Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canada and DC

Mike and I headed to Canada for a few days to visit family and celebrate his Grandpa's 75th birthday. The few days were fun; I spent most of the time with the kids because they speak English (most everyone else only speaks French). From there we flew to DC to visit Mike's parents. They recently moved to the DC area. Mike had never toured the city before and he thought it was very nice. I think I heard "This city is so nice" five times a day. We found an awesome Mexican restaurant; Mike complimented her on the food and she brought us free queso and guacamole (queso is my favorite)!! We had a great trip!

Mike and I in front of George Washington's house.

On top of the Canadian Embassy (where Mike's dad works)

In front of the Canadian embassy.

Mike and his cousins in Canada.

Cora, Mike's cousin, and I. She was my little English speaker!


I have been such a slacker with updating our blog. With this pregnancy I have had no motivation to do anything! We have had a good summer. I went to New York with my sisters and mom, went to Colorado with Mike, and then to Montana for my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary. It was great to see my family there. The weather was nice and cool, which I absolutely loved!

Our drive through Yellowstone. The buffalo truly believe they own the road and I guess they do, no one tries to mess with them!
You can't go visit Grandma without playing Skip-bo, her all time favorite game.

Mike and I.

My beautiful mother and I.

At the waterfalls with grandparents.