Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cambry is 18 months!

I can't believe Cambry is 18 months.  She seems so much younger to me.  I don't know why, maybe it's because she isn't as verbal as Izzy was as this age or she seems so much smaller.

How is she not a baby anymore?

-She is so cute and loves to laugh.  She loves praise and will clap for herself when she does something good, cute, or funny.
-She loves to feed herself and does a pretty good job using a spoon.  She hasn't used a bottle for a couple months and is great with a sippy cup.  She has to have a binkie to sleep.
-She still rides in her infant carseat rear facing.  She doesn't mind it so I will keep her that way for as long as possible.
-She is a great sleeper.  She goes to bed around 7 and wakes up between 7 and 8.
-She loves to play with Izzy and her cousin Zeke.  She used to go to the basement door, knock, and yell Zeke.
-She has started talking more the last couple of weeks.  She says: Mommy, Daddy, Izzy, Tux, sit, Zeke, wawa (water), cheese, please, hi, bye, Mami, baba (bottle), doux (which means soft in french), and no.
-She is a hitter.  She walks up to kids and hits them for no reason.  She also hits people if they have a toy or something she wants.  We are working on that. Right after she hits, she will usually say doux and pet them (she does it to Tux all the time).
-She is curious and cannot sit still.  She is into everything.
-She loves going to the gym daycare and is pretty good with babysitters.  She will cry for about 30 seconds when i leave and then she is good.
-She has been on 18 one way flights and visited 9 states.
Everywhere we go she waves at people and says, "Hi!"

Swinging is one of her favorites.
We love this little girl so much!! She is so full of love, laughter, joy, and happiness.  I couldn't be happier!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Izzy completed her first year of preschool

Izzy has been attending Bear Hollow for the past year.  She absolutely loves Mrs. Molly.  On Tuesday evening they had a program.  Louise was in town, so Izzy got to have her Mami there too.  Each student dressed up as a nursery rhyme character.  Of course, Izzy chose Yankee Doodle so she could bring her horse. 

They did the pledge and sang lots of patriotic songs, which was really neat. 

Yankee Doodle

Izzy getting her award from Mrs. Molly.  She was given the Most Helpful award. 

Love my little helper!!
Izzy has learned so much over the year.  I can't even believe it.  She knows all of her numbers, letters, shapes, colors.  She can count to 59 and she has started reading.  She can read basic reads like: a, the, on, cat, mat, rat, sat, sam, sad, etc.  Most simple 3 letter words she can figure out.  We have been reading the Bob series books and she is doing great.  Not only has she developed intellectually she has also grown socially.  At the parent teacher conference in the fall Mrs. Molly mentioned Izzy was a bit bossy with her friends.  At the end of the year she told me how much Izzy had improved with sharing and being a good friend.  So proud of my little girl!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vegas/Lake Mead 2014

On Thursday we headed down to Vegas with our friends, Chambers, and the Snarrs, drove up from Cali.  The drive down was pretty uneventful, Mike made some phone calls, and both the girls took naps.  We stopped in Mesquite at McDonalds to let the girls play and eat dinner.  
We rented a house in Vegas and it had a hot tub.  Izzy was so excited she was up at 7 on Friday morning ready to get in.  

Friday morning they got the boat all cleaned and ready to go.  

Nothing wrong with a little child labor.

Mike stopped to get himself a HUGE soda (he probably drank 1/4 of it) on the way to the lake.

Love these girls.  We had so much fun when we all lived in Provo together. 
I love that Mike loves to boat as much as I do.  It's fun to have something that we both enjoy so much!
I wasn't sure how Cambry would like the boat, but she loved it and was super easy going. 
Izzy loved the tube.  I'm pretty sure she would have stayed on the whole time.
Put your hands up!!
Of course pushing Daddy in was a favorite.
Saturday we were back on the boat again. 

Cambry took a nice long nap Saturday afternoon on the boat.

Saturday the ladies went out to the strip for dinner and shopping.

Sunday we packed up and headed home.  We left sunny, hot Vegas only to get stuck in a snow storm in Cedar City.  It was miserable.  We were in traffic for 2 hours.  Our 6 hour drive, took 8!!  Luckily the kids were awesome, I think they were so tired from all the boating and playing they were happy to just sleep and chill.  
It was such a great weekend, I love getting together with friends.  Hopefully we will make it an annual trip!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Visiting Grandma

About a month ago, I got a text from my cousin, Rachel, saying we should go visit from my Grandma.  I thought it would be nearly impossible for the 4 of us to find a weekend that worked for all of our schedules, but somehow we could all make it work for the first weekend of May.  My cousin, Rose, flew in together on Friday night and met Suzette and Rachel at the airport.  We went to pick up our car, which ended up being a suburban because all of the other vehicles were already taken.  During the hour drive to Grandma's we jammed to some old tunes on the Satellite Radio, probably the best song that came on was, "come on ride that train." Took us back a few years, that's for sure. 

When we got there, Grandma was already in bed, but waiting for us so we went in and talked to her.  Then we all hung out just chatting.  On Saturday we got up and got McDonalds for breakfast.  Then we did my grandma's hair and make-up and took her to her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster. 

Love these girls.  We had such a great time growing up together playing bank, store, skip-bo, so many fun memories!

We tried to play a game of skip-bo, Grandma's favorite, but she was in too much pain and couldn't make it through the whole game.  I felt so sad for her.  She was in so much pain and had lost a lot of weight. She really misses her sweetheart who passed away about six months ago in Nov.

Love these girls.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing sister and awesome cousins.  I love our relationship!

My Grandma is seriously the best.  I went to Montana every summer to visit her and I talk to her every Sunday.  I am so glad we went to visit her.  She was crying when we left on Sunday afternoon.  I hated leaving her by herself.  On Monday morning she had a stroke and hasn't been doing well since we left. I am so glad I was able to see her while she was still able to communicate and talk to us.  I love her!!