Thursday, December 27, 2012

9 years!

I can't believe it has been 9 years.  So much has happened over the past nine years.  I thought I loved him so much the day we got married, but that love has grown and I love him so much more today.  Can't wait to see what the next nine years brings us!

We kept it pretty low key since we just had Cambry a month before; we didn't want to leave for too long!  We went to the Harvest at Thanksgiving Point for dinner and Christina and Danny were kind enough to watch the kids.  It was nice to get out just the two of us.

Love him so much!

Christmas 2012

This was our first year celebrating Christmas on our own.  I had planned to decorate the week after Thanksgiving before the baby came, but obviously that didn't go as planned.  Mike bought us a new tree (our old one was pretty small and didn't look good in our new house). 
Mike putting Santa on the top. 

Izzy loved putting ornaments on the tree. 

The tree almost complete. 

We weren't sure what to do for Christmas Eve since it was our first time on our own.  We decided to go look at Christmas lights and then open a few presents.  Izzy was so excited because one of the presents were horses from Unlce Matt.  She insisted on sleeping with them.  She was so excited going to be for Santa to come down the chimney with more presents.  She was convinced every present would have horses in it!

Izzy's presents from Santa

She loved unwrapping all the gifts.

Cambry and Izzy's Santa presents. 

Izzy going to town on all the gifts.  She was spoiled by her aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  She got lots of fun toys!

Izzy helping Cambry open her gifts. 

Mike got me diamond earrings!  I was super excited!!

Cambry checking out her reflection in her new toy.

Christmas Morning

Not sure how they ended up with so many toys!

The mess!

That afternoon we had a yummy ham dinner with Danny and Derdle.  

We even pulled out the china.

Bergeron Family Christmas 2012.

Cambry's first Christmas.  We love her so much!  It was so weird during November having her around;  I didn't expect her to be here in Nov!

Izzy kissing daddy and of course he loved it!
At this time of year, we reflect back on all we have (which we should do all year long) and feel extremely blessed! We are so lucky to have each other and two beautiful girls!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let it Snow

Last year we hardly got any snow.  I bought Izzy a snowsuit, boots, and everything she needed to stay warm.  Then it never snowed.  I didn't want to make the same mistake this year so I didn't buy her any snow gear.  Of course, we have had tons of snow this year.  Luckily, her stuff from last year still fits, barely. 

We got tons of snow over Christmas break.  Mike pulled Izzy and the neighbor kids on the tube behind the 4-wheeler.
I'm not sure who had more fun Mike or the kids.
Every morning the kids from across the street were at our front door asking if Mike could pull them on the 4-wheeler.
Izzy loved playing in the snow with Daddy and building a snowman.

Working on the snowman!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cambry is One Month

I can't believe this girl is one month old!  It seems like she should only be 2 weeks; I still have in my mind that she was born in Dec. (her scheduled induction was Dec. 4).  The fact she came in Nov throws me off.  She weighs about 11 pounds and I didn't measure her so I have no idea her length. She wears 0-3 month clothes and can still squeeze into a few newborn pjs. 
She is such a great baby.  She eats well, sleeps well and that's about all she does.  At night she sleeps 3-4 hours at a time occasionally 5 hour stretches.  

Such a cutie! The older she gets the more she reminds me of Izzy as a baby. 

Izzy isn't really interested in holding her so here is a picture sitting by her. 

Izzy wearing a Christmas dress on the Sunday before church.  She is such a sweetie!  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Two weeks

I can't believe she is two weeks old!  Where does the time go?!  So far she has been a great baby; she eats, sleeps, and poops.  She sleeps pretty well at night.  She sleeps in her own crib in her own room (I can't have babies sleep in my room; every noise wakes me up) for about 3 hour stretches.  

At her 2 week appointment; she weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces; already passed her birth weight. 

She loves to sleep in the cocoon.  It is a stroller attachment, but we have it in the house and she naps in it all the time.  Love this little girl!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pics of Cambry

I didn't do a professional photo shoot with Izzy and I wish I had.  Skye Johansen did these pictures of Cambry and I couldn't be happier.  These were taken when she was 5 days old.  
Love this picture of the 2 of us.  Skye must have done some serious editing to get the bags from under my eyes to disappear. 
So precious

Love this little girl!

