Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm pregnant!!

So, I'm not just getting fat, I'm pregnant. My clients at work like to remind me that I am getting a little tummy. I am 14 weeks along and due on Nov. 10. It has been interesting so far. I have been super tired, nausea (although I only threw up once), and just had no desire to do anything. It has started to get better though. I went to the gym yesterday, which was really nice. Mike has been great so far. He makes me dinner (even though I usually just want a salad), cleans, and takes care of the house. He is always telling me to just relax, which I often struggle to do. Somewhere along the way I never learned how to relax. We are really excited and will keep y'all updated.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

motor cross race

Last weekend, we went to a motor cross race in Salt Lake. Danny, Christina's boyfriend, was racing. This was our first experience at a motor cross race. Danny got us tickets to go to the "pit." So in between the practice races and the big show we got to walk around and see all the trailers and where all the racers stay. It was a great day. Thanks Danny for a great first motor cross experience!!

The night race.

More of the night race.

Christina, Cat, Blake, and Benson. It was a cold night!!