Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ice Castles 2014

We went to the ice castles in Midway.  We took Izzy when she was 15 months (about Cambry's age now).  We enjoyed it then and it was even more fun this time, watching Izzy run around.  She would have stayed all day.  

She loved walking through the ice castle maze. 


Cambry loved looking at everything.
She loved that Olaf was there.  She kept saying, "It's like Elsa's castles." At first I had no idea what she was talking about and then I remembered the new Disney movie Frozen. 

Izzy at 4 years and when we went last time at 15 months.  She was such a binkie baby; she did not go anywhere without it!

Cambry and Izzy at about the same age.  I love that they are wearing the same shoes! Poor Cambry gets the hand me downs. 

Izzy loved crawling in the caves.

Cambry and her Daddy.
Izzy went on a field trip with her preschool.  Izzy has 4 neighborhood friends who attend the same preschool so all the kids and the dads went on the field trip (Mom's day out, yay)! The kids had a great time and of course the dads made it lots of fun!


It's fun to read blogs to see what people are up to, where they've been, all that fun and exciting stuff.  But this post isn't about a fun trip or something cute my girls did, it's about me.  And mostly I am writing it for me because I don't want to handwrite all my thoughts, feelings, and emotions-it would take too long.  And when my kids are older and read our blog that I've printed into books (at least I hope they read them) I want them to know, life isn't always the way we plan and we can do hard things.

Last Thursday, I met with an endocrinologist about diabetes.  I have never met with one before, just talked to my OB when I'm pregnant.  My blood sugars had been high so I thought I should meet with someone who specializes in diabetes.  I was expecting him to say that I have type 2 diabetes and I need to continue eating healthy and exercising, that was worst case scenario in my head.  I was hoping he would say I didn't have diabetes and that my sugar levels weren't that high and I was fine.  He didn't say either of those.

After talking about my history, looking at my sugar levels, and doing some blood work he told me he thinks I am adult onset type 1 diabetic.  Well that exceeded my worst fear.  Type 1? That involves shots, insulin, pumps, it never goes away.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear!  I am familiar with type 1 diabetes because my brother was type 1 diabetic. The dr calmed my fears a little explaining that I wouldn't have to go on insulin right away and that by eating healthy I could keep my sugar levels under control.  He said he would wait for some lab results and call me Tuesday.  Driving home from his office I had the thought, "You have been prepared for this." Having had gestational diabetes, I know what to eat to keep my sugar levels down, I know how to test my insulin levels, I know how to do a lot of things.  It's not a complete lifestyle change for me as it would be for some people.  Yet, I still spent most of Thursday feeling sad for myself.  I think I big part of it was it made me miss and think a lot about Craig.
I wanted to call him, ask him questions, get his perspective, talk to someone who understands.  I felt angry that he wasn't here when I needed him.  Lots of emotions that day.  I am glad that he was around when I had gestational diabetes with Izzy and was able to talk to him about it then. 

The doctor called this morning with my lab results.  My pancreas produces insulin, but on the low level, still in the normal range, just the lowest it can be and still be normal.  So that was good news. So for the meantime, I have to eat healthy, exercise, check my sugar levels a few times/week, and meet with him every 3 months.  As long as I can keep my Hemoglobin A1C under 6.5, I don't have to start insulin.  He said I could get by with no insulin for up to 10 years or it could be one month.  I'm hoping for 10 years.  I am feeling much better today and know that it is something I can get through.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Playroom!

In April we started building a playroom above our garage.  We weren't in a rush to complete it and we weren't sure exactly how we wanted it so we took our time.  

The first step was to reframe it.  I wish I took a picture at the very beginning.  The support beams used to be pretty much straight down through the middle of the room, so they had to redo all of those. 

They framed the back area; it is like 2 different rooms.
The next and priciest step was A/C and heating.  We couldn't decide if we wanted to do a whole new A/C unit for the upstairs or just add wall coolers.  So we waited a while and explored different options, plus the basement was empty during the summer so Izzy used that as a playroom.  In August we decided to do a new A/C unit for the upstairs, including the bedrooms upstairs.  We figured that would be more efficient for the upstairs and also then the main floor A/C unit wouldn't have to work as hard.  While they were installing the A/C one of the workers feel through the ceiling and landed on our bed, Awesome!  Did I mention it happened about 2 hours before my parents landed in SLC to visit?!

Insulation going in.

Izzy loved all the pink!

This is the main area where you walk into.  It took no time for Izzy to pull out all of her toys.  We debated doing the whole thing carpet or doing the first room hardwood and then carpet.  I'm glad we chose hard wood because it breaks up the two rooms and it's perfect for Izzy setting up all her horses.

