Sunday, January 22, 2012

Potty training

So it seems to me I only update about trips, vacations, and visitors, but not a lot of day to day stuff.  So before Christmas I tried potty training Izzy; tried being the key word.  Day 1 there were lots of accidents, with no success.  Day 2 she had an accident in the morning and then after her nap she said, I need to go potty.  She went and I thought we were on the road to success.  I had to take Tux to the vet so I put Izzy in a diaper.  Of course, she pooped in her diaper.  On Saturday she had accidents all morning and then Mike and I were going to his work Christmas party so I put her in a diaper again.  Sunday came around and I decided I was done potty training.  I was going crazy staying in the house all day.  I am the opposite of a home body so seriously I was losing my mind.

  • This is what a typical day is for me: Wake up around 8, head to the gym around 9:30, get home around 11, shower, have lunch sometimes with other moms or somedays Mike comes home.  Izzy naps and then we usually get together with some other mom/kids in the neighborhood.  So there is a pretty good amount of interaction with other people.
  • Potty training day:  Wake up around 8, follow Izzy around ALL day to make sure she isn't peeing.  We don't go outside, we don't go to the gym, and we don't go out with other kids.  I couldn't even pay bills or call people because I had to be following her around.  It was Miserable!!  Maybe I was doing it wrong....

Then last Sunday evening she refused to wear her diaper.  So I said she had to use big potty and she did.  Monday she refused to wear a diaper and she used the potty all day without one accident.  It was a busy week so she was in a diaper a lot while we were out and about, but when we were home I took her diaper off, I did not follow her around (she had to come to me when she needed to go) and there  haven't been any accidents.  By no means I am saying she is potty trained because she still has to poop in the potty, but I like this a lot more than staying home 24/7.  I know at some point we need to stay home for a few consecutive days, but there is a lot going on right now.  Maybe in February we will try it again.  Sorry no pics! Next time there will be some from our trip to Rhode Island...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rest of Christmas 2011

After going to Houston we headed down to Bay City.  I had not been there in a while because we usually go to Austin now that my parents have a lake house there.
 Izzy loved the dancing snowman that my parents had.
 Wednesday night my parents had a party so that we could see all of our old friends, teachers, people from church, classmates.  There was lots of food and great company!
 Lindsey and I! I love her so much-she is so cute and sweet!
 My friend, Tara, from high school came with her two daughters.
 Tara and I.  We had lots of fun together in high school!!
I can't believe just ten years ago we were in high school and now we have our own families.  It's crazy how things change!

Thursday morning we had breakfast at Shipley's, which is a favorite do-nut place in Bay City.  Then we headed back to Austin.  Friday we spend the day at Austin Fun Park.  It had unlimited go-carts, mini, golf, bumper boats, laser tag, arcade games, carousel, teacups, pizza and soda!  It was a great day.  Growing up whenever I traveled with my dad we always found a go cart place so we could race.  It's one of my favorite childhood memories.  I'm not sure who had more fun--Izzy or me.  I get super dizzy so I didn't ride the tea cups, but Izzy convinced my mom, Suzette, and Celeste to take her.  She could have stayed on all day if we let her.
Seriously the weather was amazing! Love that blue sky in the background

Even my mom rode with Izzy!

Izzy loved the video games,  I loved that they were free!

Friday night Izzy gave everyone hugs and kisses and said good bye.  It was a great week and sad to leave everyone.
Izzy and Papa. Love this picture!
Izzy and Sara (Dennis' girlfriend).  We love Sara--she is awesome and obviously Izzy thinks so too.
Flying home we all got upgraded to first class.  Mike usually gets upgraded when he flies and can get a companion upgraded also.  But since there was three of us we didn't know if it would work.  Luckily there were 6 empty seats in first class so all of us got upgraded; it was GREAT! Izzy was super excited when she got her breakfast.
After eating she decided to pass out.
She got nice and comfy.  We had such a great trip!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eight years!

I can't believe it has been 8 years since Mike and I were married! Where has the time gone?

Eight years later
 On our 8 year anniversary we went back to the Houston temple.  It was our first time going back to the Houston temple for a session since we were married there.  It was so fun to be there for our anniversary.  My sweet sister, Kathryn, watched Izzy while we were at the temple with my family.

 So what have we been up to the past eight years??

