Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alumni weekend

Every year the BYU baseball team has an alumni golf tournament and game.  It is a weekend I always look forward to because Mike's old teammates and wives come in town and we get to hang out.  It's also fun to watch the guys act like they are in college again.  
 There were lots of sporting events that took place in our backyard: football, baseball, and basketball.
 Paul, Clayton, Mike, and Ranger played football every night. Their competitiveness never leaves.  Mike ran through the water fall and cut his foot to catch the ball, Paul dove into the slide to catch a baseball, and Ranger ran into the fence in an attempt to catch a homerun ball.
 It's cool in the evening so Izzy got to sport her BYU sweatshirt that Jen got her.
 More football.
 Izzy entertained herself with her make-up and play-doh while the guys played.
 Izzy got to play with Dylan
Izzy loved Baby Alan.  She would not leave him alone.  One day while he was napping Elizabeth heard, "hi Baby Alan" on the monitor.  She looked at the screen and Izzy was in his room talking to him while he was sleeping.
On Saturday while the boys were golfing we went to the animal farm, which is one of Izzy's favorite places.
Izzy and Dylan
Izzy loves the pony ride at the animal farm.  Of course today, she wanted to ride the horse, not the ponies, because she is a big girl.  She is growing up so fast.
The wagon ride
Saturday night we barbecued before the BYU vs Utah game.  Too bad the game sucked.
All smiles before the game.  We love having Derdle and Danny around; they are awesome!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


There is nothing like visiting family.  We flew to Austin for the BYU vs UT game with my sister Kathryn. Suzette and Dennis live in Austin, Celeste flew in from in NYC, and Lindsey drove over from Houston.  It was great to all be together!

On Friday we went boating.  We had the lake to ourselves, it was awesome. 
Saturday we went to the game.  This is Mike and I in are different shades of blue.
Izzy giving me kisses.
My dad with his girls.
Me and all my sisters!
Jon made this awesome sign, too bad it didn't happen.
Dennis and his girls.
The whole gang.

Izzy loved the game, can you tell why?
Always Eating!
She has to get it all.  I love this girl, her personality always makes me laugh.
BYU vs UT game.
Mom and I.
Grandma getting kisses.
Izzy and I are fair weather fans.  After the BYU loss, she decided to wear her UT apparel on Sunday.
Uncle Dennis and Izzy at Maudies.  We went to Maudies on Friday night and I liked it so much we went back Sunday night.
Enjoying the beautiful sunset.
Dennis and I.
Dennis with the ladies.
Mike and I.  It was a great trip.  It was sad to say goodbye, but I was so glad my family took the time to hang out with us so much!
We flew home Monday evening and Paul, Elizabeth, and baby Alan were on the flight.  Little did I know when I got home there were even more people waiting for a surprise party.  It was so much fun.  Mike pulled it off with the help of his sister Christina.
Melisse and her daughter Hazel.  Melisse has been such a great friend especially of the past five months. I love her!
Some of the gang.

The kids on the trampoline.
Melisse made these awesome cakes and of course they were delicious.
I think all those candles mean I'm getting old!

Last week Melisse and I were canning peaches and she said we should be wearing aprons.  I told her that I didn't have any.  So what did she do for my birthday?  Made me an apron of course!

My sweet sister and Dennis bought me a shirt and belt.  I love having Kathryn nearby so we can hang out.
Some of the girls.  I am so blessed to have such great friends and family.  I had a great night!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lake Powell, the second time

We went back to Lake Powell the last weekend in August with Kathryn, Derdle, Danny, Kelly, and Eric (Danny's sister and husband).  Danny drove his fifth wheel down and we slept in it.  I think it was my first time sleeping in a fifth wheel and I really liked it, much better than the 5 times I've slept in a tent.  We brought our queen mattress from our guest bedroom and slept on it.  It was awesome.  
There's our bed with Izzy's bed.  Danny's 5th wheel had a garage area in it so that's where we slept. It was perfect.
At the campsite Izzy loved playing with the boat trailer. 
More trailer playing. 
 We went out on the lake all day Saturday and Sunday.  Kathryn and Izzy hanging out.
 Derdle and Kelly.

 Izzy sleeping as usual.  She loves boating and is awesome on the boat.

 Eric and Kelly.  Danny and Eric went out together first on the tube.  They went flying and Eric kicked Danny in the face.  He busted his lip and had a bloody nose.  Everyone teased Danny the rest of the weekend about his lip.
 Derdle, Izzy, and I on the tube.  I didn't know how she would like it, but she loved it.  She would yell oohh and laugh the whole time. She did not want to come back in.

 On Sunday we busted out the wakeboard and spent most of the day wakeboarding.
 Mommy, Daddy, and Izzy tubing.  Once again she loved it. She actually fell off this time, but was fine. When you move to the front of the tube it sinks and we were too far forward and it started sinking and she slid right off.  Mike grabbed her and she had a surprised look on her face, but no tears.
 Izzy giving kisses.  On Monday night we saw my brother in law's brother, Steve, at Cafe Rio with his kids.  Izzy told them how she went tubing on the boat.  She is so funny.  We had a great time with family.  It was such a fun and relaxing trip!