Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 Photo Shoot

We have always had our pictures taken by Skye, but this year she was having a baby in October, which is when we have our pictures done.  I got some recommendations and looked at their websites and decided to go with Little Mae Photography.  We got all showered, dressed and headed up there.  We got there and she couldn't find a piece that connected from her camera to her lights.  We waited about 30 minutes while she searched everywhere.  Unfortunately, she couldn't find it.  She apologized over and over again and offered us a discount to come back the following week.  Let's say I was not happy, I don't even think I could hide my displeasure.  But what do you do?  So a week later I went through the same stress of showering, getting the kids ready and heading up there.  Despite all the craziness, I think the pictures turned out really cute!  

Cambry was a bit of a mess.  She took a few family pictures and a few individual pictures and then she was done.  We tried to get a sibling picture, but clearly that was not happening.  I tried to change her outfit and do more pictures, but she threw herself on the ground and was kicking and screaming.  She was not having it.  I was a little disappointed that I don't have more pictures of Cambry, but that's the life of a 2 year old!
I love my beautiful family so much!!  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

All about Cambry-2 years

Her pregnancy and delivery were tough, but I wouldn't change a thing.  So lucky and blessed to have Cambry in our lives.  Can't believe she is 2!
Such a sweet angel.
Proud Daddy
Just five days old.  One of my all time favorite pictures. 
For all the trouble she caused me during pregnancy, she made up for it as a baby.  She was perfect, hardly ever cried. 
My little angel
One years old. 
 Love this girl.
I love this picture because I think you can just see her sass and spunk in her face. 
Two years old.

Cambry was awesome at her 2 year old appointment.  Luckily, she only had to get one vaccine.  When the nurse was done, Cambry said, "Sucker!" She had been waiting so patiently for her sucker. Not one tear from that little one.
Here are her stats:
Weight: 29 pounds (78%)
Height: 34 inches (79%)

Cambry is growing so fast.  I love watching her learn, grow, and development.  She is a fun, spunky, determined, sassy 2 year old! Here are some things I want to remember about Cambry:
-She LOVES church.  All morning on Sunday she keeps repeating church, church.  We put her down before church for a nap (we have 1 o'clock church) and she starts yelling, "Church, church."
-She is a social butterfly, when we get to the gym she gets excited and starts saying, "friends, play."  She enjoys being with other kids.  She is still in a hitting phase, although it has gotten better.  When someone takes a toy from her her gets in her space she is likely to hit them.  Unfortunately, Izzy takes a lot of the hits and hair pulling.
-She enjoys being outside, going on walks, and loves to be on the trampoline with Izzy.
-She takes gymnastics and really likes it.  Her favorite part of gymnastics is the trampoline.
-She loves playing with dolls.  She sings to them, puts them to sleep, gives them bottles, wraps them in blankets, etc.  It is really cute to watch.
-She was addicted to her pacifier, but we only let her have it for naps and bedtime now.  She adjusted really well and it almost makes her look forward to bedtime.  She loves to wrap her hair around her pacifier, which was cute at first, but now she pulls her out and then wraps it around her pacifier.  Not a good habit.  I think the pacifier has to go soon. 
-She is really good at going to bed.  She plays in her bed for a while and then falls asleep.  Rarely, if ever, does she cry when you put her to bed. 
We love her so much!  She adds so much joy to our lives.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cambry turns 2

I can't believe my baby turned 2!
Love this precious face!
Cambry's partner in crime, Zeke.  They love to play together and get so excited to see each other.
I love these 3. 
Time to open presents. 
Of course, there was some help from Izzy.
She loves books. 

Talking on the phone is a must. 

Time for cake!!

