Friday, July 31, 2015

Bear Lake

Some families in our neighborhood were headed to Bear Lake for a week.  We couldn't stay the whole week, but we were able to go from Tuesday-Thursday.  The Francis, Johnsons, and Forstners, stayed in condos and we tried out glamping with the Bunkers.  Glamping is glamorous camping, I had never done it before, but that it would be fun to try something new.  It was nice big tents with real beds complete with down comforters.  In our tent we had a king bed and 3 twin beds and plenty of room for the pack n play.  Plus the showers/toilets were really nice.  There was free hot chocolate every morning, which the girls thought was awesome.  
Our tent--it was so spacious and a perfect set-up.  I think we will go back next year for sure!
Man we pack a lot of stuff!
Brielle usually woke up around 5 to eat and her little hands would be freezing, I couldn't put her back in her pack-n-play so cold, so I brought her in bed with more and we would sleep together till about 8am. 
I loved the extra snuggles with her in my bed.
Cambry can't decide if she wants to get out of bed or not. 
Camry walking around the campsite. 
I drove up on Tuesday with the Bunker girls.  Mike had a trip in Minnesota and wasn't landing tip Tuesday night.  We got to our glamping site around lunch, we ate lunch, changed into our suits and headed to the Lake.  We met the rest of the group at a place where they had rented a trampoline in the water.  It was cold and windy so we debated canceling it, but decided to just go ahead with it.  The kids loved it, but as you can tell, were cold after so they wrapped up in towels.  We had dinner at the Forstner's condo, grabbed shakes, and then headed to our place.  Mike got there around 10 with the boat.  
The next morning we headed to the lake in hopes of getting some great boating in.  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating.  It was again cold and windy.  Mike took the boat and pulled a few kids on the tube, but it was white capping so he called it good.  I was really looking forward to getting in a good surf since I knew it was my only opportunity because the boat was for sale, but it did not happen. 
The kids didn't care about the wind, they loved playing in the sand.
Kayaking was another favorite for the kids. 

Cambry had a fun time playing with the older kids and being outside.
Sand is a kid's best friend. 
Seth took Cambry out on the kayak.
Izzy enjoyed playing with Ellie.

Let's be honest eating on the lake is the best part.
On Wednesday we barbecued at Conestega Ranch, our glamping site.  They boys manned the grill quite well.
After dinner we made s'mores, which is always a hit with kids. 
On Thursday morning we swam at the condo where everyone else was staying, ate lunch with the Johnsons and then headed back.
Of course, Thursday was a beautiful day and would have been great to be on the lake, but we had to head back for Izzy's swim meet and to pick up my Mom for the airport.
So glad we got to have a little quick get away and really enjoyed our time.  Special thanks to the Francis' who organized it and made it happen!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Izzy's first year of swim team

This summer Izzy was part of the Swimmin' Seals swim team.  She had practice twice/week in the  morning from 8:30-9.  Mike took her to most of the practices, which was nice so I didn't have to haul the rest of the girls along, plus she really liked spending time with Daddy.  I wasn't sure how she would like swim team, but she loved it.  There were some mornings I had to wake her up and she never once complained about practice.  She is a little fish.
At her swim meet with her coach Maddie. 
Izzy and Daddy.
Love these two.
She's ready for backstroke race.
She participated in 3 of 4 meets (we were in Texas for one) and was awesome.  They gave ribbons for 1st-12th and she got ribbons for every event she was in every meet.  The 3 events she did each meet were: 25 free, 25 back, and 50 free.
Ready for a race.
By the end of the season, we were smart enough to get her a swim cap.  She looks like a pro now.  I love that she has something she enjoys so much.  At the end of the season you get a trophy based on your races for the summer and she got 7th for the 6 and under age group.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Brielle is 4 months

How do I slow time down?  Our baby is getting so big.  She is smiling all the time and is so interactive. Izzy loves to talk to her and make her smile.  She continues to be such an easy going, happy baby.

Sleep:  She takes 3 naps/day-morning, afternoon, and a short evening one.  Sometimes her naps get interrupted because we have to run errands, but she just rolls with it.  She is still waking up once during the night, usually between 4:30 and 5:30.

