Saturday, October 29, 2011

Izzy's second birthday party

On Saturday we had Izzy's birthday party. Since she is Minnie Mouse for Halloween and loves anything Mickey related that was the theme of her party too. 

 Izzy's nursery leader made the cake. I LOVED it!!
 Izzy was so excited Saturday morning to see the Minnie Mouse cake on the counter.  She wanted it for breakfast.
 Family shot before everyone arrived.

 Izzy's friend Owen and Ellie on the trampoline. They are all within a few months of each other and will all be attending the same preschool.  They are so cute together!
 A few little games inside.
 Games with two year olds is quite exciting! Everyone just goes at the same time!
 Izzy and Dylan
 Balloons and dancing
 Izzy was trying to blow the candle out before Mike even set the cake down.
 Make a wish!
 Izzy loved the cake and ice cream.
 Whats better than sugar at 10 AM?
 All the kids eating their cake and ice cream. I'm sure the parents loved me!
 Izzy and her friends-I'm putting their names for my sake, so when I look back I remember who was who.
Van, Elsa, Hazel, Carter, Izzy, Owen, Natalie, Gracie, Ellie, Dylan
 After the kids left Izzy opened her presents.

 She loved the doll that made noises
 and the high heel shoes
 and play doh.
 Izzy is modeling her shoes.
I don't think she will take them off!
The party was great-short and sweet.  On Friday night I felt a little anxious about the party-if the kids would have fun, if the food would be good, if Izzy would behave, the list goes on and on.  But everything turned out great and we all had a fun time.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY!! WE LOVE YOU!


On Friday we had play group at Cornbelly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point.  Louise and Richard were in town so they came with us.  We all had a great time. 

 Izzy on the "princess horse."
 They were wood structures for the kids to play in.  This one was a castle.
 The fire truck.
 On the slide with Papi.
 Izzy loves to jump so of course she loved the Princess Jump House.
 She was not a big fan of the spider web.
 She loved to race the duckies with Mami and Papi.
 Go duckie go.
Izzy was not interested in this big rocking chair.  After this my camera battery died so I didn't get any pictures with her friends.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Party

So I have I mentioned how much I LOVE our ward.  Everyone is so welcoming and inviting.  This was our second Halloween Party and it's still a week away. Saturday night we went to an adult only party, which was a lot of fun. Tonight Izzy's nursery leader had a party at her house for the other kids in nursery. 
 Izzy has been obsessed with Minnie Mouse since we got back from Disney Land.  So she was Minnie Mouse for Halloween.  She got into my lipstick before we left, but I figured it's Halloween so I left it.
 All smiles!
 Mike's costume is never changing....cowboy.
 Izzy and I kind of match and I didn't even plan it.
 At the party they had a cute backdrop to take pictures in front of.
 Izzy's buddy Owen.  She loves this kid.  Whenever I ask her who she wants to play with it is always Owen.  Everyday she says, "I want Owen." They play together really well so it's a lot of fun!
Gracie, Izzy, and Owen. I love Halloween and I think I love it even more since Izzy's birthday is on Halloween.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


On Thursday we flew to California to visit old college friends and take Izzy to Disney Land. Thursday we went to Katie's house and ate a delicious dinner (she is seriously the best cook ever). That night we hung out talking and laughing about the good old days.  Her husband and Mike are best friends too so we hung out a lot in Provo when we got married. 

Friday we went to DisneyLand. Izzy and Brighton with Cinderella.  Katie's kids were the best and Izzy loved playing with them. They all got along so well. 

 Izzy and I before Dumbo.  This was our first ride of the day, I didn't know how it would go, but she loved it!

 When it ended she yelled more, more and did not want to get off.
 So we found a ride nearby with a short line, the carousel.  Izzy has ridden the "horses" a lot at other places, but she still loves it!
 Then we rode "It's a small world."  I loved this ride because it was really long and Izzy was mesmerized with all the characters.
 The Pinocchio ride scared her a little bit.
 More of It's a small world. She looks scared in the picture, but really she had a great time.
Before the Winnie the Pooh ride with our friend, Elizabeth.
Winnie the Pooh.  Izzy loved all the characters.

Brighton really wanted to see the parade so I figured Izzy would like it to. That's an understatement, Izzy  LOVED the parade. She loved the music, the characters, the dancing, everything! They even danced a little before the parade started. 

"The princesses" as Izzy called them. Since we've been home Izzy constantly talks about Mickey Mouse, princesses, Lion King; it's so cute!
Paul, "Baby Alan," and Izzy. On Saturday we went to Paul and Elizabeth's house near San Diego. We went to the beach, ate at a great sandwich place, and got shakes. Then we met Mike's old pitching coach, Coach Applegate, and his family for dinner.
On Sunday we went to Kellie and Greg's house, friends from our Provo ward.  Izzy loved Kellie's jewelry.
Kellie and Izzy, wearing all the jewelry.
Izzy and Baby Ayla in the bath. Ayla is such a cute, happy baby.
Playing a Little Texas Hold 'em. Back in the Provo days this was an every weekend occurrence.
Look who is smiling now with all the chips!
Izzy and Ayla. She is precious!
We had such a great weekend visiting with old friends. It was so nice to see everyone, chat, eat, laugh, and just hang out.  Now we just need to get our friends to move back to Utah!!