Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We moved into our home about 3 1/2 years ago and when we moved in, I didn't mind the paint colors and decorations.  Yet, over time the tans and browns got boring and I wanted something new.  However, we all know that I can't decorate, I don't even know where to begin.  I walk into a home decorating store and couldn't even tell you what to buy.  Luckily, I have a good friend Emily who enjoys decorating and she has a cousin, Candice, who also likes to decorate.  So they went shopping with me, helped me pick out decorations, took me to stores I didn't know existed, and helped me pick out paint colors.  Mike wasn't too sure about all of our ideas.  In fact, after I had the whole house painted, he told me the color was terrible and we should have it repainted.  I told him to just wait til all the decorations were put up and then he could decide.  Let's just say he loved the final product!
The office, this is probably one room where I didn't like the paint color from day one.  The green on the bottom was ugly.
LOVE how it turned out!
Before you didn't really notice the trim because it was all painted the same tan color.  
Now it really pops with the white and it looks beautiful!
The china cabinet decorations.
Much cleaner and I like the vases on the top. 
The living room was a gray color and the shelves needed some decorations. 
Living room
Love the paint color, the clock and the pictures we hung on the walls.  So much better!!
Our bedroom.  
I liked the furniture and we left the wall color the same, but got new bedspread, lamps, and pictures. Such an improvement!
Half bathroom, off the kitchen.  I don't have a before picture. 
I don't have a before picture of the living room, but I LOVE this room.  It is so peaceful, quiet and relaxing!
Love it!
And my favorite is the nursery.  I didn't take any before pictures, but it used to be our guest bedroom. The walls were painted blue, so we painted them a light gray.  We put up tempaper (similar to wall paper, but peels off easily) on the wall with the crib, recovered the glider with a soft, mink gray fabric, installed a chandelier, and painted the dresser coral. 
We painted the lamp purple and the girls helped paint the mural above the dresser-their gift to the baby.  
None of this would have happened without Emily Francis and her cousin, Candice.  When I say 'we put up or we hung the mirrors' what I really mean is Candice and Emily did it.  I was usually just supervising and giving approval.  I am so happy with how the house turned out.  Next is Cambry's room, she started crawling out of her crib, so she needs new furniture and her room needs to be painted, but I am done with decorating until after the baby comes.  And while we are at it, I will have Izzy's room painted too because her color doesn't really match the rest of the house.  So stay tuned for more redecorating....

Monday, December 29, 2014

11 years!

On Dec. 27 we celebrated our 11 year anniversary! It's not an ideal date because it's so close to Christmas and we are usually with family, but this year we were on our own so I was excited to get out and celebrate. And then of course, I was sick!! I had a cold that started on Christmas and it just progressively got worse.  My nose was running constantly, I was coughing, and my throat hurt.  Sounds like a great day, right?!  We went to the BYU vs Gonzaga basketball game and then we were supposed to go to dinner at Chef's Table, but we canceled dinner, I just wasn't feeling it.  So we stopped at 5 Guys on the way home.  We didn't even watch a movie or anything, when we got home, I just went to bed, I was feeling so lousy.  I know I'm a loser!

But on a positive note, I love this guy more than anything.  I can't imagine spending eternity with anyone else.  We had a great year, probably my favorite year in the past few years, and got away on several couple trips this year (Caribbean cruise, Mexico, East Coast).  It's been a great 11 years and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!
Can't believe how young we were in this picture!
I'm a lucky girl!
Great cruise to the Caribbean

This is what we look like when we are told there has been a bomb threat on our plane!
Trip to Mexico
Not quite as pretty as the Caribbean, but I'll take more time with my man.
Love being adventurous with hime.
Going to church in Mexico. 
One more trip just the two of us to NYC, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 
I love you babe!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

I loved this Christmas season more so than any other Christmas.  We didn't travel anywhere and we didn't have any company, so it was just us and I loved every minute of it.  The girls played with the presents every single day.  They had so much fun moving the presents, hiding them, stacking them, etc.  
On Christmas Eve, Ann, Roland, Darin, Renae and their families came over.  We had tons of food, drinks, and lots of good company.  
Everything set up after Santa came. 
Santa gifts and stockings. 
She couldn't wait to take the blanket off, she was so excited for the kitchen underneath. 
They wasted no time opening gifts. 

