Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Happenings

Summer is by far my favorite time of the year! I love being outside, letting the kids run around barefoot, swimming, boating, dessert nights, eating outside, the list goes on and on.  
Izzy and her friend Ellie love riding in the Razor. 

Izzy has loved her horse lessons and she doesn't have to have a lead walker anymore, which she thinks is really cool. 

It's awesome watching her steer the horse and be in control and confident. 

One night we went shopping at the Nordstrom half yearly sale.  Luckily, I had my personal shopper, Izzy, with me picking out clothes. 

Daddy and Cambry played outside in the fountains while we were shopping. 

We took a horse carriage ride around Temple Square, which was the highlight of the night. 

Near the end of May, we had a quick girl's get away.  We stayed the night in Park City and shopped, ate, laughed, hot-tubbed, talked, and laughed some more.  It was a great trip and I love these girls so much!  We all moved into our neighborhood around the same time and I am so lucky to have them in my life.  Some people are put in your life for a reason and I truly believe it with these ladies; they have been there for me in some tough times.

Sadly, one of our close friends, Kristy moved to California.  Her son, Owen, and Izzy are the same age and they loved to play together.  The picture on the left is when they were about 2 and now they're 4 1/2.  I don't think Izzy realized what was happening when we met for snow cones the evening before they left.  But now she's been asking, "Where's Owen?  Why can't Owen come play?"  I think she's starting to realize he's not down the street anymore.  

Little Buddies

The kids eating snow cones, saying good-bye to Owen and Miles. 

Love this girl! She was the first friend I met when we moved into the neighborhood.  I was so worried we were going to be the youngest people in the neighborhood and not have any friends.  I was so relieved when I met them on a walk and realized they were our age and had a toddler our age too (our kids were both 18 months at the time).  I'll miss her, but so happy for their new adventure.  Plus California is a great place to visit!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dance Recital

Izzy took dance classes for a few months at Avondale.  It was really low-key, but Izzy seemed to enjoy the classes.  The best part was Gwen, her friend, was also in the class.

The day of the recital was not Izzy's best day.  She had a soccer game before, which she didn't score in and she was really upset about that.  It was all tears as she was getting ready for the recital.  

Not happy to be at the recital.

Luckily, she got over it and was all smiles during her performance.  She had so much fun and was so cute on stage.

Daddy and Izzy. 

Love this cute princess of mine.

The dance was really cute and for days after, Izzy has been singing the song and performing for us!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Soccer season is over

Izzy had a great soccer season.  She went from not wanting to go on the field to crying when she had to sit out to let the other kids have a turn on the field.  There were only 2 girls on her team and she did awesome.  It was so fun watching her develop and grow!  She has a little competitive nature to her; if she didn't score a goal she was often upset. We are teaching her, it's ok not to score every time. We are so proud of you Izzy!!

Mike coached one of the games and Izzy was so happy to have Daddy out there with her.  This is her jumping around after scoring!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Puerto Vallarta

On Wednesday, Mike and I woke up bright and early to fly to Puerto Vallarta.  Louise had flown in on Monday so she was here to take care of the girls.  I hate leaving them, but I love having a getaway with my hubby.  We were out the door before the girls were awake, which made it a little easier so they weren't crying. 
We arrived Wednesday to a nice 'Welcome Home' sign.  We got checked in to our room, unpacked, went to a Welcome hors d'oeuvre and then met with Lowell and Carlyn for dinner. 

On Thursday, we slept in til 9 and then I went to the gym.  Wow! I forgot how much you sweat in the humidity.  Then we headed to the beach for a 90 minute massage.  It was amazing!! Mike and I had tables that were side by side.  It might not have been the best massage I ever had, but it was the best ambiance ever.  Listening to the crashing waves along with a slight breeze made it the best ambiance ever.  I loved it!!

Then we headed to go ziplining.  It was a long ride (1 1/2 hours) in a truck with open windows.  I wasn't too sure about the ride and got a little skeptical that they were actually taking us to a ziplining course.  We finally got there and had a great time.  There were about 12 ziplines and we went from mountain to mountain.  Usually there was a little hike that you had to make for the next hipline.  
On the way home from zip lining, we stopped for a free tequila shots!! The driver didn't understand why we didn't drink.  Loved the cobble stone streets and seeing some authentic restaurants and stores. 
That night we had dinner with Lincoln and his wife from Wealth Vest and Cathy and her partner from Allianz.  I had a delicious steak, the conversation was great, and the evening was awesome.
On Friday the group we were there with had a catamaran excursion booked.  We got on the ship and they had an amazing brunch laid out with delicious fruit.  I loved ordering fruit smoothies.  When we got there they had snorkeling gear.  I have to admit the snorkeling was not great.  I might have saw one fish. 

There were some pretty cool caverns.

We had to swim through this tunnel and then when we got through there was a beach area.  I don't really think I understood what I was getting myself into when the guides told us to follow them and swim.  You could only go through at certain times based on the water level and tide.  While one group was swimming through a guy hit his head on the rocks and passed out.  It was scary.  I was nervous to swim back out when I realized the danger. 
That night we had dinner with Wade and his wife and some other Wealth Vest employees.  It was really interesting to talk to Wade's wife.  She was a retired pilot and she said back in the day they were treated super well.  She said when she first started she was picked up in limos and taken to/from the hotel.  Who knew?!

Saturday I slept in, went to the gym and spent the day laying out by the pool.  I loved this pool.  There were places where you could lay out with built in back rests and you were in about 3 inches of water.  It was awesome!
I had so much fun with Stacy and Carlyn. 

The last night was a bbq at the beach.  The food was the best food of the week!

Trying to get a picture of the gorgeous sunset. 
On Sunday we laid out by the pool for a couple of hours and then headed to church, which started at noon.  The taxi driver did not know how to get there, we stopped twice to ask people.  We got there about 12:20, I imagined we had missed the sacrament, but nope not at all.  They still had announcements, confirmation, songs.  I'm pretty sure they had just started.  It is always great to feel the spirit wherever you go.

That afternoon we flew home. I was so excited to see my first Diet Dr. Pepper since leaving the States. 

Mike was upgraded to first class, but he was kind enough to give me his seat. YAY!  There is nothing like getting served a meal on the plane.
We had such a great trip, but it's always lots of fun to get home to the kids.  I missed them so much, but I know they had a great time with Mami!