Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family comes to visit

My cousin, Rachel, and her family came to visit for the week.  We had so much fun!  I am so glad they made the long drive (20+ hours).  We loved every minute of it.  Izzy and Avery had so much fun playing together.  
 Watching tv and eating snacks together.
 Playing at the splash pad
 Taking a break to eat.
 Ansley and Izzy
 What's a family trip without a family bath?
 We had a pedicure day with the girls.  Izzy doesn't like to sit still for long.
 This was their favorite activity, jumping on the trampoline.  They would have slept there if we let them.
 They also love to sing and play the piano.
 Izzy and Ansley reading together.
 Friday morning we went to the animal farm.  I know Izzy loves animals, but seriously she was in heaven.  She did not want to walk away from any animal, she could have stayed there all day.  Everyone else was in the play area and Izzy wasn't even half way through the farm.
 She is motioning for the animals to come to her in this picture.
 Feeding the animals, she wasn't even scared.  She wanted them to lick her hands.
 Petting the pony.
 Riding the pony.  One ride was not enough for her, she kept trying to crawl through the gate to get back on.
 That afternoon we went boating.  Avery is a little fish.  She is only 3 and can already swim.  She jumped right in the water, no problem.  She would have gone without her lifejacket, but her parents put a stop to that.
 Rachel getting up on the surf board.
 Joey surfing.
 Izzy taking a nap on the boat.  She is hilarious.  She was tired so she just laid down and went to sleep.  We are lucky she loves to boat so much.  She is awesome on the water, which is probably why we go so much.  It is a great family activity that we all enjoy.
 Rachel and I on the boat.  I couldn't get in the water because I had a mole removed.  The Dr. freaked me out too, she said I am at a high risk for skin cancer and I should wear a rash guard.  Seriously I haven't taken my bathing suit cover off since then and I went out and bought covers that have sleeves on a back.
 Mike with his co captains.
 Thursday night was awesome.  Rachel and I met up with Renee and Rochelle.  We ate at Zupas and then hit the mall.  Banana Republic was having a great sale and we all found some things we liked.  It was so nice to try on clothes without Izzy running around the store.  Then we went to Farr's for ice cream.  My friend, Rachel, was in town and she met us there.  It was so great to see her.  It was so nice to chat and catch up.  I miss her!!
Izzy had to try on all the clothes we bought.  This girl is something else.  All day today she has been walking around the house with my clothes on.
It has been a great week.  I am so glad Rachel and Joey were able to come visit.  Their kids are adorable and we had a great time.  I am going to visit them in September and I can't wait!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Canada 2011

On Tuesday we flew to Canada for Mike's family reunion.  We arrived in Manchester, New Hampshire around midnight, got our rental car, and headed to the hotel.  The next morning we drove up to Canada so we could see Mike's cousin, Marie-eve before her prom.
 Isn't she beautiful.  We hung out with her family for the day, including riding in their big RV.  Izzy loved it, there is nothing more fun than jumping on a bed in a moving vehicle, right?
 Even in Canada she is still intrigued with shoes.  She is wearing Aunt Edith's shoes.
 Thursday we were at Uncle Robert's house.  They live in the country on 30 acres and have lots of animals.  Izzy loved the chickens, ducks, bunnies, and dog.  She is wearing her pajamas in the picture because I didn't have any long pants for her and it was cold, plus I think it is stylish! haha
 Antoine showing her how to feed the chickens.
 Later that day we rode 4 wheelers on their land.  Izzy was ready to roll!
 We fed the fish in their lake.  (We also swam in the lake on Saturday, but I don't have any pictures of that).
 Izzy loved it so much, she fell asleep on the road.

 Izzy loved playing in the hot tub with all of the stuffed animals.  This kept her occupied for hours.

 Friday we went to the Granby zoo.  It is an awesome zoo-it has animals, amusement park, and a water park.

 Cousins giving kisses.

 They are going to be best friends in the future, I can tell!
 Antoine was Izzy's pal.  She loved him, it probably helped that he gave her her own cupcake for lunch (it's in her hand.)
 Of course she is trying to climb on the airplane.
 Brotherly love
 She loved the carousel, because she got to ride a "horsie."
 She was barely big enough to ride this by herself.  I was too big so she rode it solo.  I'm not sure what I was thinking because she could have crawled out at anytime, but she enjoyed it.
 She rode this with Aunt Derdle.
 And loved it.
 At the Galipeau (Mike's mom's side of the family) reunion.  Cora and Antoine were awesome!  They loved playing with Izzy and she loved them so much.  She was always with them.
 She loved being thrown (and caught) by Uncle Guillaume.
 Mike's Grandpa, Louis.
 Bergeron Family
 The Galipeau cousins.
 After dinner there was a dance and Izzy loved it!
 Everyone was watching her dance, she was hilarious!
 Celeste and Brandon came up to visit too.  They toured Montreal and then hung out with us on Sunday. We had a great trip and are so fortunate to have such great family.
Vacations are nice, but it is always nice to get home.  The first two mornings Izzy woke up at 5:30 am, I tried to explain to her that we were not on eastern time zone anymore, but she did not understand.  Finally she slept in til 8 today, which is her normal time.  Tonight she headed outside with a bowl in hand.  A few minutes later I looked out in the backyard and she was picking strawberries.  That is her favorite spot, I find her there a lot!  I love this girl, she is so cute!!!