Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas '13

I'm not sure how Christmas has already come and gone.  We did some fun family activities:
-Temple Square lights
-Baking Christmas treats
-Drove around looking at Christmas lights
-Elf on the Shelf-this was a new one and Izzy loved it.  She loved looking for the elf every morning.
-Found people to donate gifts to, not sure Izzy understood, but we tried.

Love being silly with this girl!

Even though it's Christmas, she still loves wearing her Halloween shirt. 
Izzy, Ellie and Gwen ready for their preschool performance.
After they sang, the kids got to see Santa.  Izzy loved it!
Cambry sporting her holiday attire.

My family came in town for Christmas.  Suzette and Jon arrived first and we spent Saturday on the slopes (after we killed it at Crossfit in the morning).
I returned this coat because it was too short when I was boarding, but now I think I like the way it looks.....Might have to go rebuy it :)

On Sunday Kat and Mat were there and so was my Grandma.  This was her first Christmas without my Grandpa so I'm glad she joined us.

Kat, Mat, and Izzy built an igloo.  Izzy thought it was so cool.

Monday we did what my family does best--SHOP!! We get our love for shopping from my Mom.  I'm pretty sure she could shop everyday and love every minute of it.
Of course, after a long day of shopping you must get a pedicure!

On Tuesday my cousin, Darin and his family came and joined us for Christmas Eve.  We had great food, watched movies, laughed, and just spent time together as a family.

Christmas Day was awesome! Izzy came running in our room at 6 (maybe a little too early) telling us that Santa brought her a dollhouse.  She was so excited opening her presents.  It was so fun watching her; I love being a parent.  My mom was sick all day so that was not fun.

Izzy loved the doll house

Cambry loved the wrapping paper.  Really that's all she needed for Christmas.

The mess, the chaos, the paper, the presents, the joy, the happiness, family, I love it all!! Christmas is the best time!

Santa was tired.  I might have forgot to tell him that the doll house had to be assembled.  So on Christmas Eve around 10pm, I broke the news to him and he was up til 1:30AM putting it together. Oops!  What a trooper!

Modeling the necklace Great Grandma made her.  She was one happy girl on Christmas morning.

Izzy loved making bread with Suzette.

The table, ready to EAT!

After Christmas dinner we went out and played in the snow.  Mike pulled us on the 4-wheeler.  I usually don't go because I stay home and watch Cambry, but I wanted in on the action today and it was a blast.

Dennis on the sled.  He was the only one to successfully complete a 360.

By Thursday Grandma was back in action. 

We spent the rest of the week shopping (of course), working out (Dennis joined me at crossfit), going out to dinner, going to the movies, going to the Provo Beach Resort, playing games, and enjoying each other's company.  It was an awesome week with family!

We even made it back to Sundance so Dennis could get in a little skiing. 

Mike took Izzy on a Daddy/daughter date and she had a blast.  They went rock climbing and to the mall for lunch to ride the train.  Why does it not surprise me that my fearless daughter loved rock climbing.  I LOVE her adventurous personality!

The train ride! Dad is way more fun than Mom, he actually rides the train with her!

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Suzette Selden said...

So cute! We had a wonderful Christmas with y'all! Love you.