Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mikes bday and new bikes!

Tuesday was Mike's birthday so I put Izzy in her daddy loves me onesie. She was trying to give a little wave. This is a full body shot so you can see the rolls!
She is such a cutie!
So for Mike's birthday I took him out to Chef's Table. I absolutely love that place. Best food in Provo, no comparison. Then we came back to our house and had a few friends over for Magleby's chocolate cake and an ice cream cake made by Dana.
Jennie keeping an eye on Izzy. Izzy was trying to get some of the cake!
Mike and I have been looking at bikes for weeks. We finally made our purchase at Taylor Bikes on Friday. We got Izzy a trailer. Unfortunately she does not like the trailer, yet. I think she isn't big enough for it. Every time Mike hit bumps she will slouch down in her seat. By the time we got back from the ride she had tears streaming down her face. Maybe we will try it again when she is a little bigger.

Izzy was all smiles before the ride.
Doing her stretches before the big ride.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Texas Trip

We flew to Texas for my little sister, Kathryn's graduation. She is the last one to graduate-I can't believe. We had a great time in Bay City; we ate at all my favorite places-Shipley's doughnuts, Victorias's Mexican restaurant, and A&A bbq. My grandparents were there, which was a lot of fun.

Izzy and Mommy at the graduation.
Izzy and Daddy waiting for the ceremony to start.

The whole family (minus Celeste, she couldn't make it due to her internship) after the ceremony.
After the ceremony we headed to Austin. My dad rented a lake house on Lake Austin. Suzette and Jon brought their boat and my dad brought his jet skis. My cousins, Keith and Amber, came with their families. We had so much fun. We spent the days laying out, swimming, surfing, wake boarding, fishing, eating, and eating some more. Izzy swam for the first time at my parent's house and then again at the lake house. She loved it! Mike said it was his best trip to Texas yet and I must agree!

Suzette teaching me how to surf.
Dennis and I about to get in the boat and surf.
I just got up and was trying to figure out how to get in the wake and drop the rope, which I eventually did! So fun!!
Mike showing us how it's done!
Me, Amber (cousin), Suzette, Keith (cousin), and Dennis
We had so much fun we will probably head to Austin in August again after Celeste's wedding!