Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Dinner

While we were in Disney World, Izzy took her naps in her stroller or wherever we were.  Needless to say, they were not as long as her usual naps.  So when we got home she was exhausted.  On Saturday she fell asleep at 10:30 am (she had just woken up at 8).
She fell asleep in my arms while I was talking to Mike.
I held her for an hour, just because I love to hold her.  I laid her down thinking she wouldn't sleep much longer.  Surprisingly, she woke up at 2:30, 4 hours later!! She knew what she needed after a long vacation!  
We went to Dana's graduation.  We are glad we were able to be there for it!
Derdle helping us keep Izzy entertained.
She loved the baby's carseat.  It's funny because when she was a baby she didn't like her carseat!
Family dinners are my favorite.  This is our last one before Dana and Guillaume move.  It is so crazy how fast time goes by.  I remember when Cat and Blake were here and we had family dinners with them and Celeste.  Thankfully, Derdle, Danny, & Kathryn will be coming back in the Fall so our family dinners can continue. 
Mommy & Izzy
 Izzy & Danny playing in the front yard.  She loves being tossed around.
 Izzy is not sure what will happen next
 Izzy and Guillaume.  I love how she says his name.  It was actually one of the first words she learned last summer.
 Izzy pushing Dylan in the swing.  She doesn't understand to let go of the swing, so it usually comes back and hits her in the face!
 Dana and Izzy.  She loves Dana.  She always tries to go downstairs to be with Dana and Guillaume.
 Izzy and Guillaume riding the horse.
 These are my favorite pictures.  Izzy has become quite the girly girl.  She loves to play in my closet and pull out high heels and purses.  This morning she picked out my tallest heels, grabbed a purse and was walking around the house.  She does all this on her own; I don't help her put the shoes on or anything.
 Had to get a top angle picture to show the shoes.

 She wears these most often because they are the shoes that are usually lying around the house.
 She's wearing the shoes and carrying her bear, which she calls baby.
 I love this outfit, plus she has her shoes on, pacifier, and baby--that is totally Izzy!!
I love this girl she is so cute and funny!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Disney World

It seems like life has been a whirlwind lately, so much going on.  We had a trip planned with Mike's work to Orlando.  I thought about not going with everything that has been going on, but I decided it would be nice to relax.  On Sunday we woke up to a snow storm and I was so glad we were flying to the sunshine state.  We got in around 4, got checked in, unpacked and then we were off to dinner.  
Getting Izzy's shoes on, all she wanted to do was explore.

That night they had a dinner with Disney characters.  Izzy wasn't too sure of the characters; she didn't know if she should laugh or cry.  
She didn't want to get close to the characters, but she would say, Woof Woof.
Minnie and Izzy.

Monday morning Mike had meetings so Izzy and I headed to the pool.  I loved the 85 degree weather.

Izzy has no fear, she was off to the pool before I could even get my coverup off.
She wasn't sure if she wanted to lay out or swim.

That afternoon we went to Animal Kingdom.  Izzy loved seeing all the animals.

Waiting in line for the Safari Ride.
On the safari ride.  We had to take Izzy out of her stroller and she woke up, so she was not super happy.
Watching the gorilla was awesome.
That was some kind of cool looking tree behind us.
Monday night was Awesome!! Sea World was completely reserved exclusively for our group.  We watched a dolphin/whale show, rode all the rides as many times as we wanted, ate food galore, and played all the games for free.  It was seriously a dream night!!
This ride was crazy!  Such a fun night.
Izzy standing on the fish aquarium.

Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom, but the camera was temporarily lost, so we don't have any pictures.  Luckily, Mike found the camera in a Sea World bag.

Wednesday we went to Hollywood Studios.
Waiting in line for the Toy Story movie.  They claim this is the most popular ride at Disney World.  Izzy enjoyed except for when puffs of air came out, she got scared.
Putting on the glasses.
Stephen's son, Zach, came on the trip too.  Izzy loved playing with him.  She was trying to climb into the fountain to get into the wahwah (water).
Wed night the group had a special private place to watch the fire work show.  Izzy didn't like it too much; she got scared with all the noise.
Thursday we went to Blizzard Beach.  Izzy wore her cute bathing suit and cover up that Derdle bought her.
She loved being in the water.
Surprisingly she actually enjoyed the slide.
Riding on Minnie.
They had small kiddie slides that she could go on by herself.  She would have done it all day if I let her.  She kept saying swide, swide, please.
She played in the arcade for a bit at the hotel.
Her kid's meal was so cute so I had to take a picture of the Mickey plate.
Pictures at the hotel.
Last night, Smile!  
It was a great trip, so glad we got to spend time together as a family!