Sunday, November 17, 2013

I love my Grandpa!

On November 9, 2013 my Grandpa, Robert Lewis Grebe, passed away.  He was 95 years old.  My grandma, who is still living, is 94 and they've been married for 74 years!  They have been such a great example to me.  I spent countless summers with them in Montana.  As a child, my grandpa would rock me by the fire in the cabin.
Some of my favorite memories of him:
-His love of the gospel.  He served as Bishop 5 times and a temple sealer for 20+ years.  He sealed Mike and I.
-His prayers.  He was a man of few words, but lots of words when he prayed!
-His rebounder, as he called it.  He jumped on this small trampoline everyday and said that kept him young.
-He did whatever my Grandma asked and he did it with a smile.  Maybe that's the secret for a 74 year marriage.
-His love for genealogy.  He had binders full of names he had found and did all their temple work.
-He played skip-bo with us, even though he didn't love it.
He was such a great man and will be greatly missed!
First flight without Daddy, we survived, no problem!
Izzy and Daddy having dinner at the country club.  Missed this girl like crazy! Mike stayed with Izzy on Thursday and then flew to Denver Friday morning. 

My grandma insisted the guys all take one of Grandpa's hats. They kept us laughing.  

Dennis taking care of Cambry. 

Grandma loves her granddaughters.  If we don't call her every week, she gets mad and you don't want Grandma mad at you. 

The cousins at the funeral. 

Last time I saw my Grandpa in August 2013.  So glad I was able to see him one last time. 

I miss him so much! Such a great man!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


We went to Cornbellys several times this year, but I only took pictures the last time we went.  This was probably my favorite year at Cornbellys because we had some really nice warm days. 

Izzy and Dylan riding the train. 

Of course, she wanted to ride the bull.  It was her favorite thing. 

She had to be the horse. 
Snow cones in October, it was such nice weather.  I love having such a fun place so close to our house.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Izzy is 4!

I can't believe it, but we have a 4 year old.  On Friday, we celebrated her birthday with friends.  She even had a special guest, Merida.  It was so fun for the kids.  They Loved it!

Izzy is such a cute little girl.  I don't know how she became so big.  Here are some of my favorite things that I want to remember:
-She absolutely adores horses.  She wants to wear horse shirts, play with horses, pretend to be a horse, and actually ride horses.  She takes horse lessons and says she loves it because she gets to trot.
-She loves school.  She loves to rhyme words and it's so cute.  She makes up words to rhyme with the word, it's pretty funny.
-She is a great big sister.  She loves to tickle Cambry to make her laugh, when Cambry wakes up from naps she goes upstairs and tells her Mommy is coming, and she feeds her.
-She loves to play with friends.  Every night she asks what she is doing the next day.  If it doesn't include playing with a friend, she tells me it needs to.
-She loves when Daddy gets home.  They jump on the trampoline, run around the backyard, and of course he pretends to be her horse.
-She loves primary and always wants to give a talk, prayer, or scripture. Every Sunday she goes to the front of the primary and sits in the chairs for the kids who are giving talks.
-She is Fearless.  She swims across the pool, goes off the diving board, down the slide, surfs with Daddy, rides on the water tube, and loves being on the 4-wheeler.  I love my adventurous girl.

I am not sure why I put the presents out the night before because then she wanted to open them and was begging me all day.  
We let her open this one in the morning and then I hid the rest while she was at school. 

She made pancakes with Daddy, which is one of her favorite things to do. 
 She went to preschool and then a few of her friends came over to play after school.  Then Daddy got home and we opened presents and ate cake.  

She was so excited to open presents.

Danny and Derdle got her a horse sweater, which she loved!
She was so excited to get my little pony!

She loved all of her gifts, especially the ones related to horses. 

Birthday girl

Up close and personal.

My little cheeser.

Even though we were going out trick or treating she had to have a cake.  I think she was the only one to have a piece.
Trying to get a family photo with 2 little ones is not easy. 

Make a wish!

Afterwards we went to the Trunk or Treat and then trick or treating.  It was a fun night! Cambry with her cousin Zeke.

Love this little pig.

My pretty princess.  The tiara she is wearing is the one I wore on my wedding day.

Trick or treat.

Getting lots of candy. 

Cambry had a great time too. 

Cambry with her buddy Justin. 

Cambry got in on the action too. 

She got so many compliments on her beautiful dress and cape. Her Mami and Papi bought it for her birthday. 

Cinderella and Superman. 

Cinderella and Hulk

Love my cute little family.