Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Midway Ice Castles

I have been wanting to get out and enjoy activities in Utah.  I feel like we don't take advantage of the beauty we are surrounded with.  Part of the problem is that I don't know where to go or what to do.  So when I saw this on a friend's facebook, I knew we had to go.  It is in Midway and the man who builds the castles uses the money for his children's missions and humanitarian funds.  I have no idea how he did it, but they were absolutely beautiful.  
 We brought Izzy's stroller, but decided she would prefer walking around.  She loved it!

 She loved walking through the tunnels.

 She thinks she is a big girl and can go everywhere and do everything herself!


We had a great day!  Hopefully we will find more activities/places to visit soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

All about Izzy

It is amazing how quickly time goes by.  We haven't done anything too exciting, but here are some pictures of Little Izzy.....
 Every morning, Mike gets up, changes Izzy's diaper, and gives her a bottle.  Usually she leaks through her diaper so he takes off her pjs and lets her run around in her diaper for a while.  She always grabs her belly when you take her clothes off.  If anyone has any tricks for keeping her dry during the night, I would love to hear them.
 She loves to climb onto the glider and has figured out a way to do it herself.  She pulls out the black part of the ottoman, climbs onto it, and then up onto the glider.  Quite clever!
 She loves her bottle.
 Someone left their sunglasses laying around so of course Izzy wanted to try them on.  She loves to copy what everyone else is doing.
 About to blow a kiss or maybe push the glasses up, who knows?!
 There's the kiss!  She loves those.  Gotta get them out of her system, before she is a teenager.
 We have had a playground in our backyard the whole 6 years we have lived here.  Finally, it is getting some use.  Izzy loves the slide and if I don't put her up fast enough she takes matter into her own hands.
 Down she goes
 "That was fun!"
 Steering the ship.
 Onto something else.  She has a short attention span.
 She saw me swinging in the big kid swing so she wanted to try it, of course.  She didn't like it too much.
 But she loves her little bear swing.
 Izzy loves laundry.  She loves to pull dirty laundry out of the basket, she loves to put clothes around her neck, and she loves to pull clothes out of her drawer.  So this morning when I put all of her clean clothes on our bed. She was in heaven.
 Daddy had fun throwing her around and holding her upside down.  She loved it!!
She loved burying herself in all the clothes and then popping out and saying BOO!!  She is so cute and brings so much joy into our lives!!