The carpeted area.  We finished the room just a few weeks before all of the family arrived for Thanksgiving so it was perfect timing!  Now that we have the playroom I don't know what I did before.  It is awesome!  The kids go and play up there all the time and I don't ever have to see the mess!

We set up a desk so Izzy can color and play on the computer. 
Half is Mike's man cave and the other half is the kid's play area.  I love it, he will take the kids up and he can watch sports and they play and I have time to myself! Not sure what we did before the room!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas '13

I'm not sure how Christmas has already come and gone.  We did some fun family activities:
-Temple Square lights
-Baking Christmas treats
-Drove around looking at Christmas lights
-Elf on the Shelf-this was a new one and Izzy loved it.  She loved looking for the elf every morning.
-Found people to donate gifts to, not sure Izzy understood, but we tried.

Love being silly with this girl!

Even though it's Christmas, she still loves wearing her Halloween shirt. 
Izzy, Ellie and Gwen ready for their preschool performance.
After they sang, the kids got to see Santa.  Izzy loved it!
Cambry sporting her holiday attire.

My family came in town for Christmas.  Suzette and Jon arrived first and we spent Saturday on the slopes (after we killed it at Crossfit in the morning).
I returned this coat because it was too short when I was boarding, but now I think I like the way it looks.....Might have to go rebuy it :)

On Sunday Kat and Mat were there and so was my Grandma.  This was her first Christmas without my Grandpa so I'm glad she joined us.

Kat, Mat, and Izzy built an igloo.  Izzy thought it was so cool.

Monday we did what my family does best--SHOP!! We get our love for shopping from my Mom.  I'm pretty sure she could shop everyday and love every minute of it.
Of course, after a long day of shopping you must get a pedicure!

On Tuesday my cousin, Darin and his family came and joined us for Christmas Eve.  We had great food, watched movies, laughed, and just spent time together as a family.

Christmas Day was awesome! Izzy came running in our room at 6 (maybe a little too early) telling us that Santa brought her a dollhouse.  She was so excited opening her presents.  It was so fun watching her; I love being a parent.  My mom was sick all day so that was not fun.

Izzy loved the doll house

Cambry loved the wrapping paper.  Really that's all she needed for Christmas.

The mess, the chaos, the paper, the presents, the joy, the happiness, family, I love it all!! Christmas is the best time!

Santa was tired.  I might have forgot to tell him that the doll house had to be assembled.  So on Christmas Eve around 10pm, I broke the news to him and he was up til 1:30AM putting it together. Oops!  What a trooper!

Modeling the necklace Great Grandma made her.  She was one happy girl on Christmas morning.

Izzy loved making bread with Suzette.

The table, ready to EAT!

After Christmas dinner we went out and played in the snow.  Mike pulled us on the 4-wheeler.  I usually don't go because I stay home and watch Cambry, but I wanted in on the action today and it was a blast.

Dennis on the sled.  He was the only one to successfully complete a 360.

By Thursday Grandma was back in action. 

We spent the rest of the week shopping (of course), working out (Dennis joined me at crossfit), going out to dinner, going to the movies, going to the Provo Beach Resort, playing games, and enjoying each other's company.  It was an awesome week with family!

We even made it back to Sundance so Dennis could get in a little skiing. 

Mike took Izzy on a Daddy/daughter date and she had a blast.  They went rock climbing and to the mall for lunch to ride the train.  Why does it not surprise me that my fearless daughter loved rock climbing.  I LOVE her adventurous personality!

The train ride! Dad is way more fun than Mom, he actually rides the train with her!

Ten Years!

Mike and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on Dec. 27.  My parents and Dennis were in town from Christmas so Mike and I waited until Dec. 30 to celebrate just the two of us.  We went to Christopher's Steak House and did some shopping while my mom watched the girls.  Izzy loved having Grandma babysat, she got to stay up late and watch a movie with Grandma.

Somehow it has been 10 years since this day:

10 years ago I married the best man for me! 
At Cheesecake factory with my family.  Seriously I need to take more pictures!

Here are 10 things I LOVE about Mike, I could go on and on, but 10 things for 10 years!:
1. He is clean-he makes the bed every morning, helps with the dishes, picks up toys, etc.  This is the first year I have put away his laundry before he folded his own stuff.
2. He is an awesome father-the girls can't wait til he gets home and he loves playing with them and being Izzy's horse.
3. He is patient.
4. He is even tempered.
5. He supports me in any crazy endeavors I come up with.
6. He allows me to do what I want when I want-if I want to go shopping, having a girls night, etc he thinks it's a great idea!
7. He is spiritual. Some of my favorite chats are our gospel talks.
8. He likes to watch Bachelor with me :)
9. We both enjoy water sports-boating is a family fav.
10. He has an awesome family. I know lots of people who don't get along with their in-laws, but I love mine! They are so easy to talk to and fun to be around!

So glad I have him for eternity!!!