Monday, November 29, 2010


We flew to Texas last Tuesday to visit my family. There was a blizzard blowing into Utah, but luckily we got out before they started delaying flights. Everyone else flew/drove in Wednesday. It was so great to be home with all of my family, minus Dennis, who is spending a year in New Zealand (yes, I'm jealous)!
Izzy had a great time exploring the new cabinets, rooms, drawers, etc. Plus my Mom had bought her lots of new toys, which Izzy loved playing with.
Suzette and I cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
Of course, I have to take a break from all that cooking with Kathryn and Lindsey, Craig's fiance. This was the first time I got to see her ring, which is gorgeous. We are so happy they are engaged and can't wait for their wedding!
Craig made his famous deep fried turkey. It is so yummy! Even Mike says a deep fried turkey is the best!!
Ate way too much!!
Izzy slept through most of Thanksgiving dinner. She woke up right as we were finishing eating, luckily there was plenty of food left for her!
After we stuffed ourselves we played some tennis. Mike is serving an ace!

Then we play some football. Gotta work off all those extra calories. We had such a great time. Friday all the girls hit the mall, like always. That's for another post.

My mom gave me the best Christmas gift ever. She had someone make a doll that replicates me on my wedding day. The dress is exactly the same, flowers, and hairdo. It is awesome to have something to remind me of that special day. My mom is so sweet and thoughtful; I love her!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Izzy absolutely loves the water. So much that if you leave the toilet lid up she runs for it and sticks her hands in the water and splashes around. I know it's pretty gross, so we have to remember to put the lid down. She is taking a parent and tot swim lesson class for four weeks. The funny thing is I taught at this pool for five years and always wondered why people would take parent and tot swim classes. But I love taking the class with Izzy and as you can tell it is the highlight of her day.
She would stay in here all day if I let her.
Swim to your duck (which is one of her newest words).
Mike went on a "business trip" to Hawaii, lucky him!! It was just a quick trip or else Izzy and I would have joined. Of course when parents go on trips without the kids, they have to bring presents back. Mike is showing Izzy the doll he bought her.
Daddy is getting in all of the tickling he missed out on while he was gone. It was super fun to Skype with him while he was in Hawaii (he was only gone 3 days so it wasn't long). Izzy Skyped with him once and just kept saying Daddy, Daddy. He asked where her horse was, so she pointed to it and walked over to it and then of course wanted a ride!
Done with the tickling match.
My newest addiction is shopping for Izzy's clothes!! I love it and can't get enough. This was one of the dresses I bought while Mike was in Hawaii (I have to do something to keep myself busy). She had shoes that matched perfectly. The problem is she won't stay still for pictures!
She hates having bows in her hair so I was trying to snap pictures before she took it out.
Izzy wearing her Puma workout suit and necklaces.
Fall Time! She didn't know what to think of all the leaves. She had her one year old appointment and the Dr said she is off the charts for height. Her stats are:
Weight: 25 pounds; 94%
Height: 31 1/2 inches; 99.6%
Head: I don't remember, but it was 99% too.
She is a big girl, but at least it is all proportionate!! She is so cute!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Izzy's Birthday

This time of year is so busy. It seems like we have something going on all the time. I'm not complaining, I love being busy. On Friday, Izzy and I went with Kirsten to Adobe's Halloween Party. The decorations were awesome!! Izzy got scared at some of the decorations.
Izzy and I at the Adobe Party.
Kirsten and Izzy. She loves hanging out with Kirsten.
Cheese! I love her smile during this picture.
Izzy didn't want to smile.
On Saturday our ward had a Trunk or Treat. The weather was not cooperating so they moved the party inside. I wanted Mike to be Homer since I was Marge, but he wasn't sure what he wanted to do. So he waited til the last minute to find a costume so he went with the original cowboy.
It took Izzy no time to figure out how to get the candy from the basket and put in her bag.
The hand did not scare Izzy. She just wanted candy.
I'll take that.
Sunday was Izzy's birthday. I can't believe she was born a year ago. The time has gone by so fast. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. We had someone make this birthday cake; it turned out so cute.
Izzy would not smile for the pictures-all of her focus was on the cake.
I love her lips in this picture. She loves playing with balloons.
My mom came in town for the weekend. It was so fun to have her here. We shopped a lot, went out to dinner, talked, and just relaxed.
She was ready to dig in!
She LOVED her cake. We had to stop her from eating the whole thing. But no surprise, because she always loves to eat. She will eat anything--peas, green beans, corn, bananas, apples, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs--you name it she eats it!!
Loving life!

My mom bought this horse and it was a huge hit. Izzy wasn't too sure at first about sitting on it, but once Dylan got on she was good to go. I love that we got them both smiling. She calls it a doggie (which is her favorite word) but it sounds more like doglie (she adds a L for some reason).
Daddy would make the horse move and buck; it was so cute.

Lots of family and close friends came for Izzy's birthday. The Selks, Smiths, Chambers, Wilsons, Bergerons, Kathryn, Grandma, Mami, Jackie & Shawn were all there. We are so happy to have such great family and friends.