Monday, February 25, 2013

Three months

When did she get so big?!  The newborn stage goes way too fast!
I love her smile and her rolls.  She is a big girl, just like Izzy.

Showing off the leg rolls.

I can't get enough of her.

She's thinking, "Mom, please get this huge bow off my head."  But I love it!

Weight: 13 lbs 4 oz.
Height: Yeah I need to do that.
She rolled over for the first time February 27.  Of course, she did it in front of Mike for the first time.  She loves to smile and babble. She loves to be tickled, loves her binkie, and loves to be swaddled. 
I remember when I found out I was pregnant, I thought well maybe I will be blessed with an easy pregnancy since the past year has been so difficult. Well clearly that didn't happen with my gestational diabetes, constant nausea, pre eclampsia, low platelets, and HELLP.  So then I thought well maybe I will have an easy normal delivery since I had such a hard pregnancy.  Obviously that was not the case. I decided it was best that I stop expecting to have easy things happen after hard times.  Then fortunately we have been blessed with the best baby ever!  She rarely cries (I often tell Izzy she cries more than Cambry).  If she does cry it is usually stopped in a matter of minutes-once she is swaddled and has her binkie she is happy again.  I feel so blessed to have such an easy, content baby!!  
Sleep:  That is her weak area.  I think she should be consistently sleeping through the night because Izzy was at this age.  There have been nights where she has slept 10 hours straight.  But on average she wakes up once around 3-4 to eat.  
Eating:  She is still exclusively breast fed.  She just eats on one side for about 15-20 minutes.  Her feeding schedule is: 9 am, 1, 4, 7, and then 10:30 pm (or whenever I go to bed), then her night feeding around 3 or 4. 

Izzy is supposed to be napping, but she wanted Cambry to sleep with her, so that wasn't much sleeping going on. 

Cambry's first hand holding with Justin.  He was born 8 days after her!  His mom and I are already planning their wedding!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I had no idea all the things people do with their kids for Valentines day til I saw it all on Facebook.  Good thing we were flying and Izzy had no idea what she was missing out on. 
"Mom, I can do it myself." Ok go ahead.  She wanted to pull the suit case herself and surprisingly she could.  We flew to Phoenix for President's Day Weekend.  Mike had some clients down there he needed to meet with and I needed a break from the gray, snowy, Utah weather. 
Cambry's first flight

We went to dinner at Rainforest cafe. 
Izzy loved all the animals.

My parents flew up and joined us for the weekend.  It was fun having them around.  Papa bought Izzy a Valentine's basket. 

Grandma brought puzzles and Go fish cards.  Izzy loved playing games with Grandma.  She is so lucky to have such great grandparents. 

We went to the zoo and they had camel rides.  Of course, Izzy wanted to do that and she gets what she wants when Papa is around!
Papa with his grandkids.
Cambry's first zoo trip. Love this outfit from a dear friend, Melisse.  She got it when they were living in London. 

The boys went to a hockey game and the girls went to the mall Saturday night.  Izzy wanted to ride the zebra.  I noticed the carousel went much faster than the one at Provo Beach Resort; when Izzy got off she said, "Mommy that was so fun; it was so fast!"  I guess she noticed too. 

She wanted to ride the quarter rides too. 
Hockey game.  Mike said he hadn't been to a game in a long time and he said it was a great time. 

Izzy and Cambry hanging out at the room.

Lots of time at the pool! Cambry's first swim.

Izzy LOVED swimming!  We went everyday several times/day.  We even took off her life jacket so she could practice swimming on her own.  Surprisingly she is pretty good.  She can swim 3-5 yards on her own.  I taught swim lessons for 10 years, I should be able to teach my own child right?!  We had a great trip, the weather was awesome; I kept telling Mike I could live in Phoenix!  I loved it!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Just had some pics on my phone that I wanted to post.

Some mornings I try to get Izzy to go back to bed so I have her come lay with me.  This particular morning, it wasn't working so well.  She brought her tent in bed with us and hung out with Daddy and Cambry.

Izzy still doesn't hold Cambry too often, but is starting to interact with her more each day.

Since I still have diabetes, I have been trying to eat healthier.  I'd been making homemade bread, but I bought a wheat grinder and now I make whole wheat homemade bread. This was my first loaf; it was yummy.  Mike claims he likes it more than white bread.

Tummy time

Trying to nap-see how well it's going?  There was a week period where Izzy tried to give up naps.  I was not happy about that.  Luckily, she is back to napping. 
We went to see my sister, Kathryn's new place (she recently got married).  It's a super cute apartment in Provo.  Izzy found their nerf guns and with the help of Daddy was a pro.

Since we were in Provo we headed to the Provo Beach resort so Izzy could ride the carousel. 

Cambry LOVES the swing!  She naps in it during the day because I'm too lazy to take her upstairs.  She sleeps in it for 3 hours at a time in the morning and then wakes up smiling!  Seriously she is the best baby!

Our neighbors have an indoor pool and allow anyone in the neighborhood to use it on Thursday afternoons.  Izzy loves the rope swing and swimming with her friends. 

Ugh! We have been getting so much snow.  I'm so ready for spring!  I don't think this video works, but it shows you how much snow we got one day!

Izzy made this with the babysitter the night before Valentines.  The babysitter, Nicole, also brought sugar cookies and her and Izzy decorated them while we were out on a date.  We have the best teenagers in our neighborhood, don't know if there could be a better babysitter. 

Pulled out the pack 'n play while I was packing for Arizona.  Izzy decided she wanted to take a nap in it.  Go ahead my dear!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Good old days

Back in the day, pre children, we had a group of friends who got together every weekend (sometimes both Friday and Saturday) and played Texas hold 'em.  It always gave us something to look forward to (3 of us are therapists, one investigated sex crimes for DCFS and another is an elementary teacher-we needed something to keep us going!!) We would hang out, tell stories, eat candy, drink soda, and laugh all night.  Sometimes we even ended up at Denny's at 1 am with our poker chips because we got hungry.  Anyways, since the kids came along the Texas hold 'em nights have decreased.  We still get together, but not as often.  

This night we went to the Alpine Country Club for dinner (got a babysitter for the kids) and then came home, put the kids to bed, and enjoyed a fun evening.  Jennie is holding the reservation card from the club that she snuck in her pocket as we were leaving.  There is one couple missing who moved to California.  It's not quite the same without them, especially since they're the ones who got us all started. Miss them, maybe one day they will leave sunny Cali and return to cold snowy Utah!

Aislinn's first win!!
I always enjoy fun nights with great friends!