Locations-we lived in our first apartment for 1 1/12 years (with the exception of 3 months during the summer when we lived in Rhode Island), then we bought our home in Provo which we lived in for 6 years, until we bought our current home, which we will be in for many years to come!

School-When we got married we both had 1 1/2 years left.  We both graduated in 2005 and then I finished a masters in social work in 2008.

Jobs/careers-over the 8 years I have worked as a pool manager at Provo Recreation Center, nanny, Heritage Treatment Center, interned at Institute for Cognitive therapy and Children's Justice Center.  After my masters I worked at Provo Canyon School-now I stay home with our sweet daughter, Izzy!  Mike has worked for Horan Construction, Home Depot, Chef's Table, Beneficial Financial Group, and is now a partner at Links Consulting Group.

Children-we have one beautiful daughter.  She is the joy of our lives! She loves to play outside, have friends over, play with her horses, play with Tux (our dog), ride the 4 wheeler with Daddy, go boating, do gymnastics, jump on the trampoline, swim, and travel.  There isn't much she doesn't love to do.

Travel-we have taken lots of trips to Texas, DC, Colorado, and Canada to visit family.  We have also taken lots of vacations over the 8 years including trips to: Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Costa Rica, New York, Arizona, California, Florida, Washington, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Bear Lake, Lake Powell, Montana, Lava Hot Springs.  I am sure there are some I'm forgetting.  Places I would still like to go are: Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, and Europe.  We were supposed to go to Italy when I was pregnant with Izzy, but decided not to because I didn't feel good.  I'm sure we will make it over there one day.  Izzy is the best little traveler or else we would not have been on all these trips! She has been on 50 (one way flights) and I can't think of one bad flight.

Interests-some of the things we have enjoyed over the 8 years are playing games with friends, traveling, boating, having BBQ's, and most importantly spending time with family.  There was a time period where all of Mike's siblings lived in Provo except one.  It was a lot of fun having family dinners.  I have also had 2 siblings attend BYU and it has been fun having them over too.

It has been a great 8 years!  Of course, there are ups and downs along the way, but it is great to grow and learn together as a couple.  I look forward to the years to come!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011

We flew to Texas on the morning of Christmas Eve.  I was so excited to go home, I woke up before my alarm.  Everyone else was already there by the time we arrived. 
Izzy loved playing with this ice skating rink.
All the stockings were hung.  I love our stockings.  My grandma made them for us and I think they are so cute! She is so talented; she is 92 still sewing and making things.  She made Izzy books for Christmas.
My mom made Izzy's stocking.
Since Dennis had been up to visit recently, Izzy warmed right up to him--and he loved it!  Celeste made Izzy a message from Santa Claus from some website.  Izzy wanted to watch it again and again.
Izzy and Dennis dancing. I'm pretty sure Izzy was Dennis' favorite.
My dad's birthday is Dec 21 so we celebrated it on the 24 since we were all there.  Izzy loved opening Papa's presents.
Christmas Morning! Izzy must have been a good girl!
She loved opening her presents.
My mom bought us all Santa hats to wear.  Izzy loved her hat!
She loved her horse purse.  Luckily she forgot she was with me when I bought it.
Trying to get the barking dog out of the box.  They sure do make sure toys are not coming out of the box!
She was not going to let her purse go anywhere.
Suzette gave us all a sibling picture along with our top 10 qualities.  Suzette is always so sweet and thoughtful! She is the best older sister ever!!
Mike loved the expos shirt from Celeste and Brandon, along with the stress ball!
We took a break from opening presents to take a picture.  We had a great Christmas and really got spoiled by my parents.
Izzy LOVED playing with Dude and that's an understatement.  He is so good with her.  Dennis has pictures of Izzy sitting on Dude's back and he just let her.
The best parents who put together such a great Christmas for all of us!
Izzy opening her Barbie from Kat-daddy. She sure did get spoiled.
Izzy hanging out with Grandma.
After Izzy finished opening all of her presents she headed over to Grandma because she still had more to open.
Then came the dress from Suzette, Izzy immediately put it on and I don't think she took it off the whole week!  She absolutely LOVED it!  We had a great Christmas; it was so nice to be with family.  Of course, there were times that I missed Craig and wondered what he would be saying or doing, but overall it was really good.  I loved being with family-playing games, laughing, eating, and talking about memories.  It was a great week!