Saturday, February 2, 2013

Good old days

Back in the day, pre children, we had a group of friends who got together every weekend (sometimes both Friday and Saturday) and played Texas hold 'em.  It always gave us something to look forward to (3 of us are therapists, one investigated sex crimes for DCFS and another is an elementary teacher-we needed something to keep us going!!) We would hang out, tell stories, eat candy, drink soda, and laugh all night.  Sometimes we even ended up at Denny's at 1 am with our poker chips because we got hungry.  Anyways, since the kids came along the Texas hold 'em nights have decreased.  We still get together, but not as often.  

This night we went to the Alpine Country Club for dinner (got a babysitter for the kids) and then came home, put the kids to bed, and enjoyed a fun evening.  Jennie is holding the reservation card from the club that she snuck in her pocket as we were leaving.  There is one couple missing who moved to California.  It's not quite the same without them, especially since they're the ones who got us all started. Miss them, maybe one day they will leave sunny Cali and return to cold snowy Utah!

Aislinn's first win!!
I always enjoy fun nights with great friends!

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