Thursday, June 21, 2012

We're still here!

So you might have thought I disappeared, but nope we are still here.  The lack of posts have been due to the fact that I'm PREGNANT!!  For me that means for the past 15 weeks I have been feeling sick, nausea, tired, more nausea, and lots of laying on the couch.  Poor Izzy, she has watched lots of cartoons; she even has some Bubble Guppies episodes memorized.  I feel like I have to hire babysitters and go somewhere so she has someone to play with! But even though I haven't been feeling great, we are really excited to have another addition to our family.  The baby is due Dec. 11! I'm hoping to have the baby early and be farther away from Christmas, but we will see.  And hopefully this morning sickness, I mean all day sickness, goes away soon, preferably before we go to Hawaii next week :)