Saturday, April 27, 2013


Izzy has been taking gymnastics for a little over a year and she loves it.  She enjoys showing us at home all the things she learns.  She things the kitchen counter is a bar and loves to hold it and try to flip around-not safe!  Each year they have a recital and I always look forward to her performing. 

Before the recital started. 
Doing her flips.
Backbend, when you zoom in on this picture, her eyes are looking to the corner right at the camera-silly girl!
She loves getting the medal at the end.  Love this little girl so much!

Izzy with her buddy, Owen, who also does gymnastics.

Fun morning!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Tulip Festival

We've been having some nice weather so we decided to take the kids to the Tulip Festival.  I've never been, so I was really excited.  I got Izzy and Cambry dressed cute because in my mind I was envisioning all these beautiful pictures.  Izzy threw a huge fit because she wanted to wear her horse shirt, which she wants to wear everyday, but I wouldn't let her.  I did her hair in a cute side ponytail and we were finally out the door.  While we were driving there Izzy said, "Look Mom here is my ponytail and bow." Seriously she took her hair out!  Luckily I had put in enough hair spray it didn't move much so I was able to fix it once we got there. 
Getting 5 three year olds to take a picture is near impossible.
All they wanted to do was run!  I spent lots of the time chasing little Izzy.
More interested with the bug than the flowers.
Love these cute girls.

They had so much fun feeding the fish.  I think this was the highlight of their day. 
Refreshing smoothie on a hot day.

Loved the tulips

So about those pretty pictures I envisioned; didn't happen.  Izzy wanted nothing to do with the camera, can you tell?  Cambry slept the whole time in her stroller.  Oh well such is life, it was still a fun day.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Five Months

I say this every time, but I can't believe it's been 5 months since Cambry was born.  I remember with Izzy I wanted time to speed up, I wanted her to be walking and talking, I wanted her out of the newborn phase.  This time around it is so so different.  I want her to stay small forever; I wish she was still a tiny newborn.  I'm not sure why it's different, Izzy was a good baby, I would say Cambry's an even easier baby.  I think with Izzy I had no idea what I was doing and felt anxious I might do something wrong.  This time is much more enjoyable and easier.

I love those big cheeks!
The confused look.
"Really Mom More?"
There's the smile I love so much!

She weighs: 16 pounds 4 ounces
Eating:  She just started eating rice cereal on 4/21.  She loved it.  I let Izzy feed her, which was really cute.  Izzy was confused at first because she said, "Mom, Cambry only eats milk; she can't eat cereal."  I have repeatedly told Izzy not to feed Cambry food because she is just a baby.  I could imagine Izzy sharing her cheerios, peanuts, fruit snacks etc with tiny little Cambry. Other than that she just breastfeeds; she usually eats around 8 am, noon, 4, 7, and 10:30 pm.  She is not the eater Izzy was (who would eat 20 minutes on both sides and I had to take her off).  Cambry will eat about 10 minutes on one side and be done. Sometimes, I feed her on both and she is guaranteed to spit up.

Izzy is such a great helper.
Trying to decide what she thinks.

Sleeping:  I would love to be writing that she is sleeping through the night and I thought I would be.  She had a week stretch where she slept through the night and I thought Finally?!! But now she is back to waking up once during the night around 4 or 5 and then goes back to sleep around 8. She still loves to be swaddled and is pretty easy to put to sleep.
Random things:  She loves to talk, Mike refers to her as a pterodactyl (seriously who knew there was a p at the front of the word-I had to look it up) because she is always making loud noises like a dinosaur.  She has been spending a lot of time in her walker, which she really enjoys.  Yesterday her binkie fell out of her mouth and she was able to put it back in on her own; YAY!  She rolls all over the place.
She is such a cutie and a huge blessing in our lives!

I was putting Cambry down for a nap and came downstairs to this little stinker hiding in the pantry eating Mike and Ikes.  She moved a stool into the pantry and got them from the top shelf.  Seriously nothing is safe with this one, she gets into everything!

