Sunday, February 28, 2016


Our good friends, The Browns, invited us to their cabin in Scoffield, along with our other friends, The Francis', Johnson's and Forstner's.  We were so excited to go! Friends, snow, nice cabin, games, food, what could be better?!
The kids were so excited when we arrived on Friday night.  They ran around the cabin checking out every room.  It was a really nice cabin and every family had their own room and then there was a bunk room for all the kids. 
The bunk room was a favorite. 
We stayed up way too late chatting.  Then we had a toothbrush party before bed!
There was lots of fun in the snow on Saturday.  Izzy loved riding the kid snowmobile.  She also loved the adult one too and kept telling me to go faster!
Getting ready to dig the ice fishing hole. 
Mike told the kids all sorts of stories about ice creatures that lived under the ice.
Digging the hole. 
Inside the fishing tent.  Unfortunately, they weren't so lucky and no fish were caught.  
There was even a hot tub and the kids took full advantage of it!

It was an awesome weekend, that went by way too fast.  We are lucky to have such a fun group of friends.  Thanks to the Browns for hosting all of us!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Celine Dion in Vegas

Derdle mentioned that her mom was going to be visiting the week that Celine Dion was having her first show back in Vegas since her husband's death.  She thought it would be fun to attend, I agreed.  Although, I'm not a big Celine fan, who doesn't want a girls trip?! She told Cat our plans and Cat decided to join the party.  The only catch was Mike was going to be in Florida, which meant, Richard would have to watch my kids.  That made me a little nervous, but I arranged for some additional childcare and we headed out.
Tuesday morning we got up early and headed out before the kids were up.
Cat and I having fun in the car.
Since Gideon is still nursing, he got to join the party.
Their friend from Canada, Jenn Pruden, joined us for the party. We stopped in St. George for some lunch at Cafe Rio.
Derdle found a sweet deal on the Linq hotel on the strip.  We even upgraded to a suite.  It was a perfect set up!
We walked around some of the hotels and the strip.  Of course, every horse made me think of Izzy. 
And zebras too, made me think of my kids. 
We stopped at the Coca Cola store and drank the sampler. 
And even got a picture with the bear. 
The strip.
Getting our zen on. 
A gorgeous sunny day in Vegas.
Headed to the show.
Before the show we ate THE BEST Italian food ever at The Caesar's shopping area.  
We are ready for Celine. 
Her performance was spectacular.  It was emotional, I was even crying, which I didn't expect.  You could feel her emotion.  It was an amazing show and exceeded my expectations. 
Headed out after an awesome show!
Our good friend, Melisse, happened to be driving through Vegas headed to Provo.  She stopped by the hotel to say hi.  It was so great to see her!  

There aren't enough good things to say about Melisse.  I love her so much.  She is one of a kind.  She is the most kind, generous, genuine people I know. 
It was a short, but super fun trip.  So glad I went!
The grandkids with Mami and Papi! They had an enjoyable time!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vacation to Florida

Mike had a conference in Florida and it happened to be the same time his parents were going to be visiting, so we decided to spend a few days together before the conference started.
Headed out on our flight.
We landed in Tampa and ate at the Bahama Breeze, which is a place Mike always wanted to eat when he was in school out there, but said it was too expensive!
We checked out Mike's old stomping grounds where he played jr. college ball in St. Petersburg. 

The view from our room; I love the beach!

Being silly on the balcony.
Love this man of mine.  I love that we are able to enjoy time together. 
Sand, sun, Diet Dr. Pepper, and People magazine--I'm all set!
We went for a nice bike ride on Pier 60.
Beautiful day in February!  
For dinner we met up with a couple of Mike's old teammates and his pitching coach.  It was a wonderful trip.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Brielle is 11 months!

I can't believe my baby will be one in a month!  She is such an amazing, happy, easy going baby! This month Suzette came to visit so Brielle got to spend some time with her cute cousin, Posey.  Other than a couple trips to Park City, it was a pretty low key month.  It was cold and poor Brielle has had a cough it seems the whole month.

She continues to be a great sleeper-naps in the morning around 9:30, in the afternoon at 1:30 and then sleeps 7:30-7.  She is still eating baby food at meal times and drinks 4 bottles/day at 7, 11, 4, and 7.  She is funny, she often doesn't drink much of her bottle and doesn't really seem to care for them much.  She eats lots of cheerios and other finger food.

She loves to wave, clap, laugh and play with her big sisters.  Izzy loves to pick her up and swing her around.  She has started climbing stairs.  This past month she has realized she can get into things! She sticks her hand in the toilet, rips apart toilet paper, empties drawers, opens cabinets.  Anything she can get into she does!! We love this little baby!!
During the month, Posey came for a visit.
I'm not sure how Brielle sleeps like this sometimes.
Your poor little nose is red because you spent most of the month with a cold and ear infection, but that didn't keep you from being a smily, happy baby. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Suzette and Posey come to visit

Jon went to ski with his brother for his birthday, so Suzette decided instead of hanging out by herself she would come party it up with us!
Izzy loved keeping Posey entertained. 
And Posey thought she was pretty funny!
Posey absolutely loved this car and Izzy enjoyed pushing her around the kitchen. 
These two warmed up to each other really quickly and loved spending time together. 
These girls had a great time together. 
Brielle enjoyed spending some time with her cousin too.  I'm sure these two cousins are going to have lots of fun together in the years to come!
I love that Brielle has a cousin only 3 months older than her.  
And of course, I had a great time with Suzette.  It's always fun to chat with her, exercise, shop and do all those fun things.  She is an amazing older sister and an awesome example for me. 
While Suzette was checking in, we decided to make some funny faces with Posey.  She didn't think we were that funny.