Thursday, July 19, 2012

catch up

Even though I have not posted during my pregnancy, we have been plenty busy!  I have felt so sick and tired all I could do was the necessity, which did not include blogging.  But finally at 19 weeks I am starting to feel better so here is a recap of the past 4 months. 

In April, Mike and I took a quick trip to Austin to visit the family.  We ate lots of good food (BBQ and Mexican) and hung out with the family.  

Cute little Izzy stayed in Utah with Aunt Derdle and Uncle Danny.  She had a great time, despite that frowny face she has. 

When we got back from Texas, Louise, Catherine and Abi came to visit for a week. We all went to Women's Conference together, which was a lot of fun!

We had a BBQ, it's always fun to get together with friends. 

Izzy and Abi had a great time together. 

They went to gymnastics together; it was so cute watching them. 

As you can tell, they played hard and wore each other out. 

In May, I headed to NYC for my sister, Celeste's, graduation.  She graduated valedictorian from her college, how could I miss that?!!  I am so proud of her-she is a great example of pursuing your dreams and working hard til you achieve them.

I had felt TERRIBLE the week leading up to the trip and even considered not going, but I am so glad I went.  I even felt a little better while I was there.  This is at her graduation dinner. 

She had lots of fun stuff planned-we got manis/pedis, ate at great places, and even found time to go to a Dr. Oz taping, plus attend all her graduation stuff!

At the beginning of June we went to Tahoe with Mike's business partner, Stephen and his wife Denise. It was beautiful there, but unfortunately I spent most of the time laying in bed because I felt so sick.  Mike went golfing and seemed to enjoy himself. 

June 8 & 9 was my high school reunion.  As the class president, I had the joy of planning the whole thing!  It was like a full-time job.  It was great to seeing everyone and I had a really good time, but thank goodness it is over!

Izzy lived in the pool at my parent's house.
Even Dude went swimming with her.  She loves Dude.  The first night we were there I heard her downstairs in the kitchen.  I raced downstairs and she had let Dude inside (he sleeps in the garage) and they were running around the kitchen.  I didn't even hear her wake up or go downstairs.
She didn't want to go down the big slide so Grandma set up a small slide for her.
Dad, aka Papa, gave Izzy ice cream everyday, maybe twice a day.  She loved every minute of it.

After the reunion we went to the lake house in Austin.  Celeste flew in from Seattle to hang out.  It was so great to see everyone.
We went to a zoo, which Izzy loved.  It was a drive thru zoo-the best part was the ostriches coming up to the car and watching my dad feed them (everyone else was too scared).
There was also a petting zoo section.
Mike turned 30!! I felt bad because I didn't do anything big for him, but he kept saying he didn't want a big thing.  So we got him Magleby's cake (his favorite) and black flowers.  Izzy and I took him balloons earlier in the day.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Mike had a business conference in Kauai, Hawaii so off we went.  My dear sweet mother flew in to take care of Izzy.  She came a few days early so she knew the routine.  I was a little anxious about leaving sweet Izzy, but knew she was in great hands.

We flew out on Wednesday at noon and landed in Honolulu at 2 (there is a 4 hour time change).  The flight was ok, I felt pretty nausea but thought I was hiding it pretty well til the flight attendant kept asking me if I was ok.  She even brought me ice chips, oh the joy of pregnancy.  We had a couple hour layover in Honolulu then took a short 15 minute flight to Kauai.  After the 45 minute drive we got to the St. Regis resort.  I have never stayed somewhere so beautiful.  It is built in a cliff and the views are breathtaking.  Our room is the nicest room I've stayed in and we have a great view of the beach.  I think I want to move there.  By the time we got to the hotel it was 7 pm (11 pm Utah time) so we ate dinner and headed to bed.

View from inside the hotel

Thursday we ate breakfast and laid out by the beach ALL DAY!  I loved it.  Mike went snorkeling, I thought about going with him, but I wasn't feeling too nausea so I decided to play it safe and didn't move from my lounge chair.  That night we went to the sugar cane plantation for dinner.  We actually went to the same place when my family stopped in Kauai on a cruise a few years ago.
View from our room

Friday we ate breakfast and I wasn't feeling good so I took my zofrom and went back to bed.  I woke up around noon and headed to the beach again to lay out.  Mike really wanted to go on a helicopter tour so off he went around 3, I was perfectly happy to remain safely at the beach.  He LOVED the helicopter tour!  He couldn't stop talking about it.

Mike loving his helicopter tour

Pictures from the helicopter

Saturday we headed to the spa, Mike got a massage and I got a mani/pedi.  Then we flew to Honolulu for a couple days.  We were staying on Wakiki beach.  He was very different than Kauai.  Tourists everywhere, noisy, lots and lots of people.  But it was beautiful nonetheless.

At the Hawaii temple

Sunday we went to church and just walked around the beach.  Monday, Mike and his partner Stephen went to their Honolulu office and did some training.  That afternoon we went to North Shore, then caught our red eye flight home.  I was so so Happy to see little Izzy.  When we walked in the door, she got so excited!!  We had a great trip, but it is nice to be home.  Thanks to my mom for taking care of Izzy while we were gone, she is the best!!  Here are some pics of what they did while we were gone.

Izzy at the animal farm.  There are small ponies, but she insists on riding on the big one.
Izzy at the country club.  She calls this the lizard pool.  She loves it there.
Swimming with some friends at their house.
Izzy and Grandma at the animal farm.
Izzy so excited to see Mommy and Daddy!! It was so cute!!!