Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter was a busy weekend 2014

On Saturday morning we went to the city Easter Egg Hunt and took pictures with the bunny.

They break the Easter egg hunt into age groups so Cambry was on her own.

She was curious about what was inside the egg (which is actually empty, you trade your eggs in for a bag of candy).

Then there is cookie decorating, which Izzy loved. 

Izzy had her first soccer game on Easter weekend.  Izzy had an awesome game, such a change from last season.  When she had to sit on the sideline, she kept asking when she could go back in and she scored 3 goals! Maybe part of her enthusiasm was Daddy was the coach this week.  

After her soccer game, our neighbors, the Bunkers have an annual Easter egg hunt with all their grandkids, Izzy loves going over there.  They have a big BBQ and then a huge hunt.  There are even special eggs that if you find you get to pick a special treat.  Izzy found one of those eggs and got a kite. 

Izzy had a basket full of eggs!

Cambry learning to drive the car.

On Sunday we colored Easter eggs, which was a big hit with Izzy!! I usually don't do a ton of crafty stuff so I felt pretty proud of myself for buying the kit.

So lucky to be a Mom to this precious girl. 

I love that they have cousin Zeke around.  Izzy is so cute with Zeke and Cambry loves to play with him. 
Izzy and daddy

My cute little family.

Love my girls!!

I love this picture of Izzy and Zeke.  
Izzy might be all smiles for the pictures, but it took some serious bribery.  She refused to wear the dress to church because she said, "It's so ugly." She only wore it for pictures.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Happenings

We have been having some nice spring weather.  So we've been trying to take advantage of it.
I took the girls to the animal farm and I think we might have another cowgirl. 

Izzy loves petting the big horses.

Cambry LOVES to be outside.  She stands by the door that goes to the backyard and screams.  She will bring me her shoes and if I don't put them on she starts screaming.  She is funny.

Mike and I got tickets from my Dad for General Conference and we went to the Saturday morning session.  I love being able to attend conference for multiple reasons: I get to pay attention without kids running around, there is such a sweet spirit when the prophet walks in the room, and we go to Cheesecake Factory after! What could be better?!

Last week was spring break.  On Monday I took Izzy to the Provo Rec Center.  She loves it there and is such an amazing swimmer.  She went off the cliff (diving board) and went on these slides for an hour non stop. 

On Tuesday we went to the Children's Museum.  I had never been before and it was really cool.  Of course, Izzy found the horse and didn't want to get off. 

On Saturday, Daddy took the girls for a 4-wheeler ride.  I love this weather!