Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome Isabelle Debra

So I have been terrible about my blogging, partly because I don't know how to do it very and well and because I never had much to write. Now that I have a baby there is much more exciting things to write! So I will give a quick review of what we have been up to. Isabelle was born on October 31, 2009 at 5:44 AM weighing 8 lbs 6 oz and was 22 inches long.. I went to the hospital on October 30 at 6 AM, so it was a 24 hour labor!! Thank goodness for epidurals! I had said I didn't want to have the baby on Halloween so when I was induced around 9AM I was sure she would come on the 30th, but no such luck! Overall, it was a great experience. The nurses were great, the hospital was awesome, and my doctor was amazing.
Isabelle, one week old. My mom came to help out the week Isabelle was born. She was absolutely heaven sent. I could not have survived without it. Of course, we also had to have a photo shoot, so my mom dressed Izzy up and took pictures of her.
At the hospital, day one!
She was so adorable as a newborn. She was just perfect!!
Daddy admiring his baby girl.

Grandma and Isabelle in the hospital.

Mike's family came out to visit for Thanksgiving and meet Isabelle. It was great to have all the Bergerons under the same roof. We are so happy they came out and we were able to spend the holidays together.

Mami and Papi holding Izzy on Thanksgiving. They are working on teaching her French; hopefully she learns (and hopefully mom learns to while she does).
Thanksgiving Day! It was delicious! Thanks everyone for cooking the meal and the great company.

My next post will be Christmas in Texas, Izzy's blessing, and some cute pics!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

going private

So I know I haven't updated my blog lately. I have been busy, but the main reason is I have decided to make our blog private. Maybe I am a little paranoid, but especially with the addition in our family I don't want just anyone looking at our blog. So I want everyone to keep reading it so send me your email address! You can just leave it here or email it to