Saturday, April 28, 2012

Izzy's ear piercing

I decided it was time for Izzy to get a real hair cut.  So I took her to Cookie Cutters, which is a place just for kids.  
 She picked her car to ride in and they had Bubble guppies, her favorite cartoon, playing on her own personal TV.  However, she was not excited about this leopard cape she had to wear.  She ripped it off and started screaming. I wasn't sure if she was going to let the hair dresser put it back on,
 But a little bribery with a sucker works every time.
 Cutting away
 Styling away
 I think it is so cute!! Izzy doesn't agree, can you tell by the face?!!
 Then we went to the mall to get her ears pierced.  She loved Claires because of all the purses, belts, and accessories.
 She was a little unsure of the lady marking her ears with a marker.  Then I held her for the rest, so no pictures.  She screamed when it happened; I felt like the worst mother in the world.  Everyone in the store was staring at me.  But by the time we paid, she was done crying and happily eating her sucker.
So happy and cute with her ears pierced and new hair cut.  Whenever anyone asks about getting her ears pierced, she says, "I got my ears pierced, it hurt, I cried."  She has been such a trooper, she lets me clean them without a fight and says Thanks Mom!  She loves them!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter weekend

I never realized how much there is to do on Easter for kids.  On Saturday morning we went to an Easter egg hunt that our city put on.  
Izzy with her friend Gwen.  Izzy doesn't like to look at cameras.
She did cookie decorating.
Then we went to the Provo Beach Resort to celebrate her friend's birthday.
Then we went to the BYU Easter egg hunt.  It was a zoo to say the least, but it was still fun.
Izzy waited to go on the field to get candy.

Everyone waiting on the field to get the candy. 
Izzy is quite a clever one though.  While everyone else was waiting to get on the field Izzy started collecting candy on the sidelines, under the bleachers, and on the bleachers.  She loves her candy. 

Another view of the chaos.  Good thing Izzy stocked up with candy on the sidelines or else she might not have gotten any.
She had fun though carrying her Easter basket around.
She didn't want to stop for a picture.
She is quite proud of her basket.
Check out all my candy! Seriously it's like Halloween.
Sunday morning the Easter bunny brought her a basket with some treats.
She was so excited.
The bubbles were her favorite.  I thought she would like the purse/book the most, but she wasn't too excited about that.
Actually the candy was her favorite.
Picture before church.
She won't let go of the basket to sit by us. 
Love this picture! She is actually smiling and looking at the camera!
Another good one!
Family shot, not so good, but we tried!
For dinner, the Smiths joined us, Kat and Mat, and Danny and Derdle.  We even brought out the china.  It was a great weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DC Visit

Mike had a work conference in DC so Izzy and I came along.  It worked perfectly because his parents live there so they watched Izzy for a few days and we got a few days to ourselves.  I forgot what it is like to sleep in :)  
 On Wednesday we went to the park and of course Izzy was obsessed with the horse.  Seriously, she sleeps with her horse books during her nap and at night.  No she will not be getting a real horse ever!!
 On Thursday we did some sightseeing; it was a gorgeous day!
 We toured with Grant (works with Mike), his wife, and Mike's work partner Stephen and his daughter.
 You can't really tell what this is, but supposedly it is the first cornerstone of the capitol laid by George Washington.  We had a private tour of the capitol because someone they work with grew up with Senator Lee (it's all about who you know, right?!)  We got to see lots of cool "behind the scene stuff" that you wouldn't see on a normal tour.
 We got to meet Senator Lee and have our pictures taken with him.  Mike thought this picture was cool because it is Sen Lee with his dad's statue, Rex Lee, behind him.
 Izzy was well taken care of by Mami  and Papi.  Mami took her to the library and checked out a bunch of horse books.  Izzy couldn't wait to read them to me.  And if I said the wrong thing she would correct me, "No, mommy those are ponies."  She had it all memorized.
 Best part of the trip was meeting baby Charles, Guillaume and Dana's baby boy.  Izzy loved playing with him, but had to be reminded to be soft.  She would bounce him in his rocker and say, "go faster!"  We had to tell her he did not want to go fast.  Not everyone is as crazy as you Izzy!!
 Such a cuties
 One night at the conference they had the old white house chef, Walter Scheib, prepare the meals and he spoke to us also.  He told lots of funny stories about working with the Clintons and the Bushes.  He cooked the best meal ever!! I wish he could be my personal chef!
 The cousins watching a DVD together.  Izzy was a bit controlling with her toys/gadgets (as you can tell she had to be holding it).  I think we need to work on sharing.
 Mike and Baby Charles.
 We love Baby Charles!

 All the Bergeron cousins!  Trying to get them to look at the camera was near impossible.

I am lucky to have such great sister and brother in laws!!