed color in the sun. 
Dance party!
Love this family!!
I am so grateful we were able to spend a week in Cancun with my family.  There was lots of time at the pool, chips and dip, and good laughs!