Friday, July 29, 2016

Another year of swim team

I was planning on Izzy doing swim team at The Swimmin' Hole again this year, but the coach told me she was too advanced for their team, so she tried at for the American Fork HAST.  She made it and I had to convince myself that I wanted to take her to practice everyday.  Luckily, her friend, Ellie, also made the team so we worked out a carpool and signed them up.  
Ready for backstroke.
Swim Izzy swim!
Swim Meets with a best friend make for lots of fun!

Izzy also tried a tennis camp for a week.  She wasn't sure about it because she didn't have any friends who were doing it.  She loved it and said she can't wait to do it again--taking after Mommy!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Montana Round 1

I was talking to my cousin, Rachel, and she mentioned she was going to be in Montana while our 97 year old Grandma was going to be there.  We arranged the weekend and we were going to go.  Then my Uncle Roland, passed away and it was the same weekend we were planning to go to Montana.  I decided it was important to stay and attend the funeral and support my Aunt Ann.  I decided I could drive to Montana the following weekend, Mike just wouldn't be able to go because he would be leaving to drive cross country to Rhode Island.  I knew I could make the 9 hour drive myself, I was just worried about pit stops trying to help the girls go to the bathroom, change diapers, and not lose anyone.  My cousin's daughter, Alexis, was in Utah and she said she would love to join us.  That solved my problem of having someone to help me along the way.
We took off Wednesday morning around 10 am.  The girls were so excited!
It didn't take long before they were all asleep.
"Buffalo land" is their favorite part of the drive.  We made it safely!! I'm not sure I can say it was a great drive.  Brielle threw up twice, had a poopy diaper once, we had to sit in road construction for 30 minutes, and we were stuck in 30 minutes of traffic in the park for a grizzly bear and her cub.  We did get to see the bear so that was pretty neat.  The drive was a little longer than we had hoped, but it wasn't too bad.
Of course, the first day, Izzy had to go horseback riding.  Actually, it was the first thing she did when we got there that evening was run down to see the horses.
Alexus got in on the horseback ride too.
Cambry went for a 4-wheel ride with Rachel, while the other kids were horseback riding. 
She can't get enough of the horses.
The weather was gorgeous and the girls enjoyed playing in the river. 
Alexus, Avery, Izzy, Chambray
Even Brielle loved the river and enjoyed throwing rocks.
Ansley, Izzy, and Avery tubing down the river. 
It's so fun watching my kids enjoy all the fun activities I did with my cousins as a kid.
Brielle loved playing on the 4-wheeler and being outside. 
These girls are horse lovers!
Ansley, Izzy, Avery, Alexus
They couldn't wait to go to the Cooke City store and pick out a gift.  I remember taking pictures in front of this bear as a kid!
Alexus, Ansley, Cambry, Izzy, Avery, Beckham
Cambry and Avery
Cambry loving the hammock.
I loved being able to spend time with my Grandma.  So many of my childhood memories involve being in Montana with her; playing skip-bo, making quilts, planting flowers, eating cookies.  I love her so much! She is so full of spunk and feistiness. 
S'more making was the kids favorite nightly activity.
Yummy hotdogs.
I am so grateful I got to spend a few days with my beautiful grandma.  We played skip-bo, told stories, laughed, and curled her hair.  

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mom & Dad Viist

My mom and Dad came to visit for a week.  The girls loved having Grandma and Grandpa to play with.
We redecorated the guest bedroom before they arrived and it turned out great!
We had a great time at Classic Skating.  Cambry was trying to learn to skate with Papa.
Daddy has all the skills.
Izzy loves rollerblading, even if it is hard.
Brielle got in on the action too.
Playing in the bounce houses.
Brielle was ready for a nap.
Izzy doing her flips.
Cambry and Grandma making cupcakes.
We went up the canyon and Brielle loved the water.
They were even here for one of Izzy's swim meets. 
My mom and I were able to sneak off one evening and shop!! Our favorite thing to do!
Grandma took the girls for snow cones.
Uncle Roland passed away and the funeral was while Mom was here.  Suzette and Jon came in town for the funeral.  The girls loved having Posey to play with.

Everyone got together at Ann's house on Sunday.
Keith, Penny, Cory, Debra, Darin, Pete, Renae, Ali, Ann
I love the Posey Cousins.  They are some of the most real, genuine, people you will ever meet.
Keith, Penny, Cory, Renae, Darin, Suzette

We tried to get a picture of the girls on Sunday.  That did not go so well.
Cambry, Posey, Brielle, Izzy
This went a little better.  I think Brielle was causing problems.
Cambry, Izzy, Posey
Ann, Suzette, Posey
On Monday we went to Blue Lemon for breakfast.  
Jon, Suzette, Cambry, Posey, Izzy

The whole gang.  Although it was a sad reason to get together, it was great to spend time together as family.
Posey, Jon, Suzette, Cory, Keith, Izzy, Cambry, Mike, Penny, Brielle.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer carnival

The American Fork carnival is something my children always look forward to.  As soon as they start setting up, our kids are asking when we are going. Mike and I have been trying to teach them that not everything comes free, so we wanted for them to work for the rides.  They had to earn checks for doing chores and each check gave them one ticket.  It worked so well!  The kids were asking to do chores so they could earn checks. 
Cambry loved the playhouse that ended with a slide.
Our friends, the Brensans, were there too. Cambry and Hayden enjoying the cars together.
Loving the motorcycles.
Roller coaster time. 
In the car.
I love that Brielle even got in on the fun.
Carousel fun!
Cambry surprised me and wanted to go on the ferris wheel! Jasmine took her. 
Izzy spent the summer riding horses with Vicki!
I loved this picture of Brielle sleeping on Daddy.