Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snowboarding in the rain

On Saturday, Melisse, Jen, Chris, Mike, and I headed to Sundance to go snowboarding. It took us an extra hour to get up there because someone forget to turn in the passes from the previous night (we get them through our work). It was raining in Provo, but we were hopeful it would be snowing at Sundance. We got up there to find more rain. There was actually a river running through the parking lot with all the melting snow. We got on the ski lift and headed all the way up to the top. I kept thinking maybe at the top it would be snowing; wishful thinking again--it was still raining. Plus there was so much fog at the top (as you can tell from the picture), I was so scared I would fall off the cliff. I just kept looking for Melisse's blue pants or Chris' green jacket. It did stop raining for a while. When it started to rain again, we did a couple more runs and called it good. We were all soaked through our layers. It was quite an adventure, probably a once in a life time experience. The good thing was we did not have to pay for our tickets and there were no lines!! What kind of idiots would go skiing when it is raining??!!