Monday, March 23, 2015

Brielle Louise Bergeron

Brielle was born on Monday, March 9th, 2015 at 5:02PM.  My induction was scheduled because of my low platelets and diabetes.  It was weird going to bed on Sunday night knowing that I would have a baby the next day.  We had to be at the hospital at 6:30am on Monday, we got up around 5:15, I ate some cheerios and we headed to the hospital.  I got all checked in and met my nurse, Shea.  She got all my past history, checked my platelets (which were 105-YAY!), started monitoring me and then checked me, I was a 0.  I guess that's what happens when you are 3 weeks early.

She started my Petocin around 8.  Dr. Young came in at 8:30 and tried to break my water, but he couldn't because everything was still so high.  He said to get the epidural and then he would break my water.  He checked the position of the baby, her head had been in the corner, not head down.  But when he checked her with the ultrasound, she was head down.  The anesthesiologist came in, had me lay on my side, and got my epidural going.  I didn't want to get my epidural so early because my contractions had just started, but it had to happen if I wanted my water broken.  Dr. Young came back in and broke my water around 9:30.  And then the waiting game began.
I forgot about my love/hate relationship with an epidural.  I hate the feeling of my feet being all tingly, but I love that I don't feel any pain.  They monitored my blood sugar every hour, one time it was too low and Shea let me drink some juice to bring it up.  It's amazing how good something is when you haven't had it in a while and when you are hungry.  Around 2PM, I was only a 3.  I felt like it was moving so slow.  Shea told me the beginning takes the longest and then things should spend up.
In the afternoon, we had a knock on the door and a delivery of beautiful flowers, skinny pop and Magleby's cake from Danny and Derdle. 

At 3:30, I was an 8 and then at 4:15, I was a 10.  I was so excited!  Shea called Dr. Young and he was finishing up with his last patient and then he would drive down.  That was a downfall of delivering at Utah Valley was it wasn't right next to his office like Orem Community is.  He got to the room around 4:40.  I started pushing and Dr. Young quickly had me stop because she was face up and she should be face down.  He turned her and then we were back in business.  Three pushes later and there she was! 
She was born at 5:02 and weighed 8 lbs and was 20 inches long.  I couldn't believe it.  She was so big for 3 weeks early.  Cambry was born at 37 weeks too, but she only weighed 6 lbs 15 oz.  I couldn't believe she was here.  Everything had gone so smoothly.  There were so many concerns all along the pregnancy and so many things they were monitoring and everything turned out great.  It was truly a miracle.  So many tender mercies along the way.  I know that prayers were answered.  
We weren't sure about the name.  We had a few favorites-Brielle and Paisley.  Obviously, we decided on Brielle.  I love the meaning-God is My Strength.  I feel like I had relied on God from the beginning of the pregnancy, even the decision to get pregnant was based on faith.  Her middle name is, Mike's mom's name.
Just moments after she was born
So in love
8 pounds 0 oz

Around 6:30 they moved us downstairs to our new, much smaller room and my nurse was Turena.  She was really nice and helpful.  Around 7:30 they realized I had a fever so they called Dr. Young.  He said I probably had an infection from placenta so they started an antibiotic through the IV.  I had to take 4 doses every 6 hours, which meant I had to keep my IV in, which was a pain.  There was also petocin going to help my uterus contract.  So every time I wanted to get up or go to the bathroom, my IV pole had to come with me.

My parents came that night to meet their new granddaughter. 

The first night was ok, I was sore and tired, but I was able to get up and move around so that was good.  Brielle stayed in the nursery except for when she needed to nurse, so I was able to get some sleep.  I slept in till almost 10am, which was great.
On Tuesday morning my parents brought the girls to see Brielle.  It was so cute to watch them, my heart just melted.  Izzy was so excited to see her and ran over to her and held her.  Cambry wanted to hold her, but was a little unsure about what was going on.  I loved having my family together, which was amazing that it actually worked out because there had been a restriction on kids under 14 visiting because of flu season.  The restriction was lifted Monday night-another tender mercy.  They didn't stay for too long and then they headed to the Provo Beach Resort.

Izzy was so excited to meet baby Brielle.
Cambry wasn't too sure what she thought. 
They were happy to see Daddy.

 Mike went home to shower and Manina and Seth stopped by for lunch.  She brought me In-n-out, which I was craving!  It was fun to have visitors and chat with someone.  The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key, I fed the baby and just hung out in the room.  I really wanted to take a shower, but I still had my IV in me.  The Durazzani's came around 5; it was nice to talk with them for a little bit.  After they left we ate dinner and watched the BYU basketball game.
On Wednesday morning the pediatrician came and checked on Brielle.  I thought it was weird he didn't come on Tuesday.  He apologized for not coming the day before, but said no one from the hospital called and told him there was a baby to see.  He said her bilirubin was in the low risk category and needed to put checked the next day at the hospital.  He said her sugar levels were looking better, but wanted it checked a couple more times before we left the hospital.  Then Dr. Young came by and said everything looked great and I could discharge that afternoon.  Mike went to have breakfast with Blaire and I took a shower and packed things up.  Around 2:30 we headed home.  I was excited to get home with Izzy and Cambry, but also nervous about managing 3 kids.  Good thing I had my mom there to help me for a week!
Ready to go home

The girls heard the garage door open and they came running out.  They were so happy for Mom and Dad to be home. 

