Monday, October 19, 2015


It's a tradition to go to Cornbelly's every year.  In the past we have had a season pass, but we didn't do that this year because we had a lot going on with the Canada trip and Izzy being in school.  But we found a beautiful Monday afternoon and headed over.  The girls were so excited to go, they had been asking everyday.
Ellie, Cambry, and Izzy.
Izzy has been sitting on this horse every year since we started going when she was 2.
We watched a monkey show, which was pretty entertaining. 
They were scared the first time, but then they kept going through again and again.
They loved the corn maze.
A little fun driving the bus.
Love riding with this girl on the cow train.
These 2 had a great time.
Lots of fun in the corn.  This was my favorite year at Cornbelly's.  The girls had so much fun, they loved all the activities and it was great watching their faces light up as they ran from activity to activity. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Canada 2015

Heading to Canada to visit family is always a favorite.  The kids love to see their cousins and lots of great memories are created. 
We're ready for take-off. 
The best flight with our schedule and price was a red eye through LA.  The kids were actually really good on the flight and slept most of the time.  The worst part was in LA we had to change terminals and go through security again with 3 half-sleeping, tired, grumpy kids.  Lucky for us we had the double stroller and the 2 big sleeping kids rode in it and Daddy carried Brielle. 
We got to the rented house in Bromont Saturday morning and had a big, yummy brunch.  There were lots of girl cousins, so these 2 boys had to stick together.
On Sunday we went to a small branch in Granby.  We went to it last year and it was just a unit with only 13 people in attendance.  This year there were 35 members and it was a branch; what a difference a year makes.  Abi, Izzy, and Benson made up 3 of the 4 children in primary.  I think they loved the individual attention they got!
After church we went to visit Mike's Grandma who is in a nursing facility.  She loved seeing her grandchildren and they sang, "I am a child of God."
It was really special to see the kids with their Great grandma.
Mike and his Grandma.
Left picture: Brielle, Izzy, Leah, and Benson
Right: Leah and Brielle, just 2 1/2 months apart
The whole gang.
Love that we all have babies so close in age! 
Cat, Gideon, Derdle, Leah, Penny, and Brielle
Then we went to the gravesite where Mike's Grandpa was buried.  He had never been there before.
On Sunday night the Galipeau Family came over for a Thanksgiving Feast.  Aunt Georgie brought all of the little girls a present and they were so happy!
Brielle sporting her baseball pajamas. 
Cute little babies-Brielle, Leah, and Gideon just 2 weeks old!
On Monday morning we were heading to the zoo and the kids were so happy when Antoine arrived!
The zoo was all decorated for Halloween.
I love that Izzy was big enough to ride the roller coaster.  Such fun memories I have riding roller coasters with my dad and I hope to pass those on to my kids.  She was scared the first 30 seconds, but then couldn't wait to ride it again and again. 
These 3 cuties loved riding the train.
Elodie, Cambry, and Zeke
Both Cambry and Izzy were big enough for the kid bumber cars.
There is a really cool part of the zoo that has water animals that we have never been to before.  There was even an exhibit where you could pet stingrays. 
On Monday night Lucie and her family came over for dinner. 
On Tuesday the boys went golfing so we walked around Bromont and went into the Chocolate Museum.  There wasn't much to see, but the kids liked the chalkboard outside the museum. 
Izzy and Abi loved being together. 
Tuesday afternoon we drove to Robert's house.  Izzy had been asking everyday when we would go there because she couldn't wait to see Cora's horse. 

She was so excited to ride Cora's horse.
On our drive to Ottawa we stopped for a class Canadian poutine. 

On Thursday we spent time at the park by their house and we went to the pool.  It was a really nice facility for the kids to play in. 
Thursday night is free museum night in Ottawa so we took advantage of that!

The kids loved seeing all the animals at the museum. 
While I was snuggling with Gideon the siblings went to buy some Canadian treats before we headed home. 
The girls loved their Timbits, just like Daddy.  They even convinced him to buy some as we were leaving the airport!
Our kids are seriously the best travelers ever.  If they're tired, they just lay down and go to sleep.  We're lucky!!
In my opinion, this was the best trip to Canada yet.  The girls played great with their cousins, there wasn't really any fighting, which made for a great time for everyone.  The adults had a fun time laughing and playing games at night!