Sunday, July 25, 2010

This summer has been sooo much fun and going by way too quickly. I love taking Izzy swimming, going to the park, going on walks, boating, barbecuing, and just hanging out. Last weekend we had our friends, Aaron and Mariel, over for dinner. Aaron served his mission in Canada when Mike's family lived there. It was so great to catch up and meet their son, Boston.
Boston and Izzy.
Izzy is crawling, standing, and getting into everything. She loves to stand by the bookcase and pull out all the books. She enjoys it so much and looks so cute, how could I tell her no?!
Izzy trying to crawl up the stairs. Yes, we have bought a safety gate.
This is our favorite summer activity. Our friends, the Selks, have a boat and they often invite us to go boating. We LOVE it and so does Izzy. She absolutely loves the water. She kicks around like crazy and smiles big in her green floatie.
I am trying to learn this whole surfing thing.
Mike has got it down.
Mommy and Izzy hanging out on the boat.
Izzy enjoying her sippy cup. I love those big blue eyes.
Enough sun for Izzy; she was exhausted.
Izzy loves dogs. She gets this nervous laugh when she pets dogs. She is not sure if she should love or cry.
There is her unsure face.
She loves playing with balls. I think her dad has been teaching her some things when I'm not around.
Gotta get the ball!!

I can't say it enough I love this girl! She has such an awesome, easy going personality. She loves to do anything--except take naps and long car rides! She loves swimming, boating, taking baths, playing with dogs, eating dirt, swinging, stroller rides, bike rides, playing at the park, crawling, standing, rolling over, and diving over pillows trying to get to things I am trying to keep her away from. Being a mom is great!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Izzy Swimming and Park

Izzy is so much fun these days! I absolutely love her so much and love being a mom. She started crawling about a week ago and she gets into everything. She pulls herself up on her own too. She loves the independence and freedom. However, this also means she falls a lot more often, which has already resulted in a bruise on her cheek! We go to the park a few times per week in the morning and she swims a couple times per week. We are loving the summer!

Izzy's first time crawling through the tunnel.
She wasn't too sure about going the whole way, but she eventually decided to.
Izzy loves the swing.
Push me higher, Mommy!
Dad is already introducing Izzy to a bat. Future softball player??!! I mean come on, look at those legs.
Mike's sister, Derdle, came to visit for a few days. We had a great time with her in town. We can't wait until she moves out here for the fall.
Izzy LOVES swimming. This is by far her most favorite activity. We go to the pool near our house sometimes, but we also bought Izzy a pool for the backyard. I grew up with a pool my whole life and have always loved the water and enjoyed swimming. I want Izzy to not fear water and be comfortable in the water. So I try to get her in the water as often as possible.
And while she swims, I try to get a tan!
This is my favorite picture.
She does have a swimsuit (SIZE 2 T!) but Mike decided to let her swim in her diaper. I can't get enough of this girl!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My dad flew in for July 4th and we went to Stadium of Fire. Carrie Underwood was amazing. Mike and I have gone for the past five years and this was the best one yet! We had a fun weekend with my dad going to the Freedom Festival, Scouts' breakfast, swimming, Sundance, and the parade.

Stadium of Fire
Carrie Underwood! We had great seats on the fifth row. They were awesome!
Mike and I at the parade. Izzy was peacefully sleeping in her stroller until the fire trucks came.
On Wednesday July 7, Mike was sworn in as a US citizen. It is quite the process to become a citizen. He has had many interviews, lots of paperwork, and thousands of dollars. I was really excited for the ceremony and it exceeded my expectations. Lots of the immigrants stood up and talked about what it meant to be free. I take so many things for granted and that is one of them. It was such a touching experience!
Mike's last picture before becoming a citizen.
Hanging out with the other candidates.
Izzy was all smiles at the ceremony (not true she ate and slept through most of it).
After the ceremony.
Bergeron Family. Mike is showing off his certificate of citizenship.

Izzy was sleeping face down with her bum in the air. I wanted to get a picture because it was so cute, but the flash went off first and woke her up so this is what I got.