Friday, September 21, 2012

29th Birthday

Last week I turned 29.  I can't believe it!  I remember when I thought 30 was old; I have since changed my mind.  I am not near being old, I still feel young!  I'm hoping for a great last year in my 20's!  Mike came home from work early and we went to a matinee movie.  It's nice going during the middle of day-no one is there!  We cooked taco salads for dinner; I didn't want to go out to eat because there is not much I can eat at a restaurant with gestational diabetes.  Have you ever tried eating a meal under 30 carbs at a restaurant? Nearly impossible!  Then we had cake and just hung out!  On Friday we decided to continue celebrating and went out on the boat.  The weather was perfect and the lake was smooth as glass.  It was a great day!  We all worked on getting our last bit of Vitamin D before the dreaded winter comes. 
 Izzy couldn't wait to help blow out the candles.
 Crazy family pic.  Mike never makes normal faces.
 Izzy loved the cake!  It was fun to have Kathryn, Derdle and Danny to celebrate with us.
The chocolate cake is just a decoy; I didn't eat any for my birthday.  Everyone else enjoyed it though!  See the carrot cake slice wrapped up-I ate a few bites that night (after I checked my blood sugar levels for the day).  Gestational diabetes really makes it difficult to celebrate birthdays and holidays.  I am not looking forward to missing Halloween candy and Thanksgiving pies!  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Labor Day

We had a fun filled Labor Day weekend.  On Saturday we went up to Jordanelle for some boating with friends and family-the Johnsons, Dennys, Bajzas, Forstners, Howells and Rowberrys were all there.  The weather was not very cooperative, but we still had a good time.  I did not take any pictures, I know I'm terrible!

 On Monday we had a BBQ at our house.  The same group as Saturday plus the Browns and Francis.  We had Argentinian BBQ catered and it was yummy! The Browns brought their 2 bounce houses and the kids had a great time.
Izzy with her friend Dylan and of course her horse.  She is still obsessed with horses. 
Izzy was not feeling good the whole afternoon.  I was sad for her because I thought she would have a great time with all her friends, but instead she just laid on my lap or in our room sleeping.  I thought she was just tired, but at the end of the night as everyone was leaving she threw up.  I felt terrible I didn't even know she was sick.  We had run errands all morning and she was fine, then she ate McDonalds for lunch and took a nap.  After her nap is when she wasn't feeling well so I blame it on the McDonalds!  She slept fine that night and was back to her normal self the next day; I'm glad it wasn't anything worse!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

26 weeks

 I just love this picture.  Izzy loves to ride on daddy's shoulders and she loves to wear her sunglasses.  She is too cute.
 Of course, there has been lots of horseback riding.  We decided it was time for Izzy to sleep through the night in her big girl panties, no more diapers at night.  So horses were the magic trick for her bribery.  Her new bedroom has horse sheets/comforter and we bought a new bedroom set.  Once I have the curtains done, I'll post some pics of her new room.  The baby will get Izzy's old stuff.  Oh the joys of being the oldest!
 I am 26 weeks!  Really I wish I was more like 36 weeks, but 26 will just have to do for now.  Last week I had my gestational diabetes test and found out I have diabetes once again.  I actually failed the test worse this time than with Izzy.  My blood sugar was 251, with Izzy it was only 219 (the normal isn't suppose to be above 150).  I have never had to do the 3 hour test since I fail the first one so bad.  I was hoping that since I had been eating healthy with this pregnancy and following the gestational diabetes diet, that I wouldn't get it this time, but no such luck.  So I get to eat super healthy and prick my finger 6 times/day (which is the sucky part).  I guess on the positive side I'll get induced a week early so that'll be nice!  I have to meet with my dr weekly so he can monitor my sugars.  I don't mind the weekly visits because then I can ask all my questions and I like that the baby is monitored closely.  I am really grateful to have such a great doctor.  Even though it is a pain, I know there are a lot worse things that could happen.  I am just grateful for modern medicine.
Other than that I have been feeling pretty good.  I exercise a few times/week and try to stay active.  I don't really take many pictures of my belly, but I figure I should document at least a few times.