Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mami and Papi visit

We were fortunate to have Mike's parents come visit the week of Izzy's birthday.  Izzy loved having them around. 
We went to Cornbelly's and they had a bunch of activities for Halloween. Izzy and Richard playing tetherball.
Izzy playing with her grandparents, Mami and Papi.
Izzy and Papi.
We had Izzy's birthday party a couple of days before Halloween.  It was nice to have Mami and Papi there to join in the celebration.
Saturday night we went to Gateway mall.  There was an area that sprayed water and Izzy and a great time running through it.
Izzy and Mami at Gateway.
Izzy and Papi running through the water.
Trying to miss the spraying water.
Our neighborhood had a trunk or treat and then a hot dog roast and apple cider. They weren't just any hot dogs, they had J-dawgs, so yummy!!
After the trunk or treating we did some door to door trick or treating too.  It was Izzy's favorite night.  She still talks about Minnie Mouse, trick or treating, presents, and Halloween.  It was one of her favorite days.  We are so glad that Mami and Papi got to share the fun times with us.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Izzy turns 2

Wow I can't believe it's been two years.  Izzy makes me laugh everyday. Here is some of her information

Stats-Weight-32 pounds (93%), height-36.6 inches (99+%) the nurse actually came in to remeasure,  and head circumference-20 inches (99+%).

Sleep Patterns-This summer she started climbing out of her crib, so she has been sleeping in a toddler bed since July.  She goes to bed at 8 and gets up around 8.  I love it because I sleep til 8 too!

Temperament-Typically she is pretty easy going. She loves to laugh and play. But she does not like to be told, 'No.' Depending on the day if she is told no she will have a full on temper tantrum.  She is sensitive.  This morning I was crying because I was thinking about Craig and how much I miss him.  She came in the room and said, "why crying mom?" She gave me a big hug, kiss, and wiped a tear away.  She is seriously the best for me!

Words-She has been speaking in sentences since this summer. Her first sentence was in June and she said, "I want eggs." She has always been great with words.  Some of my favorite are, "This is delicious," "Go Mom, I can do it myself," and when she says her prayers.

Foods-She loves pizza, quesadillas, grapes, green peppers, yogurt, cheese, popcorn, and juice.

Travel-She has been on 43 one-way flights.  Seriously, she is the best little traveler. Luckily I can't even think of a bad flight; she is an awesome flier. She has been to 17 states-some of the them are: Texas, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, New York, Florida, California, Colorado, and DC.

Personality-She loves to be with her friends. She is very outgoing and has a little spunk to her.  She knows what she wants and expresses herself very well.

Habits-A normal day for us: She eats yogurt for breakfast and talks about going to play with her friends during breakfast. Then we go to the gym and she plays with her friends. We get home play a bit, eat lunch and then she naps. After her nap we typically play with friends, go on a walk, or run errands. Then  Daddy gets home and the craziness begins. She loves when Daddy is home. We eat dinner, play, she gets a bath and is in bed by 8.

We love this little girl so much!! I feel so blessed to be her mother!

 She was so tiny, well I guess not really at 8 lbs 6 oz, but compared to 32 lbs now.
 So precious!
 Mike loves being crazy with her.
 She loved her little basket of toys.
 Still learning to stand.
 Izzy and Abi are so cute together.
 Her first Halloween
 First birthday.
 Izzy and Abi are so big now!
 Now she is into everything! Her favorite things are my clothes and shoes! My closet needs a door---it is always a mess thanks to Izzy. She pulls all the clothes off the hangers.
 The first summer we didn't worry too much about having a life jacket because she wasn't very mobile and couldn't get out of the boat. This past summer it was crucial.  She was crazy--trying to climb out of the boat!
Her second birthday.  Where does the time go??!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Halloween is my new favorite holiday because it's Izzy's birthday.  It's such a fun day!

That morning she helped me make cupcakes.
 She wanted to do everything herself.  As you can see she is stirring and licking the batter.  We have a multi-tasker on our hands.
 And of course, she wanted to eat some.
 That evening before we went trick or treating we opened family gifts.
 It was fun to watch her open the gifts because she totally understands.  She kept saying, "I want presents."
She loved the fish she got from Derdle and Danny.  She keeps trying to feed it her treats and bread. So far, a chocolate covered almond has made it in the fish bowl.
 The sparkly black boots from Lindsey were a hit.
 She wanted to wear them right away.
 She loved her pretty pink shoes from Derdle
 And her snow boots from Mami
 She got a bike from us.  I think it is a Bergeron tradition, Benson got the same bike when he turned two.  Her feet barely touch the floor, but she hasn't learned how to scoot, yet.
 She wanted to get on and ride.
 Family Picture
 We put on our Halloween costumes for the third time and headed off the the Neighborhood trunk or treat and hotdog roast.
 Izzy loved grabbing the candy; she was not shy at all.
 Except at this car she was a little scared...I wonder why?!  The kids costume is awesome!
 We tried to take a family picture, but Izzy wanted to keep walking around to all the cars. She did not want to be held.
 By beautiful baby with her 'princess purse' (candy bag).

 The hotdog roast.  This was just any hotdog roast they had JDawgs with the sauce and everything. It was awesome.  Our neighbors were so great to host such a fun activity!

 Checking to make sure no one is looking....
All clear, let's dig in!!
After the trunk or treat we went to a few homes.

 She walked right into this house, ready to make herself comfortable.
I loved the blow up ghost at this house.  We had such a great day! I'm not sure Izzy understands why she got cake, presents, and candy all in the same day, but she loved it!! She had a great birthday!