Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Izzy's favorite day of the week-horse lessons

If you know anything about Izzy you know she is obsessed with horses.  I was trying to decide what activities to register her for in the fall and I decided she should try horse lessons.  Of course I also want her to do dance, gymnastics, music, all the girly things, but this is her true love (plus she does the other stuff too!)  There is a place near our home that offers therapeutic lessons, but anyone can attend, so I signed her up.  It is just her and one other person in the class.  They have volunteers who lead the horse and stand on both sides of her and then the instructor directs the class.  I told the instructor Izzy does not need people walking on the sides of her, but maybe it's something they do in the beginning.

Getting ready to ride.  She got lucky because white horses are her favorite. 

They play games where they lead the horse different place to find certain things. 

She even gets to trot. 

My little cowgirl (this was in Montana).  I love her!  At the end of every class she tells the instructor she is not ready to go.  I am glad she is so passionate about something. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

She can't be 9 months

I can't believe Cambry is 9 months and that summer is almost over.  She had her 9 month appointment; I always hate when she has to get shots.
Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz (50%)
Height: 29.4 in (96%)
Head Circ: 46.1 cm (94%)

Izzy captured this shot so it's a little blurry, but I love the smile.
This is what she really thinks of bows.

Eating: She loves to eat and gets really mad when you are eating something and not giving her some.  So she has tried lots of stuff that Izzy never did at this age.  Like today I was eating soup and Cambry kept screaming everytime I put some in my mouth, so I gave her some and she loved it.  She has about 4-5 bottles/day, eats rice cereal/baby food 2/day and then snack on cheerios, bread, pretzels, or graham crackers throughout the day.
Speaking of eating, she even insists of getting the Costco samples. Can't believe she is big enough to sit in the cart.

Sleep:  She is so easy to put to bed.  I lay her in her crib, give her a binkie and blanket and she falls asleep, usually without making a peep.  She naps in the morning from 9-10:30 and takes an afternoon nap from 1-3.  She goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up around 7.  It's awesome, except for the mornings where she wakes up around 6:30-that's too early for me!
Things she is doing:  She learned to crawl on Aug 2.  Before that she would move a couple times and then fall, but that day she crawled across the whole room.  Since then she has been into everything.  She loves the new freedom and loves opening cabinet doors and pulling everything out.
Travel:  We took a road trip to our family cabin in Montana.  She was a champ in the car and even got to ride a 4-wheeler.
Love this little girl!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Getaway

Mike and I headed to Salt Lake Friday night and my sweet sister and her husband watched the kids.  We have not have a night away from the kids in a year, so it was well needed.

For dinner we went to The Roof, always yummy, but I always eat too much!  

We stayed at the Little America.  Of course, Mike asked for an upgrade and we got one so we had a balcony and a sweet view. 

Trying to take a picture of ourselves, didn't turn out too great.  On Saturday we got massages, did some shopping and came home to our sweet girls.  Izzy had such a great time with Kat, she didn't even miss us.  

That evening I went to an old co-workers daughter's wedding reception.  I love these ladies so much.  I miss working with them and seeing their smiling faces everyday.  You build such a special bond with people you work with.  So glad when I get to see them!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Montana 2013

We took a quick family trip to Montana for the weekend.  The main purpose of the trip was to visit my grandparents.  It was the last weekend my grandparents were going to be at the cabin and I really wanted to see them.  My grandpa's health has been declining over the past year so I thought this might be my last chance to see him.  We left Friday morning for the 9 hour drive.  We stopped in Pocatello for lunch, then West Yellowstone for gas and a snack, and then finished the drive.  The girls were great in the car.  Izzy loved looking for animals in the park.
Love it when they are both sleeping.

Friday night my grandma cooked dinner, Izzy went to see the horses, and we played Skip-bo, Grandma's favorite.

Saturday we rode the 4-wheelers and Izzy rode horses.  She kept asking the guide if she could trot and he said no.  Izzy took matters into her own hands, gave the horse a kick and trotting she went.  She couldn't have been happier.

Sunday we went to church in the barn, it's quite the experience.  That afternoon we went to Broadwater and Mike fished.

Izzy reminds me of myself as a child.  She is such a tomboy.  She loved wading in the water with Daddy, playing in the dirt, and helping catch the fish.

Cambry and I watching them fish.

Love my girls.

Izzy helping Daddy with the fish. 

Letting the fish go. 

The family.  Izzy wasn't too happy about leaving the lake.

Love my grandparents.  I have so many fond memories of summers in Cooke City at the cabin. 

The best memory is Grandma eating expired food.  She does not think anything goes bad.  She pulled these cornflakes out of the cupboard that expired in 2003, yeah 10 years ago.  She said, "What could possibly happen to them, they're fine!"

I'm glad the girls get to meet my grandparents, they're the best. 

Monday we headed out nice and early.  The drive was awesome.  We stopped at West Yellowstone again on the way home and planned to stop in Pocatello, but the girls were sleeping so we just kept going and didn't stop til we got home.

It was really nice to see my grandparents.  They are 94 and 95 so you never know when it will be the last time.  My grandma is doing really well and takes great care of my grandpa.  He was moving much slower than the last time I saw him and he isn't as alert, but for a 95 year old, I would say he is doing great.