Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mami and Papi visit

Louise and Richard came out to visit for a couple of weeks in September. 
We went to the animal farm.  Cambry is following after big sister, Izzy, with her love for horses. 

She wanted to pet the horse while she was riding, who needs to hold on?!
On Sunday afternoon, we went up the AF canyon.  The weather was gorgeous and the girls loved it.
Skipping rocks is always a favorite. 
Cambry was in on the rock throwing action. 
Izzy loves to crawl up on the rocks and pretend to be different animals from Lion King. 
Being in nature is the best.
The Monday after my birthday we went boating.  The weather was nice, but the water was a little chilly. 
Papi, Derdle, and Izzy on the tube.  Izzy couldn't stop laughing, she could have stayed on the tube all day. 
It was so fun watching her.
One day, it rained ALL day long.  It was so boring, but that didn't stop Izzy and Dylan from playing in the rain. 
Our neighbors are selling golden retriever puppies, so Izzy has been at their house daily playing with the puppies.  She wants to buy one so bad and was in tears when I told her no. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall Texas Visit

We flew to Texas at the beginning of September.  We flew in Thursday morning on a direct flight to Austin.  Izzy was a champ on the flight and Cambry was her normal squirmy self.  She wanted to touch everything, kick the chairs, grab stuff.  Basically she wanted her own seat, no worries her next flight she will have a seat. 
On Friday we went to the Austin Fun Park.  It was awesome; it was basically empty because everyone was in school.  There were no lines for anything, Izzy was in heaven. 

She loved riding the go carts with Uncle Mat.
Laser tagging was a lot of fun and even Cambry got in on the action.  She was a pretty easy target.

Ready, aim, fire.

No fear on the rock wall.

Grandma bought Izzy lots of tokens to play as many games as she wanted.  Lucky girl!

Love this guy!  Dennis is always so great about being with family.  He was supposed to start working the day after Labor Day, but we were coming in town, so he postponed starting his job so we could hang out.  He picked us up from the airport and showed us his new house in San Marcos.  He is getting married in December and I am so happy for him. 

The guys and Kat went to the BYU vs UT game.  BYU was victorious again!

Love my family!

While the guys went to the game, us girls ate at Maudi's, my favorite!

Sunday we went to church, Cambry was napping so we left Papa and Dennis in charge.  When Cambry woke up she joined Papa watching some football. 

Sunday night we stayed with Suzette and Jon.  Izzy loved playing the guitar. 

Making funny faces is always fun!
We had a great visit and were sad to leave Monday morning!  Can't wait to go back in December!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preschool and Gymnastics Start

The day after Labor Day Izzy started preschool at Bear Hollow.  She went there last year and loved it so she was anxiously awaiting seeing Miss Molly.  

All smiles to start school.  

On the first day the parents stay and help them with an activity.  It's fun to see Izzy paint and be creative, since that is not something we do often at our house. 

I always hate to say goodbye, but Izzy was ready to play with her friends. 

Izzy and Cambry started gymnastics this Fall.  This is Cambry's first activity that I've signed her up for and she loves it.  The first couple weeks she was running all over the place, but now she is doing better following instructions and going from place to place.

Ready, set, go

She loves swinging on the bars, almost as much as she loves the trampoline. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Labor Day weekend we headed up to my family's cabin in Montana.  I have gone her every summer pretty much my whole life.  I have so many incredible memories so I am excited to share it with my girls. 
Sleeping is always a great way to start a road trip.
I love having this little one to ride around the mountains with.  She is such a dare devil and tomboy; she reminds me of myself as a kid. 
We rode to the top of sheep mountain. 
The view doesn't get much better than that.
There was a patch of snow so of course we had to play in it.  I'm glad I packed Izzy's snow clothes, you never know what to expect in Montana!
Cambry loves her Daddy.
Ready, set, go!
Of course, Izzy had to ride horses.  She is becoming such a good horse back rider.  It is fun to watch her gain confidence and do something she loves. 
Izzy's true love.
Daddy's little fisherwoman.
Friday the weather was good, but the weather the remainder of the time was cold and rainy.  But that didn't stop them from fishing and playing outside.  Fishing was one of Izzy's favorite things.  She was so proud to show me the fish she caught. 
These two could have ridden in the razor all day, everyday, despite the rainy weather.  We had such a great time with the Chambers and are glad that they joined us for the weekend.  I feel so grateful to have such a fun, enjoyable, peaceful, relaxing place to go every summer.