Monday, April 27, 2015

Brielle's Photo Shoot

It's always a little stressful and tiring doing a baby's photo shoot, especially when they are only a week old.  But when you get the pictures back and see how adorable they turned out, it is all worth it. Skye took these pictures and I absolutely love her work!
Newest family picture!
Love this picture of Daddy with his girls.
My mom was still in town helping out so she got to be in the pictures too!
I love these girls!

So precious!

I  love all these pictures so much!  Brielle is such an easy going, happy baby.  We are blessed to have her in our family!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Brielle's Baby Blessing

We blessed Brielle Louise Bergeron on Sunday, April 12th, 2015.  It was Stake Conference that weekend so we had the blessing at our home.  I wasn't sure what I thought of doing it at home, but I absolutely loved it.  I found it to be so much more personal and intimate, it was so special.  Mike's parents and Matt were already in town, my parents flew in, Christina and Zeke came, Chambers Family, Durazzani Family, Johnson Family, Emily Francis and Gwen, Ben Forstner, and Don Nicol.
He gave such a beautiful blessing.  So lucky to have him as my eternal companion.

Love my little family so much!

I was so happy my parents were able to come.
Rare occurrence that all the little ones are looking at the camera.

Brielle is such a sweet, happy baby.  I am so blessed to be her mother.
Izzy loves to hold Brielle and is really good at it too!
My dad is such a great father!  I am so lucky to have such a special bond with him-we had so much fun together going to softball tournaments, sneaking into hotel pools after hours, and traveling to tennis tournaments.  He was always my #1 fan. 
My mom is the sweetest person I know!  She is always there to help me and listen to me!  She knows what I need before I even ask.  I hope to be like her as I grow up!

Bethany is such a great friend. It's so fun to be so close and just feel like family. And she made this cute blanket for Brielle's room, which matches perfectly, without even seeing the nursery. 
I love these ladies and I'm not sure I would survive without them! They are so great to listen to me and always there when I need them!
Claire and Izzy's two little buddies Gwen and Ellie.  
The Durazzanis were the first couple we became friends with after we got married.  Even after several moves we have stayed close.  They are great friends!

It was such a special weekend and I'm so glad that we could celebrate with family and friends!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Brielle is one month

It seems like just yesterday I was going to the hospital to have Brielle.  She has been such a great baby.  This past week she has started to be awake for short periods of time.  She pretty much just eats, sleeps, and poops.  The only time I hear her cry is in the middle of the night when she is hungry and ready to eat.  During the day I feed her every 3 hours, so we stay on a pretty good routine.  She had her first outing on April 7 to watch Cinderella with me and Izzy and then that evening we went to a BYU baseball game.  The first month has been pretty good, adjusting to 3 has been easier than I imagined, but we will see how it goes when I actually start to leave the house with all 3 of them.  I had mastitis last week and I thought I was going to die.  I had fever, sweats, chills, achy, painful to nurse.  It was awful.  Luckily I got some antibiotics and after a couple of days I felt better.

Eating: She just nurses right now, about every 3 hours during the day and at night I let her go as long as she wants, which is usually 3-4 hour stretches.
Sleep:  She sleeps a lot during the day.  Oftentimes I wake her to feed her.  She doesn't have a strict nap schedule yet.  After I feed her she is usually up for an hour or so and then sleeps until the next feeding.  At night I feed her around 10 and usually she gets up twice during the night, around 2 and 6.  I am able to go back to bed until 9, so it's not too bad.  Last night she only got up once at 3:30 and then again at 8:15.  That was awesome, I'm hoping that continues!

We are so blessed to have Brielle in our lives; she is such a sweet, cuddly baby.  I love her!!
Those cheeks are kissable. 
Cambry loves to hold Brielle, just long enough to have her picture taken and then she is done.
On April 7, she went to her first BYU baseball game.  She was so entertained!
More pictures with Cambry.
One month doll!!

Love this little girl so much!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Cambry is potty trained!

For the past few months, I've asked Cambry if she wants to use the big potty.  Sometimes she would and sometimes she would sit on it and nothing happened.  I decided to wait until after Brielle was born and things had settled down before trying to potty train.  But Cambry had a different plan, which doesn't surprise me; she is a determined, strong willed little girl.  
The night before we left to go to the hospital to have Brielle, Cambry came in my room and said, "I need to go potty."  I sat her on the potty and she went.  I was shocked!  My mom said she would put her in panties and just see what happened while we gone at the hospital.  When we got back my Mom said she had been doing great and had only had one accident each day, so I decided we would keep going with it.  The rest of the week she probably had about one accident per day.  Then that went to about 2-3 accidents per week.  And typically the accidents would happen when she was outside playing and forgot to come inside.  And now she rarely has accidents.  She still wears a diaper at night and for naps, but I consider her potty trained.  I can't believe how easy it was.  I wouldn't even consider it potty training, she decided she wanted to use the big potty and that was that.
Such a big girl! Easiest potty training ever!