She loved blowing out her candles.  She kept singing Happy Birthday to herself all night.  She doesn't stop, she will sing it for 10 minutes straight.  Love this little girl!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

All about Izzy-5 years

It is so crazy to me that Izzy is 5.  She has always been such a sweet girl and I love watching her grow and learn.  Here are some pictures of her over the years. 
My Halloween baby.
I was so surprised with all of her dark hair. 
She had her daddy's heart.
One year old birthday celebration.
One of my favorite pictures of her.  She was actually mad at having a fit about having her pictures taken and we got this precious one. 
Three years old. 
Love that smile. 
Four years old.  Her curls are gorgeous. 
Five years old.  Of course, she had to have a picture in a horse shirt. 
So lucky to be her Mommy.

She had to get her 5 year old vaccines and she was not happy about that.  When I told her we were going to the doctor, she asked if she had to get shots.  I told her, "yes" How could I lie?  Immediately she started to cry and say she didn't want to go.  While we were there, she was fine, but then when it was time for shots she started to cry again.  She cried for a couple minutes after and then was fine.  We went to Orange Leaf after because ice cream makes everything better, right?!
Her stats:
Height: 44 inches (77%)
Weight: 47 pounds (85%)

Things I want to remember about Izzy:
-She still LOVES horses.  I think this obsession started at one and has not gone away.  She takes horse lessons, loves to trot, and remembers every name of every horse she rides.  
-She loves going to school and is a great student.  She can count to 100, read basic words (cat, hat, fat, sat, of, the, is, etc), knows all shapes and colors.  She is really smart and her teacher Miss Molly talks about what a great student she is.
-She is a great swimmer and really enjoys it.  This summer she could swim 25 yards on her front and back.  She is great at going off the diving board and loves going down the big slides by herself.
-She is the Best big sister.  She is so sweet to Cambry.  She loves playing with Cambry and is so good at sharing and keeping Cambry happy.  It is fun to watch the motherly, nurturing side of her.
-She is a social butterfly.  She wants to constantly play with friends.  She goes around our street to all the houses asking kids to come play at our house.  I love how outgoing and confident she is. 
-She loves to travel and is a great traveler.  I can't think of one flight with her that was bad.  She measures how far away a place is by how many plane rides it takes to get there.  Right now she says her favorite places to visit are: Texas, Phoenix, and Canada.
-She is adventurous and daring.  She loves to rock climb to the top, ride the 4-wheeler and razor with daddy (going fast of course), and jump on the trampoline.   She loves tubing behind the boat and surfing with Daddy.
-She loves veggies and fruit.  She eats green and red peppers like they are candy.  Grape tomatoes are another favorite, along with cucumbers.  Carrots and broccoli are a couple of veggies she doesn't like.  She says she's allergic to them. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween is a fun, busy day with costumes, trick-or-treating, and celebrating Izzy's birthday.  I went to her preschool to help with the Halloween party.  She loved having me there and it was fun watching her interact with her friends. 
After school we made cupcakes for her birthday.  She is such a great helper. 
Love having her help out. 
Decorating was her favorite part.  She made a specific cupcake for everyone who was there. 
That evening we opened presents.  She couldn't wait, she had been asking all day when she could open presents. 
Can you tell she loves her presents?
Fun times!
I love this little girl!
Then we headed to the neighborhood trunk or treat.  Izzy loved running around with her friends getting candy. 
Izzy and Ruby Ball
Cambry was so cute!! I loved how she said, 'trick or treat.'  She was the cutest Ana, and loves to sing, "Let it Go."
I love when adults dress up too!  
Bishop Nyman and Don Nicol
After the trunk or treat we went trick or treating in a neighborhood nearby.  It was fun watching the girls go up to each house and say, 'trick or treat.' They are growing up so quickly and becoming so independent. 
I loved hearing her say, "It's scary."
Cambry had a hard time keeping up with Izzy.  But she wanted to walk and not be held. 
Beautiful Elsa
Cute Ana getting candy from an Elsa.
We had a great day and I loved being able to celebrate Izzy's birthday.  She is such an amazing girl, words can't even describe how much I love her.