My Mom is smart and sent them each the same thing-so there won't be any fighting hopefully.  They got Elsa wands and Elsa dress up clothes and other things. 
Mike sporting his gear from Lynn and Debra. 
This was one of Izzy's favorite gifts-the squishy sand.  It kept her entertained all day. 
She made lots of fun things. 
The kitchen was by far Cambry's favorite gift. 
Lots of fun opening presents. 
I absolutely love this purse!
Mike always spoils me!
The Snack-eez cup was a big hit, who knew?
Christmas is so magical with kids. 
After the gifts were done we had a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, biscuits, bean, and fruit.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and playing with presents.  It was perfect!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Izzy's first ski lesson

I have been talking about Izzy learning how to ski since last year.  I don't know how to ski, so obviously I can't teach her.  Mike's dad took her once last year to Sundance, but it didn't go great.  This year my friend, Claire, said she was taking her kids to Brighton for a lesson.  I figured if Izzy's buddy, Dylan, was going to be in the class she would give it a try again.  
She was ready to go.
After the lesson we ate some pizza and then headed home.
She did great and had a fun time!! She told me you make an "A" to slow down and a "H" when you want to go fast.  She did several runs where they ride the moving escalator and then the last run of the class she got to ride the chair lift and ski down.  She was awesome and they said she's ready for the next level.  She can't wait to go back!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Festivities

So this year, I wanted to try to focus more on activities and building memories as a family as opposed to lots of gifts for Christmas.  I'm not sure how well I did at less gifts, but we had tons of fun doing lots of different Christmas activities. 
The first activity involved going to Color Me Mine.  Cambry painted a small bowl and loved every minute of it. 
Izzy painted a mug.  She keeps asking when we can go back.
We went to the lights at Thansksgiving Point, it's hard to get any good pictures. 

After we saw the lights, we went to see the Reindeer and get hot chocolate and do-nuts.  
We went to the Nativity in Alpine. We went a few years ago, but haven't been back because it's usually so cold.  But it was warm one night and we went.  It is really cool-they have a live nativity scene, wisemen, merchants, camels, sheep, horses--everything you would expect during Christ's time. It's nice to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. 
Looking at the donkeys. 
Izzy posing in front of the sheep.
Izzy took a picture of us!
Highland City hosts some Christmas activities with crafts, the Grinch, and Santa.  Cambry wanted nothing to do with the Grinch.
Santa and Mrs. Claus
Izzy loved doing the arts of crafts. 
Cambry and her buddy Justin.  They are so cute together and love playing with each other. 
I think the favorite activity is the ginger bread house.  Izzy was begging me for weeks before we finally did it.  The first time we ever made one was with my friend's family, Jen, and since then it has become a tradition. 
They might like it so much because of all the candy that is involved. 
Daddy gets in on the action too!
When Cambry got bored, she put her glasses on and took off with her luggage. 
We went on the North Pole Express train, which leaves from the Heber Railroad.  
The girls loved being on a train-it was their first time on a train and I think it was my first time on a train too. 
They had elves that came around and served hot chocolate and cookies.  There was lots of singing and entertaining.  It was a great experience and something that I think will become a tradition. 

We sang, "The 12 days of Christmas" and Izzy was #1.  She had a busy part. 
And of course, Santa came on the train when we got to the North Pole. 
Daddy and Izzy went shopping for Mom's Christmas presents and while they were at Nordstrom, Izzy got a makeover at the Mac counter. 
Love this family of mine!!
Christmas is so much fun with these 2 cute girls! I love them so much!
We had a great Christmas season, spending time together as family.