Friday, June 21, 2013

The big 31

On June 22 Mike turned 31.  He isn't into big celebrations so it was pretty low key.  His birthday fell on a Saturday which was nice because we got to spend the day with him.  We went with our friends, the Chambers, to a matinee, Now You See Me.   We have not been to a movie since Cambry was born so it's been a while.  Then we ate Maglebys chocolate cake and ice cream with the Chambers and  Durrazanis.

Happy Birthday!

Our ward was having a dessert night so we went.  It was a lot of fun and Izzy had a great time playing with friends.  We stayed til 10 because Mike was playing basketball; it was High Priest against Young Men, it was pretty funny. I was starving because we had not eaten dinner so we came home put the girls to bed (the Nicol's daughter came over) and went to a late dinner with the Nicols.  It's funny because we went to dinner with the Nicols last year for Mike's birthday.  We went to Chili's, I haven't been there for years, and it was yummy!  Happy 31 Mike!

7 months

Cambry has reached 7 months; I can't believe it.  She is an awesome baby.  She sleeps and eats really well and is happy most of the time.

Sleep: She takes a morning nap around 9 for an hour, an afternoon nap from 1230-230 and then a short evening nap around 5.  She goes to bed around 8 and wakes up around 7.  I can finally say she sleeps through the night consistently.  She has been sleeping through the night off and on, but for the past few weeks, it has been every night, YAY! She goes to bed super easy, just lay her in the crib with her binkie and she will fall asleep.
Eating: I nurse her in the morning when she wakes up and then again around 11, which is around when she eats baby food too.  Then I'll nurse her after her nap around 230 and then again around 6.  She eats rice cereal at 7:30 and then I go in and wake her up around 10 to feed her one more time.  She loves to eat cinnamon graham crackers.
Travel: She went to Yuba Lake and camped for the first time.  She was great in the car and had a fun time in the boat.  It was her first camping experience (Izzy's too) and we survived.
Play: She loves to reach for things and rolls around til she gets what she wants. She sits up and plays with any toys that are around her.  She enjoys being in her walker and eating graham crackers or pretzels. Izzy loves to make her laugh and it is fun to watch them interact.

Love this gorgeous girl!
So cute!

I can't believe how big Izzy is!

Love pictures of them together!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day was pretty low key.  We went to church, took naps, and ate some yummy steak dinners.  These girls are so blessed to have Mike as their daddy.  He is so involved in their everyday life and the best part is he loves to be.  He is great at giving baths, changing, diapers, playing horses with Izzy, attending soccer games, gymnastic recitals, etc.  You name it he is there.  He loves to be silly and goofy and as you can tell from pictures it has rubbed off on Izzy. 

Before church

Not sure what they are looking at. 

Daddy like daughter. 

And it continues.  I love watching how excited Izzy gets when Daddy comes home; it melts my heart.
Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yuba Lake

Several families in our neighborhood went camping in Yuba Lake.  We have never done a family camping trip so I guess we have to start sometime.  I wasn't sure how the girls would do or really how I would survive, but it was a great time.  We left our house Thursday afternoon and drove down, it's only  1 1/2 hours away, so not bad.  It was SUPER windy on Thursday, but we set up our tent and got everything ready.  We were hoping to go boating, but that did not happen on Thursday.  We ate dinner with friends and then everyone roasted smores around the campfire.

On Friday it was a little windy so I was worried how the water would be.  But when we got down there it wasn't bad.  We set up all the umbrellas and food on the beachy area and headed out on the boat. There were 4 boats and about 10 families on Friday.  It was awesome going out on the boat and then coming back and hanging out on the beach.  Izzy loved playing in the sand and being with all the kids.  That night our friends made the best dinner ever!  Seriously I am going to have to cook it at home; it was so yummy.  Friday night the girls did not sleep so well.  Izzy was crying on and off most of the night and ended up in my bed as did Cambry.  I think she was tired from being in the sun all day and staying up late Thursday night with all the big kids.

Izzy and Grace hanging out Friday morning.

We started off at this rocky beach, but then moved to a nice sandy area. 

Lots of surfing.

The captain

The captain with his sidekick.

On Saturday we debated staying and boating, but I lost my voice and wasn't feeling great. Plus with the lack of sleep the night before from the girls, we decided to head home.  We had a fun time camping, but I think it will be a while before we go camping again; it takes a lot of work!!


I signed Izzy up for 3-4 year old soccer league.  7 of the 8 players lived in our neighborhood, so it was a lot of fun for Izzy to play with heir friends and the adults had fun on the sidelines.  We didn't have the best weather for most of the games.  The first game she cried the whole time and refused to go on the field.  The second game she started off sitting on the sidelines, then her buddy Owen ran out on the field and she followed.  After playing for a few minutes, she came off the field and took her shoes off so we assumed she was done.  Then she ran back on the field and scored a goal!  So fun!  Maybe it was her new uncomfortable cleats that were holding her back.  We had a great season and we plan to do it again!
Izzy preferred tackling the boys than playing soccer.
Maybe we have her in the wrong sport, perhaps we try football?

Admiring her medal.

Showing off her medal!

The Brown team, not sure we ever came up with a team name. 
Pictured left to right (so I don't forget in later years): Drew and Ellie, Owen and Ashley (the one random person)
Top: Dylan, Izzy, Gwen, Grace and Coach Ben.

The crazy picture.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Swim Lessons

I really, really, really want Izzy to learn to swim and I think we are almost there.  Growing up in southern Texas with a pool in our backyard my siblings and I could all swim very young.  Izzy has no fear in the water, which is a good and bad thing.  She is super willing to try new things, but sometimes is dangerous because she has no fear.  Technically I should be able to teach her myself since I was a lifeguard/swim instructor for 10 years, but she doesn't listen as well to mommy.

So in May I put her in a rec center swim class with 2 of her girl friends.  I think it was a good class for getting more comfortable in the water, but she wasn't swimming on her own yet. Love these three cute girls.

 Then my friend recommended a private instructor, Jenn.  She was awesome and Izzy is swimming on her own, now she just needs to keep practicing.  She can float on her tummy for 5 seconds, back for 10 seconds, and can swim front crawl about 5 yards.  She can push off the wall on her back and swim on her back a few yards.  I am really impressed.  The instructor said she is a natural swimmer!  Who doesn't like to hear positive things about their kids?! Made my day!

On Saturday we went to the country club to swim.  Izzy went down the slide by herself and then decided she wanted to go off the diving board by herself.  By then end she was diving in head first.  Love her adventurous nature. 
Down she comes


I started off catching her, then after a few times I let her jump in and get back to the top of the water by herself.  Then I gave her a push and she would swim to the wall by herself. 

Time to dive!