Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cambry is 3

I can't believe Cambry is turning 3 today!  There is nothing like getting a phone call from the Doctor saying you have to come to the hospital right away to have a baby.  Bags weren't packed, the crib wasn't put together, we  had family in town visiting for Thanksgiving, but somehow it all worked out.  To say it was my hardest pregnancy and most difficult delivery would be an understatement.  But it was so worth it!

Cambry is full of spunk and personality.  She loves to be independent and do things her way.  Yet, she is also sweet and loving.  She is great and saying, "please" and "thank you." She loves being with big sister Izzy and is always trying to keep up with her.  She loves playing house, restaurant, and playing with barbies and baby dolls.  She changes baby dolls' diapers, feeds them, and sings to them.  She is very motherly.  Cambry also loves anything girly.  She loves to dress up, do make-up, and wear "lips."  Just yesterday she wanted some of my soda, but was concerned it would mess up her "lips."  She decided to drink some soda and then quickly reapplied her lip gloss.  She is great at pretend play. She can play by herself for hours and if I ask if I can join, she often tells me she just wants to play with her pretend friends.  It's pretty cute.

She goes to dance once week and has a preschool class once week that she loves.  She is always asking when she has dance and when can she go to Ms. Carol's.  She is often wearing her tap and ballet shoes around the house, putting on shows for us.
This spunky little girl is so fun!

Saturday was her actual birthday and we also had her friend party on her birthday.  I invited six friends from the neighborhood.  They played duck, duck, goose, ring around the rosie, motorboat, and made fruit loop necklaces.  Then we had cake, ice cream, and opened presents. It was a great time, the kids were cute and had fun.

Duck, Duck, Goose and Ring around the Rosie were a hit!
They made fruit loop necklaces. 
Freddie, Cambry, Mallory, Dylan, Claire, Evie, Justin, Izzy, and Ellie
She wanted a Micky Mouse birthday party. 

Make a wish!
Cambry and Freddie
Cambry and Evie
Cambry and Justin
Izzy wanted in on the action of opening presents. 
The Elsa and Ana present from Grandma was a hit!

Weight: 34.4 lbs (81%)
Height: 38.6 in (82%)

1. How old are you? 3
2. Who is your best friend? Claire, Evie, and Justin
3. What is your favorite thing to do? jump on the trampoline
4. What is your favorite color? white
5. What is your favorite food? chicken and rice
6. What do you like to do with your family? Pray
7. What is your favorite toy? a turtle
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? teacher
9. What makes you happy? Friends that play with me 
10. What makes you sad? Tux biting me
11. What is your favorite show to watch? Peppa Pig
12. What is your favorite book? 10 Trick or Treaters
13. What do you love to learn about? jumping at school
14. What was the best part of your birthday? opening presents and going out to dinner
15. Where do you like to go? Bear Lake
16. What is your favorite treat? cookies
17. What do you think about before you fall asleep? reading books
18. If you could meet someone famous who would it be? Elsa and Minnie Mouse
19. What was your favorite birthday present? all of them
20. What do you hope to do before your next birthday? go swimming in the deep end

It's crazy how fast you grow!
Love you to pieces!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Disney on Ice

This year we decided to try something different and attended Disney on Ice.  We arrived about 30 minutes early, got some souvenirs, snacks, and took some pictures.  The girls were so excited for the show to start. 