On Thursday my dad and I took Brielle to get her bilirubin checked.  Of course, it had gone up to 14 and she had to go on lights.  It didn't surprise me because the same thing happened with Izzy, but I was still upset.  I called Mike crying (I blame it on hormones) and he reassured me that everything would be fine.  I knew that, it's more that I hate not being able to hold my baby and she just has to lay under the lights.  Luckily, this bed was different than the one Izzy used.  There was a blanket that wrapped around her so she wasn't laying on cold glass.  It didn't seem to bother Brielle too much.
On Friday we rechecked her and they said she had to stay on the lights, but things were looking better.  On Saturday her bilirubin was checked again and it was down to 11.8 and they said we could take her off the lights, but we would check her again on Monday.  Sunday night my dad flew home and my mom went to visit her sister, Ann, for a couple of hours.  On Monday her bilirubin was 12.5, which they said was most likely due to a rebound effect and to check again on Wednesday.  It was 13.2 and they said that was ok, to just make sure she keeps eating every 3 hours, has 4 poopy diapers and 6-8 wet diapers/day.  She has her 2 week appointment on Monday and they will check again.

Under the lights. 
Such a better bed than what Izzy was under. 
They love to hold Brielle. As soon as Cambry holds her she says, "Take picture of me." Then she is done holding her. 

She's learning to keep her elbow up so she supports Brielle's neck.
Love my girls!
Giving Brielle her first sponge bath. 
Izzy and Cambry wanted in on the action and were great helpers.

My mom left Wednesday morning, which I was nervous about.  She was so helpful cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, entertaining the girls.  I wasn't sure how I was going to do it all on my own.  Plus, the girls loved having her around.  Izzy played monopoly with her, uno, read, and Cambry loved playing outside with her, showing her tricks on the trampoline, and getting pushed on the swing.  Somehow I have survived the first few days without my Mom.  Derdle took the kids to her house on Thursday, which was really nice.  Cambry is having a hard time adjusting.  She doesn't understand why she isn't getting as much attention.  It is hard to keep her entertained while I'm nursing (which I feel like is all the time) but I've started nursing in the playroom, that way I can watch them play; the girls really like that.
It's been almost two weeks and I feel really blessed.  Everything has gone so smoothly, exceeding my expectations.  I know the Lord is aware of me and played a major role in everything that has happened.
Her two week appointment. 
Such a cutie.  
My heart is so full.  I can't believe I am the mother to 3 beautiful, little girls and I couldn't be happier!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fun with Grandma and Papa

I am so lucky that my parents were able to come help out while I had the baby.  They flew in Saturday evening and I was induced on Monday morning.  It was perfect timing.  It was so helpful knowing that my kids were being well taken care of while I was away.  When I got home, it was fun to watch them play games and interact together.  Cambry was a little Mommy clingy when we got home from the hospital, but Izzy didn't seem to mind.  They taught Izzy how to play Uno, Skip-bo, and monopoly.  Izzy loved all the cool games she learned.
Izzy was lucky to have Little Bear here so she got to show him to Grandma and Papa. 
Of course, there was a day spent at the Provo Beach Resort.  Izzy said they rode the carousel 31 times.  Papa said that's probably right. 
They could ride all day.
There was no problem convincing Papa they needed ice cream.
Even Cambry got her own cone. 
Figuring out how to bowl.
Cambry getting some help from Papa. 
Izzy and Grandma made cookies with green frosting on St. Patrick's Day.  Izzy was in heaven, she loves to bake treats. 
Grandma bought them Elsa and Ana coloring books with stickers.  The girls loved it!
Cambry giving good night kisses. 
Izzy loved snuggling up to Grandma and reading. 
Eating popcorn with Papa and watching  tv was another favorite activity. 
They had such a great time with Grandma and Papa.  Why does it always go so fast?!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

End of My Third Pregnancy

Somehow I survived this pregnancy! Honestly after Cambry's pregnancy, I didn't know if I could do it again.  Hers was so miserable.  I was anxious about what this pregnancy would bring.  Luckily it was not as bad as Cambry's!  The first trimester, I was able to work-out, although I still felt tired and nausea I usually felt better after the gym.  Starting insulin at 12 weeks was not fun, but I really believe it helped me to feel better doing my pregnancy.
It was emotionally exhausting though.  I had to go in twice/week starting at 32 weeks.  I would have non stress tests and they would check my platelets.  So many times my platelets would drop and I would think oh boy I could be having this baby in a week, and then my platelets would miraculously go back up.  Dr. Young said platelets don't go up once they start going down, but mine did on several occasions.  At 35 weeks the baby was measuring 2 weeks big, about 6 pounds 13 ounces.  Dr. Young decided because of my platelets and diabetes it would be best to induce me at 37 weeks.  At 36 weeks I did a 24 hour urine sample and my platelets were 83, I thought for sure by my next appointment they would be in the 70's and I would be induced.  But my Monday they were back up to 95.  I made it to my 37 week induction date, which Dr. Young said he didn't think I would make it that far.  I know I have had so many blessings, tender mercies, and miracles throughout this pregnancy, more so than I probably realize.  Mike gave me a blessing and in it he said, "He (the Lord) has been there every step of the way in ways that may not be so visible to most but know that He has been there every step of the way."  How true I think this statement is.  I often think of the picture in the sand with only 1 set of footprints and the person asked, "Lord when I needed you most where were you?" and the Lord responds, "It was then that I carried you."  I think this was the case through much of pregnancy.  I felt like an emotional yo yo so often and I know the Lord was carrying me through hard times.  I feel so blessed for how well this pregnancy turned out despite all of the complications that were watched for, but never happened.
36 weeks

37 weeks, the night before I went to be induced. 
Last pregnancy picture.  Hooray!!