Thursday, May 27, 2010

Izzy's first date and stats

My friend, Carrie, was in town visiting from Maryland so Mike and I went out to dinner with her, Carrie's husband, and their cute son, Brecken. He is just 6 weeks younger than Izzy.
Izzy was playing hard to get at first.
But she quickly gave in and held his hand (this was done on their own); so cute!! She couldn't take her eyes off him....
until he turned to look at her; she had to play hard to get again!!

This was Izzy's first experience with a doll. She totally body slammed the poor doll. I guess she isn't ready for a baby sister.
I'm not sure where she learned to body slam. I need to talk to her daddy and Uncle G.
I love this outfit; I couldn't get her to smile though!
Cute sailor outfit. I think I wore something like this when I was a baby too!
The day of her 6 month shots. See the band-aids (and rolls)!
6 month stats:
weight-20 pounds; 95%, which is a decrease from 98% at her 4 month appt
height-27.5 inches; 86%, which is a decrease from 97% at her 4 month appt
head-18 inches; 99%, which is an increase from 94% at her month appt
The Doctor pointed out that only 1% of the population has a larger head than her. I guess her brain is growing! I doubt there are many babies who have bigger cheeks than her too!!
I love my BIG baby!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


So life has been busy, crazy, hectic, and fun! Louise and Richard came out for Catherine and Blake's graduation. It was great to have family around. Catherine and her family and Christina have all moved to DC for the summer. It was so great to have Cat living so close. I am so blessed that she watched Izzy this past year. I know Izzy enjoyed spending time with Cat, playing peek and boo with Benson, and having Abi suck on her hand. I will always be so grateful for Cat. This summer Guillaume is living with us and watching Izzy. It is great to still have family around. We look forward to the fall when Christina will be back and my sister Kathryn will be at BYU. I need to download the pictures from the camera, so this is all I have for now.

Izzy loves swinging at the park.
My mom came in for one day to meet Celeste and drive with her to New York. Celeste has moved to New York to do an internship with Goldman Sachs. We miss having her around!