Monday, April 8, 2013

All about Izzy

I make lots of posts about Cambry, but I wanted to document some of the cute stuff Izzy does.  

-She loves to play in my make-up.  Every morning while I get dressed she does make-up with me.  There is a show Max and Ruby that has an episode of a day spa where they do make-up.  Every morning I am Ruby, she is Louise, and Cambry is Max, the loud little brother.  
-She said her first prayer in primary last week.  She did it all by herself, I was so proud.  Speaking of praying, last night she prayed to go on a vacation this week.  I guess we haven't been traveling enough for her. 
-Every night I read her a story then she reads a few books on her own.  Then when she is ready for Daddy to come tell her stories she whistles for him.  It's so cute.  I love hearing them laugh and tell stories.  She's a great sleeper.  She sleeps from 8pm til about 730 or 8 and then naps from 2-4.  
-She LOVES having friends over and going to friends' homes.  I love that she is a social butterfly. 
-She unloads the silverware from the dishwasher by herself.  She helps me wash the dishes by putting them in the sink as I wash them.  And she loves to make bread with me.  Mostly because she likes eating the bread dough.  
-She can count to twenty, identify a few letters, knows her shapes and colors.  
-She goes to preschool once per week and enjoys talking about what she does in class with Ms. Carol.
-She takes gymnastics with several of her friends.  This morning she was telling me how she swings on the rope, jumps on the tramp, swings on the bars, and does flips at gymnastics.  I love it because while she is in class I walk the track with my girlfriends and chat.  
-Recently she has started playing hide-n-seek and it is one of her favorite games.  She tells you where she is going to hide though, guess she hasn't figured it out yet. 

She is such a great big sister.  When Cambry was first born she wasn't super interested, but as Cambry has become more interactive she loves to make her laugh and smile.  She refers to herself as big sister Izzy.  She will say to Cambry, "watch big sister Izzy do flips."  I love watching them grow and play together.  I love having an older sister as my best friend and I hope they grow to be best friends as well.  


Izzy's buddy, Dylan, turned 3 and had a party at the zoo.  That's one of Izzy's favorite places.  She LOVES animals.  The last time we went to the zoo was in Phoenix with my parents and Izzy got to ride a camel.  As we were walking in she was talking about riding camels, no such luck at the SLC zoo, but she was not disappointed. 
She loved watching the sea otters through the window. 

Hanging out on the polar bears. 

Most of the gang. 

Izzy and Owen on the lions.  The weather wasn't the best, but it was a great day!


I can't believe Easter has already come and gone.  It seems so early.

On Saturday morning we went to the city Easter egg hunt.  I love that she has such great friends so close in age.

Izzy insisted on taking her Halloween bag instead of her Easter basket because this has princesses on it. 

The Easter Bunny.

Later that day we went to our neighbor's house for an Easter egg hunt and bbq.  They have 13 grown children and lots of their kids bring their kids for a big Easter egg hunt. 

As Izzy was opening each egg she kept saying trick or treat.  She thought it was Halloween with all the candy.
At first Izzy was only getting pink eggs, I had to tell her to get more!

The Easter bunny brought matching dresses, candy, walking horse, and a game. 

We had these croissants for breakfast.  They are the best ever.  I would love to say they're homemade, but we get them from Williams Sonoma. 

Izzy's crazy bed head.  She had an Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning that the Easter bunny left for her. 

My two beautiful girls ready for church.  I love them so much!

Love this girl.

Cambry was tired after the busy weekend.  I put her on her tummy and she didn't even want to try to lift her head or roll over she was beat!
Leading up to Easter we showed Izzy the video of Jesus on the cross.  She loves to tell the story of Jesus getting nails in his hands and feet and how he rose again and was all white.  I'm not quite sure she understands what it means, but it's a start.