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs was a great performance. 
Cinderella was a great one to watch too!
I love these girls of mine! We had a great time and I'm sure we will be attending again in the future.
Brielle is such an angelic baby.  She just falls asleep and takes her nap whenever she needs to.
After the show we had some time to kill before picking up Celeste from the airport, so we went to City Creek walked around, ate lunch, and let them play in the play structure. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Brielle is 8 months

Brielle had quite an adventurous month, she took her first international flight to Canada and her first red-eye flight.  She also burnt her hand while we were in Canada, I was holding her on my hip and scooping rice onto a plate for Izzy.  She reached down and grabbed the rice right as I put it on the plate.  She had blisters all over her right hand.  I shed some tears myself.  Then a few days before we left for Mexico, she took a tumble down the stairs.  I had the thought a few days before that I should put the baby gate up because she was close to crawling, but one night she was playing by the bookshelf and the next moment she was down the stairs.  And she also survived a week without Mommy and Daddy while we were in Mexico.
Brielle and Izzy on the right. Do they look alike?
Despite all of that she continues to be a happy, cuddly baby.  I love when I pick her up and she snuggles right into me.
Kellie is my go to babysitter.  Brielle loves her and cuddles right up with her.
Izzy loves to feed Brielle.  She's a great big sister. 
This month she has started sitting up in the cart.  Sometimes I still bring her carseat, but this saves me so much room.
She gets around with this.
Too Cute!
She's crawling.  Like I said it's been an eventful month!  She is on the move and I love it.  Such a fun stage!
Such a great, sweet, fun baby!  She loves to sit up and play with toys or she'll crawl around a room and keep herself occupied.

Weight: 19lbs 8 oz.

Sleep: She takes 2 naps, one in the morning around 9:30 and one in the afternoon around 1.  She doesn't get swaddled anymore, just goes to bed with her binkie.  She goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps to around 7 or 7:30.  Seriously she is a great baby and I love having a baby with a schedule.

Eat: She has a bottle when she wakes up and then rice cereal and baby food around 8.  She has a bottle and baby food around 12 and then a bottle at 4.  She has baby food at 5:30, bottle at 7 and then rice cereal.  There hasn't been a baby food she won't eat, but of course her favorites are fruit and peas.  She just started formula and so far she seems to be ok with it. 

She loves to play with toys, roll around, and is happy to be carried around by her older sister.  She is a happy, easy baby! We love her to pieces.  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Puerta Vallarta with the Jacintos

Paul and Elizabeth invited us to go with them to Paul's dads vacation home in PuertaVallarta.  We have been talking about it for years, but it has never happened because one of us was pregnant or nursing.  We finally found a window to go in November, so we jumped on it.  Mike's mom was nice enough to come out and watch the kids.
Sunday morning we took a flight to LA and then onto Puerta Vallarta.  We landed a few minutes before the Jacintos, went through immigration, and then met up with them in the baggage claim.  There was a driver waiting for us and he took us to a grocery store and then to Hacienda de Mita in Punta Mita, where we would spend the rest of the week.
I slept in on Monday and the boys went exploring.  They found this pier to dive off of. 
Then the boys went golfing and Elizabeth and I spent the day at the pool/beach reading, getting massages and relaxing.  Seriously, it was the perfect set up, when you walked out through the big glass sliding doors, the pool was right there.  A few steps down was the beach.  The days were filled with beautiful blue skies, bright sun and lots of relaxing. 

On Tuesday we went zip lining.  From there we went to explore a little town nearby.  We had a yummy lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant and followed it up with some ice cream. 
Love spending time with this man on mine.
On Monday, I thought what could be better.  On Tuesday I remembered Diet Dr Pepper makes everything better. 
A little tennis on Tuesday night.  
On Wednesday we headed out to swim at a private island.
Lots of times these excursions are with large groups of people, so it was nice to be on a boat just the 4 of us.

The tour guide took us to see some unique rock formations. 

We even took the boat in a cave. 

Love the background in this picture. 
Thursday morning Elizabeth and I went horseback riding while the boys were golfing.  The horseback ride was gorgeous.  The horses were really well taken care of and beautiful animals.
That afternoon we spent the day at the Beach Club. Mike got a massage on the beach and I read my book. 
Riding around in our golf cart, which was our main mode of transportation. 
The entrance to our gated community. 
The last night we ate at the Beach Club.  It was a great evening with a beautiful sunset and great people.  We had such an amazing trip, everything was perfect!