Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Disney World

We spent a fun filled week in Florida!  We left SLC on Thursday evening; our flight was 1 1/2 hours delayed, which is never fun when traveling with 2 kiddos.  We landed in Orlando at 1 am.  Somehow Izzy was still awake.  She tried to fall asleep on the plane, but never could get comfortable.  When we got in the van to take us to our hotel she had a meltdown because she wanted it to be a bus.  But somehow we survived and she slept til 11 the next morning so it worked out. 

On Friday we drove to Clearwater, which is where Mike played 2 years of junior college ball.  There was a restaurant by our hotel, Bahama Breeze, that Mike said he always wanted to eat out but couldn't afford it because he was a poor college student.  So we went there for dinner and it was pretty yummy and the prices weren't bad either.  
On Saturday we met up with my parents and Celeste and Brandon at Magic Kingdom.  Can you tell Izzy is excited?  I wonder who she takes after?!
Only my mom could ride the tea cups, the rest of us get too dizzy.  Of course, right when Izzy got on they broke and shut the ride down (they gave them fast passes to come back).  She was crying until we told her we could go ride Ariel.
On Sunday we went to Universal Studios.  They had some fun rides.  The Harry Potter ride was probably the coolest ride I've ever been on and I've never read the books or the movies.  The ride was just awesome. 
Even with all the rides, Izzy still loves to just sit on the animals.

On Monday, Izzy went to the Bippity Boppity Boutique to dress up like a princess.  She loved seeing Cinderella. 

Sleeping Beauty has become her favorite princess.  I think she likes the pink.

She wasn't too sure about what the lady was doing.

Such a cheeser!

Love my little princess!

Walking around with Papa.  Right after this she watched the parade with all the princesses and LOVED it!  So much we watched it the next day.

She didn't want to take her pink hair out.

On Tuesday we went to the Animal Kingdom.  It was raining in the morning, so we weren't sure how long we would make it.  This is Izzy on the safari ride.  There were no waits anywhere so we rode lots of rides.  This was probably her favorite day because of all the animals.  

We had lunch at the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.  It was awesome because all the animals come to your table and take pictures with you, no lines to wait in!!
The girls.
Izzy LOVED the lunch!  They did a parade through the restaurant with all the animals and she was in heaven!
Family Shot!
Grandma and Papa.
Riding the dinosaurs with Grandma.
She was not too interested in taking pictures, just figuring out how to make it go higher. 

Rafiki was probably her favorite animal.  She loves the Lion King, sings the theme song, and pretends to be the lions all the time.  So glad she saw him. 

Of course, there was a petting zoo at animal kingdom so we had to go there. 

On Wednesday we went back to Magic Kingdom.  Not sure how many days she rode the carousel.  Seriously I could have just taken her to the Provo Beach Resort, no need for Disney World!

Riding Magic Carpet with Grandma. 

Watching the parade for the second time. 

She loved seeing Rapunzel's castle.  She kept yelling for her to let down her hair. 
Can't forget about Cambry.  She was a champ the whole trip.  At one point my parents asked if she ever cried.  She just hung out in her stroller, was held, or slept.  She was great!

Wednesday night we ate at Crystal Palace and all the Winnie the Pooh characters come around to each table.  Such a fun dinner!

Love my girls.

Izzy making a sad face with Eeyore. 

Winnie the Pooh was her favorite. 
The whole gang. 
So glad Celeste and Brandon joined us.  Celeste had the magic touch with Cambry.

At the Orlando airport headed home.  Of course, there was Disney stuff all over the airport. 

One last picture before we head home. We had a great time.  The flight home was great, both girls were awesome; they slept most of the flight.  Thanks to my parents for arranging the accommodations!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

4 months

Four months already!  
She loves to smile, she is still such a happy baby!

At her doctor's appointment.  I love those rolls!  She has no idea she is about to get shots, poor thing.  Surprisingly she did quite well.  After she got her shots, she let out two little cries and that was it.  Izzy said, "You're such a big girl, Cambry, you didn't even cry!"

All smiles after her shots!
Height: 24 1/2 inches (60%)
Weight: 14 lbs 15 oz (79%)
Head: 42.5 cm (85%)
Sleeping:  Sleeps anywhere from 6-12 hour stretches.  She still does not sleep through the night consistently, which I would prefer if she had 12 hour stretches every night!  
Places we went:  She took her first road trip to St. George and was a trooper.  On the drive home, she slept the whole way.  We went to Orlando for a week.  I was worried about the 5 hour flight, but she was awesome; didn't make a peep.  She was great while we were at Disney World, just hung out in her carseat.  My dad actually asked if she ever cried?  Her sleeping while we were there was not so great, up every 3-4 hours.  It might have been my paranoia of not wanting her to wake up Izzy so I jumped up every time she made a noise.  The night we got home she slept 12 hours, so that was awesome, maybe she just likes her own bed!
Eating:  She is still just breast fed. I started feeding her on both sides for 15 minutes, before it was just one side.  I thought since she was getting bigger she might need more food, plus I thought it would help her consistently sleep through the night.  I'm not sure that is working.
Learned:  She started rolling over this month and now we can't get her to stop.  As soon as I set her on her back she rolls to her tummy.  She also realized she has a voice and now she won't stop 'talking,'  

Izzy is much more interested in Cambry now that Cambry is more interactive.  It is fun to watch them play together. 

Kathryn came up Friday afternoon and she put Cambry right to sleep.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Manis and Pedis

I had a gift certificate for a pedicure from my awesome sister-in-law, Christina.  I had planned to use it before Cambry was born, but with her early arrival that didn't happen.  I decided to use it right before we went to Disney World since I would finally get to wear flip flops.  Typically Mike takes Izzy to do fun stuff and I stay home with Cambry, so this night I decided to take Izzy out with me. 

She was so excited to get her nails done!

Bored face, waiting.

She's not too sure of having her toenails clipped.

Showing off her painted fingers.

"I have to wait how long for them too dry?"  
It was a fun night out with Izzy.  The next morning she was so excited to show off her toes and fingers! I'm sure this will become a regular mommy/daughter date.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

St. george

Mike's co-worker has a condo in St. George, that wasn't being rented this weekend so we headed down for some warm and sunshine.  We invited our friends the Denney's to come with us.  Izzy loves playing with Owen. 
Izzy was ready for the car ride-ipad and headphones; she didn't make a peep the whole time. 

Right behind the condo are a bunch of lava rocks.  When we first got there, Izzy climbed to the highest point and sang the Lion King song; it was pretty funny!

On Saturday we went to Snow Canyon and hiked on the red rocks.

Izzy and Daddy.  I'm not much of a hiker so I let Daddy go around with Izzy.

Izzy with her buddies in the cave.  

On the drive to Snow Canyon, Izzy saw these horses. The whole time we were there, she kept talking about wanting to go back to see the horses.  Of course, we had to stop on the drive back; very fitting she is wearing her horse shirt.
While they were taking the pictures (I was in the car) Mike said some man in his car yelled at them to get off the statues.  Mike said, "It's not like there was a sign or anything."  As we pulled back on the road we saw a sign, "Keep Off!"  Oops!

On Sunday we went to church, then the St. George temple/visitors center, and then let the kids play in the park before we headed home.  We figure this picture of Izzy and Owen will be great for their wedding slide show in 25 years!

Random note-I had my first cavity filled.  Maybe I will start flossing regularly.  It wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, but it wasn't pleasant either!