Friday, August 20, 2010

What a busy week! We have had three weddings in one week. We flew into Texas on Aug. 11. On Thursday we went with Celeste to the Houston temple. Friday we hung out in Houston and took Izzy to the zoo for her first time. It was super HOT; but Izzy had a great time. She loved the petting zoo.
Izzy not sure if she should pet the animals or not. She loved the zoo.

Looking at the animals.
Washing her hands after the petting zoo. I had to post this so Grandma didn't freak out. Check out those legs!
Kathryn came with us to the zoo. Izzy had a fun time hanging out with Aunt Kat.
Izzy checking out the gift shop. Of course, she had to have a souvenir for her first trip to the zoo. She wanted this tiger, but it wouldn't fit in the luggage, so she settled for a stuff animal.

Saturday was the first wedding. Celeste married Brandon Sipherd in the Houston LDS temple. That night they had a reception in Bay City. Everything was beautiful. We had a great time hanging out with family and friends.
Somehow we didn't take any pictures with our camera from the wedding. I guess we just assumed we would get them from other people.
Izzy with her great grandfather.
Izzy with my cousin's kids; Kyleigh, Madison, Macey, Zach, and Jace. Izzy had so much fun playing with them.
Izzy and her Grandma. She loved playing with her Grandma.

On Sunday we went with Suzette and Jon to Austin. We got to see their new house during the remodeling stage. We went swimming at Hamilton Pools, went shopping, and out to eat at many great places.
The pool was beautiful. There was nice shade and the water was a perfect temperature.

Izzy playing with Daddy. She loves the water and Daddy too!
Suzette, Izzy, and I enjoying the water.
Tuesday we flew to DC. On Wednesday the boys went golfing and the girls got manis and pedis. Thursday was Christina and Danny's wedding. They both looked great and the reception/dinner was gorgeous.
Mr. & Mrs. Bajza. Such a great couple.
Catherine, Christina and me at the reception. It was beautiful.
Cat, Abi, Me, and Izzy. I love their matching dresses and bows.
Their reception was near the water and it was beautiful.
Mike and I decided to get a picture too!
Friday we hung out, rested, and had a bbq.
The cute couple, Guillaume and Dana, the night before their wedding.
My friend, Carrie, lives in the Baltimore area so she came to visit. It was so great to see her.
Izzy with her Uncle Matt.
Mommy and Izzy.
Izzy doing what she does best.....EATING!

Unfortunately that night Mike and I both got sick and were throwing up all night. We barely made it to the wedding the next morning, but we did not get any pictures. The sealing was beautiful and we were glad to be there for it. The luncheon was nice too. Luckily it was just a short bug and we were better by Sunday. That pretty much sums up our crazy week!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The last weekend in July we went to Bear Lake with the Smiths and Selks. Jen and Chris had a cabin for us to stay at, the Selks brought their boat, and Mike and I brought Izzy. We had such a great time! Friday night we went out to dinner at a burger and shake place. Then we spent the rest of the night playing games. Saturday we spent the day at the lake. Izzy was a trooper. She loves being in the water and on the boat. Saturday night the boys went to help the Selks' friend get his plane off the beach. He had landed on the beach during the day, but the sand was too soft so he couldn't take off (the boys have quite the story). Us girls hung out at the cabin, doing what girls do best--talking and eating chocolate. Sunday we spent the day on the lake again.

Penny, Izzy, Kirsten, and Jennie
Jennie surfing like a pro.

The boys kept having all these "brilliant ideas." One of them was to both surf at the same time.
This idea actually worked.
Another idea was to get pulled on this air mattress. Jen called it a poco pad, not sure what it really is. This idea worked okay. They tried riding double on it; that did not work!!
Mike is getting pretty good at surfing.
Their last idea of the day was to jump off the boat at 40 mph. They started their jumps at 25 mph and gradually worked up to 40.
1, 2, 3 JUMP!
They got a little banged up after their first jump at 40 mph. But you know boys, they decided to do it again.
Well everyone except Mike!
We had such a fun time; can't wait for our next trip with the Selks and Smiths!