Eat: She still is just nursing.  She eats in the morning around 9, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10:30pm, and then once during the night.

Travel:  She took her first flight to Texas this month.  She was awesome on both flights, didn't make a peep.  She ate, slept, sucked on her pinkie, she was awesome!

She is starting to make little laughs, especially when her feet are tickled.  She is so stinkin cute and we love her so much!!
So cute in her 4th of July outfit. 
Love that pretty face.
Some pictures with Izzy over the past month.  Izzy loves to hold her. 
She's lucky to have such great sisters!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Posey Reunion in Bay City

We flew to Texas on Thursday for the Posey Family Reunion.  Mike had a reunion in Newport for the Gulls so the girls and I flew solo to Houston.
Driving to the airport we were packed to the top!

First flight solo with my little ones. 

The plane was a 2/2 so Izzy had a row to herself.  She is always so easy on the plane.  Must have something to do with the 50 flights she took before she was 2. 
Don't let Cambry's nap fool you.  It only lasted about 5 minutes and she was a terror when she awoke.  Luckily, we were almost landing. 

Grandma got a picture of us coming out of security.  We made it!!
Houston we have a problem...

On Friday we did some grocery shopping, Amber and her kids arrived, and there was lots of swimming.
And of course, lots of Dr. Pepper drinking 
We even got a thumbs up!  She knows what's good.

Saturday Celeste, Brandon, Dennis, Sara, Kat, Mat, Cory, and Keith and his family all arrived.  The party was getting started. There was lots of swimming, tennis, basketball games, food, laughter and fun.  It was fun to watch Izzy play basketball with all the big kids.
Grandma was so nice to push Cambry on the swing all the time, so much she would even fall asleep.

On Sunday Kevin and his gang arrived along with my hubby.  Izzy loved playing with Macy and Sydney and they were so cute to let her play with them.  She even stayed up late and slept with all the big kids in the theater room.

Monday we went to the beach.  It's not pretty, but the girls loved it!
Love this man of mine!
So much fun playing in the sand. 
Pretty sure she loved the beach. 
Celeste, Cambry and Amber.
Naps on the beach are the best.
Such a great little baby.
Strolling on the beach with Izzy.
I love how adventurous she is and willing to try new things!
Boogy board time.
And down she goes.
Kat Daddy has the magic touch.
I love that we all get together every 2 years.  It is so fun to see my cousins and watch their kids grow. I love this group of people!
On Tuesday the guys went to an Astros game.  From what I heard, it was a great evening.
Everyone wanted some time with Brielle. 
Papa and Celeste time. 

Being on the swing was Cambry and Austin's favorite thing.  Luckily Grandma is so nice and would push them for hours. 

Suzette and Jon arrived on Tuesday.  It was so good to spend time with them and see Posey.  She is such a big baby!!

The rest of the week was spent relaxing, swimming, playing games.  Cambry was Grandma's sidekick.  She always wanted to be with her.  They played games, did puzzles, and played on the swing.  From the moment she wake up until bedtime Cambry was with Grandma.  It was a really great trip and I'm glad I get to spend 10 days with family!!
You know you're sisters when you order the same bathing suit from Anthropologie and wear it on the same day!
These 2 are little fish.  From the moment they woke up, they wanted to be in the water. 
Love my siblings so much!  They are such a strength and support to me. 
Family is the best.
Mom and Dad with their grandkids.  She always finds the cutest outfits!
Cute little grandkids.
Love Baby Posey!
Love my family!!
Cambry is so cooperative for pictures!
She just loves them!
My Mom made this cute outfit for Posey and Suzette, Jon, and Posey performed Popcorn popping.  It was awesome!
She is precious!
On Thursday Tara and Jill came by for a little bit with their girls.  It's always fun to catch up with them. 

I also went to visit the Mayfields while I was there.  Rev Mayfield was the pool manager at Hillard when I was a lifeguard in high school.  He had such a positive impact on my life during critical years. 
Love my brother!!
Kat is such a sweetheart!
Loved spending 10 days with my mom.  It always goes too fast!
All these girls and so much cuteness in one photo!
Izzy keeping control of the babies!
Lots of cute babies!
We flew home on July 4th.  I had to get some photos of the cute girls in their 4th of July outfits.