So happy my mom was in town and got to be in the pictures!

My sister, Celeste, loves this picture because of the box.

One of my favorites.

Can't remember what life was like without her.  Love her so much!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cambry Penelope Bergeron

Warning-Very long....

So the past week has been a little crazy and unexpected.  On Monday I went to the doctor for my 37 week appointment.  I also had an ultrasound because they wanted to see the size of the baby, she was 6 lbs 12 oz.  The dr also checked my platelet count because it was low with Izzy, checked for the group B, and checked to see if I was dilated, which I wasn't.  He was scheduled to be out of town the next week in Park City, but he said he was going to come in on Tuesday to see a few patients and he wanted to see me.  He said we would talk next week about my platelet count once they had the results.

On Tuesday, I was busy getting ready for family to arrive.  Izzy and I went to Wal-mart and Costco to buy groceries.  We had come home to eat lunch and then we were going to head to Smith's to finish our shopping.  I had just sat down to eat and the phone rang.  I figured it is just a telemarketer calling and I didn't want to get up.  Izzy brought me the phone and the answering machine started recording; it was the nurse for Dr. Young.  I knew that my platelets must have come back low or they wouldn't be calling.  I quickly answered and the nurse confirmed that yes my platelets were low, 73, and they wanted me to go to the hospital to re test and to start a 24 hour urine sample.  I called Mike and he came home to watch Izzy and I headed to the hospital.  That afternoon the nurse called and said my platelets were 150 and that the results from the dr office weren't as accurate because the blood had sat around waiting to be collected by the lab.  I felt much less anxious, but still confused that they could change that much in a day.  I took a nap and then Mike brought me the phone, it was the nurse again.  She said she had misread my results and looked at my initial results from when I was first pregnant.  She said my platelets were low, 78, and Dr. Young was waiting for my 24 hour urine sample to make a game plan.  Dr. Young called me about an hour later to answer questions, explain different scenarios, said that I might have developed HELLP along with preclampsia and the urine could rule these things out so they were waiting for that.  So now I'm feeling anxious again.  I had planned to go to the movies that night with some girlfriends to watch Twilight so off I went.  It was nice to have something to take it off my mind for a bit.  My parents arrived around midnight.  Luckily Kathryn went to pick them up so I was sleeping.

On Wednesday I took my urine sample in to the hospital around 11 am because the container was full so they had to give me another one.  I called the nurse and let her know and asked if I really needed to continue collecting my urine for the next five hours, she said yes.  Kathryn and Mom left to do wedding dress shopping and Dad, Mike, and Izzy headed out to the hot tub for the inaugural use!  I started making myself a sandwich around noon and the phone rang, it was the nurse, she said Dr. Young needed to talk to me.  He explained that he had just talked to fetal maternal dr and they decided the best thing to do was have the baby today.  He was kinda vague on details, just said to meet him at the hospital and we would talk more.  I go into a little panic mode, it's 3 weeks early, my bags aren't packed, my list is not complete, and the rest of my family is flying in that day for the Thanksgiving Holidays.  I go outside to tell Mike, pack our bags, eat my sandwich, and off we go.  As Mike and I were driving I told him how I was feeling anxious, not really sure I was ready, and not really understanding why I was getting induced so early.

The nurse was checking me in, taking my vitals, and took blood work to see if my platelet count had changed in the past day.  Then the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me.  He said my platelets were down to 71.  He said the lowest an epidural should be given according to textbook is 100. He said he had given one before at 75 and everything turned out fine, but he had to have a bottom line somewhere.  He said the risks of hemorrhage, permanent brain damage, and being in a wheelchair were all increased because of the low platelet count.  He asked me if my gums bleed when I brush my teeth.  I said yes.  I could tell from the look on his face that was the wrong answer.  He said, "It's my decision and I don't feel comfortable giving you an epidural."  He told me that Dr. Young would probably try to convince him, but he wasn't going to do it.  In my mind it wasn't quite setting in that I wouldn't get an epidural; I figured Dr. Young would convince him.  The nurse checked me and I was a 1+.

