Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Izzy's 4th Birthday Party

Izzy celebrated her birthday party on Friday, Oct. 25.  It was a beautiful day so we had the party outside.  Princess Merida came to her birthday party and it was awesome.  All 13 kids were fascinated with her.  They listened to the story she told, shot her bow and arrow, and took pictures with her.  It was such a fun party and Izzy loved it!  Can't believe my baby is turning 4!

All the kids were excited when Merida walked through the door. 

Izzy, Ellie, Dylan B., and Dylan C. listening to Merida.
Carsen, Izzy, and Ellie. 
Merida was awesome at telling stories. 
I love these 4 girls-Grace, Gwen, Izzy and Ellie.
The kids loved Merida's bubbles.
Shooting the bow and arrow was a big hit.
So glad Izzy has such a fun group of friends.
Bottom: Carsen, Allie, Izzy, Dylan C., Armany, and Dylan B.
Top: Ellie, Grace, Gwen, Merida, Owen, Riley, and Patience
My Birthday Girl!
Cake and Ice Cream Time
Of course, she had a Merida birthday cake.  I've got skills, right?! I wish!
Make a wish!

She couldn't wait to open presents.  She kept asking me during the party when she could open presents.  She loves My Little Pony and she got a few of them. 
A really nice, soft horse jacket. 

We had such a great party. I love watching Izzy grow.  I am so happy she had fun and enjoyed herself!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Soccer

I signed Izzy up for NUCS league because some friends were doing it.  Izzy didn't love soccer in the spring so I wasn't sure about doing it again in the fall.  I am so glad I did.  She did so much better and I think she started to enjoy it.  They had practices every week and the coach had cute games for them to play.  One game she even scored 3 goals, it was so fun to watch.  The last game she was crying because she didn't score a goal, such a change from crying because she didn't want to play.  It was a fun season!

Her number 1 fan!

Aunt Kat even came to one of the games!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

11 months

Wow! Only one more month til my baby is a year.  This past month has been fun with visits to Texas and Vegas.

She has taken a few steps here and there, but not consecutive steps yet.  She has 2 teeth on the bottom.  She loves to get into things and pull stuff out of drawers and cabinets.  She is generally a very happy baby.  If you have something she wants she will let you know by her pterodactyl noises/screams.  She has such a fun personality and we love her so much!

Food: Her favorite food is macaroni.  She also loves bananas, cheese, crackers, and meatballs. She won't have anything to do with cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes and most other veggies.

Love that beautiful smile!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I love Texas Visits

On Thursday we flew to Texas (my Mom's birthday was Wednesday) so we figured it was the perfect weekend.  I haven't been to Bay City lately because we usually go to their Austin home.  It was so nice to be home!

Izzy is such a big girl in the airport, carrying her own bag. It was a long 12 hour day.  We booked non-direct flights with a 3 hour layover in Denver.  Not sure what we were thinking.  Cambry refused to sleep on the planes because she won't sleep while being held--made for a long day.  Luckily she slept in the stroller during our layover. 

When we got there Izzy was playing in different bedrooms and she found her birthday presents.  She loved the Merida doll.

Of course My Little Pony took the prize. 

Friday we went to A&A BBQ (a favorite) for lunch.  Then my Mom went to Wal-Mart with Izzy to get juice.  They came home with tons of new toys.  Not how I remember Wal-Mart trips as a kid.  

Izzy and Cambry both loved this car.  I think I need to get one for Cambry for her birthday.

We did a little shopping on the square and Grandma got lots of kisses.  

Izzy swam every single day and LOVED it.  As soon as she woke up she put her bathing suit on and was ready to go.  She thought the slide was awesome. 

She is such a great little swimmer. She swam the whole length of the pool, several times.  She actually prefers to swim on her back. 

She convinced Daddy and Papa to join her, even the dog jumped in a few times. 

Friday night we ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. 

Saturday morning we went to the pumpkin patch.  Izzy enjoyed the games and even made it through the hole several times, thanks to her great coach standing nearby. 

My two sweethearts. 

We took my Mom to get a pedicure for her birthday.

Izzy did not want a Halloween pumpkin, she chose a flower. I love having girls. 

I probably consumed 5000 calories/day.  Brutal!!  Saturday night we went to K-2 Steakhouse, a favorite of mine.  I was going to go healthy, but the chicken fried steak and baked potato were so tempting.  I ate this all the time growing up and didn't gain weight so I figured it couldn't be that bad for me!

Saturday night there was a Family Fun Night at the Park.  There were inflatable bounce houses, free pizza, games, it was lots of fun. 

The dog was one of Izzy's favorite things.  She lead her around like a horse. 

She even rode her like a horse.  She is know telling us she also needs a big dog.

Sunday afternoon we walked along the beach.  Izzy loved finding sea shells.

Daddy and Cambry.

Love this little girl.

She absolutely loved the beach. 
This was one of my favorite, most relaxing vacations in a long time.  We ate at all my favorite restaurants, I got to sleep in (thanks to my mom getting up with the kids), we swam, shopped, and just hung out.  My kind of trip!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vegas for Fall Break

For Fall Break we went with our good friends, The Browns, to their house in Vegas.  

Izzy and her buddy , Dylan. They had so much fun together.  You would think after a few days they would get tired of each other, but nope they were still inseparable. 
The first morning they couldn't wait to jump in the pool. 
We went to Circus Circus and rode rides. 
Izzy loved the roller coaster. 
The dads even won them some toys.  Izzy convinced Dylan that he should also choose the unicorn as his prize. 
You can't go to Vegas and not shop.  They liked the fountain. 
This is what Cambry thought of shopping. 

One night we went to the Michael Jackson show, it was AWESOME!! (We brought 2 sisters from our neighborhood on the trip with us so we could go out as night--great decision)!

Great view of the strip!  We had a fun trip!