About an hour went by and Dr. Young came in.  He said after looking at all my lab results I couldn't get an epidural.  He said not only were my platelets low, but the ones I had were not good; he said they were attacking each other so giving me more platelets would only make the problem worse.  He explained a little bit more about HELLP and essentially told me the baby was poison to my body and the only way to fix it was to get her out.  He said my options were to start the induction and have her naturally (they could give me some med to take the edge off) or have a c-section and most likely have a platelet transfusion after.  I said well let's try it naturally.  After he left Mike said, "let's be honest, knowing you and the situation you're going to want a c-section so let's just do that now."  I started yelling at him about being supportive; he told me he said that to see where my head was!  Haha I told him good cover up.  Around 5, they started the prepidil (helps get your cervix ready), Dr. Young said that might put me into labor and I might not need petosin.  They checked me around 7:30 and I was a 3.

We watched Survivor and X-factor, I was trying to take my mind off what was going to happen.  I was pretty terrified, I had never considered not having an epidural.  When the nurses came in, I asked them how I was suppose to breathe, and what I was suppose to do.  They kept telling me it was going to be really tough, but I could do it. I thought of all the people I knew who had done it naturally whether by choice or because they didn't have time to get an epidural.  I kept telling myself I could survive one night of pain and that would be better than having a c-section and dealing with a longer recovery.  Around 9 the contractions started to get really painful.  I tried going to a 'happy place' (which was sitting in a hammock by the pool in Costa Rica).  Mike even said I'll take you to Costa Rica in the spring.  A nurse came in and pushed down on my knees to help during the contraction.  I thought to myself if this is the best technique they have it's going to be a long night!  With each contraction Mike would say breathe in, breathe out, and pee.  I thought he was trying to be funny with his pee comment, but I was in no mood to ask him why he was saying that.  Later he told me the nurse had said try to relax like your peeing so he thought he would say pee with each contraction.  Yes that's my weird husband for you!!  When they asked what my pain level was I said a 5 and the nurses response was at some point tonight you will say 25.  So I'm preparing myself for a battle!  They came in to check me at 9:30 and I had decided if I was not a 5 by now I would say I wanted a c-section because the pain was pretty bad and I thought if I wasn't half way there I couldn't do it.  She checked me and said I was a 9! I couldn't believe it.  She said I'll go get Dr. Young and you can have this baby.  I was excited, but also panicky again because I didn't know how I was going to push the baby out.  They got everything set up, I pushed through the first contraction and nothing.  Dr. Young told me what to do for the next contraction and I thought she has to come out.  The contraction started, I pushed and out she came!  I couldn't believe it.  She was born at 9:55 pm and weighed 6 lbs 15 oz, 20 inches long.  I was so excited, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I couldn't believe she came so quickly and easily!  It was a miracle!

Then the magnesium started.  Dr. Young warned me about it, but it was 100 times worse than he described.  I had to be on magnesium for 24 hours after delivery because they were worried about me having seizures.  Basically, it completely relaxes your body so you can't move.  I couldn't touch my teeth, keep my eyes open, move any part of my body.  Mike had to hold my water for me and when they brought Cambry to me to nurse they had to put pillows under me because I couldn't hold her.  Also, my brain felt like a fog, I couldn't even think.  It also makes you nauseau (I threw up in front of Celeste and Brandon-awesome) and have cotton mouth.  Basically you could use that drug as torture!  When they finally turned it off Thursday night the first thing I noticed was I could think again (that took about an hour).  I slowly started to move my hands and feet again.  It wasn't until Friday morning that I could stand and walk.  Dr. Young came and talked to me on Friday and said my blood work was showing improvements so I could discharge that afternoon.  I came home Friday afternoon to all of my family who were here for Thanksgiving.  It was fun to have everyone around and meet Cambry.

 On the mag, as the nurses called it.
 Dennis always wanted to be holding her!
 All cleaned up.
 Suzette and Celeste!
Aunt Kat!

So there's the crazy story.  For all the things that could have gone wrong, I feel so blessed that everything went as smoothly as it did.  I know that I was being watched over!  I am so grateful to be healthy and to have a healthy baby!!